Chapter 201 - The Three Answers

Chapter 201 - The Three Answers

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Ji Yunshu hesitated slightly before she removed her golden mask. Proper scabbing could be seen at the two edges of her originally reddish scar. As long as she took care of it, it will shed by itself after two days.Mo Ruo stroked his chin, examining the scar for a while before narrowing his eyes and nodded. “It seems that your wound is healing properly.”Ji Yunshu didn’t pay much attention to his words as she put on her mask.

Mo Ruo swayed the wine his cup. He shot a glance at her and a hint of humor could be seen in his eyes. “It is said that one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause. So, tell me what brings you here today? A check-up, or treating an illness?” He went straight to the main topic.Ji Yunshu didn’t like to be roundabout, so she also spoke frankly, “I came to you for a difficult problem.”“Difficult, you say? Tell me, which one?”“You are the God Doctor, and only you were the one who was able to determine that my injury could be healed, so all the complex diseases in this world shouldn’t be a challenge to you.”“From the sound of your tone, did you fall for my humble self?” He raised an eyebrow.His romantic face beamed with a frivolous smile. ‘How can Jing Rong’s friend be this frivolous? Forget about it, there are more important things to do.’ She politely answered, “Young Master Mo, if you can really cure me, then that complex case certainly cannot stumble you, I certainly didn’t overpraise you.”“A complicated case? You piqued my curiosity. Give me the details.”Ji Yunshu didn’t immediately reply. She turned toward Wei Yi and gently beckoned him. “Wei Yi, give him the gift you chose earlier.”“Give it to him?”Ji Yunshu nodded, but Wei Yi pouted. He reluctantly took the exquisitely embroidered box and pushed it to Mo Ruo.Mo Ruo was confused. He looked at the box and opened it, revealing the jade hairpin inside. “...” He frowned.“Wei Yi chose the gift for you.” Ji Yunshu explained.‘Oi, oi, oi! I am a man!’ Noticing that Mo Ruo glared at him, Wei Yi took a moment to finally understand that he didn’t like the gift. Wei Yi stretched his hand to take back the box, but he was a moment too late.Mo Ruo has moved the box out of Wei Yi’s reach! His eyes brightened and a profoundness could be seen within. “This thing is so exquisite. The ladies will love it. Not bad, if I meet Miss Rouge from the Drunk Brothel, I will give this hairpin to her and at the same time nab that beautiful smile of hers.”How embarrassing! It was merely a courtesy gift, but it still has to be given.

“Young Master Mo Ruo’s miraculous hands have earned you the title of God Doctor. Since you have accepted my gift, you won’t refuse my request.”‘Urgh! This is what she was planning!’Mo Ruo pinched the jade hairpin and carefully fiddled with it, reflecting the light on it from different angles. ‘Oh! This is high-quality goods.’

“If you want me to treat it, it’s difficult!” He carelessly spoke.The word “difficult” was slightly cold when he uttered it.Ji Yunshu slightly frowned. “You already know what I want to say?”Mo Ruo blew on the jade hairpin, then wiped it with his sleeve before putting it back inside the box, preventing Wei Yi from taking it back. After a thought, he kept the small box inside his sleeve. Immediately after, he picked up his bottle of wine and took a gulp. His line of sight landed on Wei Yi. He narrowed his eyes and slowly stated, “Madness can be treated, but mental retardation is difficult!”“It can’t be treated?”“It’s difficult! I didn’t say it can’t be treated!” Mo Ruo was lost in his train of thoughts.Ji Yunshu tensed, there was hope! She turned to Wei Yi. “Wei Yi, go downstairs first and wait for me, alright?”“Sure! I’ll wait for you downstairs. You can’t abandon me, because we have to go home together.”“Hmm!”

He left the attic with a light heart.

After Wei Yi left, Ji Yunshu asked Mo Ruo, “You really can treat his illness?”“It’s difficult!” He gave the same answer. He shook his head. “This kind of mental retardation that touched Young Master Wei is not typical. From his speech, there is some kind of rules and patterns influencing his behavior. If his problem is congenital, at best, it could take more than 10 years to see some progress. If the root of his problem came from a psychological shock or from external factors, it is even harder to give a prognosis as he could get better after a month or it might take several years.”Ji Yunshu understood. She gritted her teeth. “If Young Master Mo can treat Wei Yi, I will be extremely grateful.”“Can you wait 10 or even 20 years?”“I can!”“Good!” Mo Ruo agreed. Leaning forward, he set some conditions. “Though I must say, I never treated people out of goodwill.”“How much do you want?” Ji Yunshu asked after a moment of pondering.“Anything else than money?”“Treasure?”“What else?”“Then, what do you want?”“You!” He pointed at her.“Me?” Ji Yunshu became apprehensive.

They looked at each other. After a moment, Mo Ruo smiled. “I’m just teasing you. If I wanted you, Jing Rong will kill me!”Ji Yunshu didn’t respond.

The next moment, Mo Ruo became serious. “I have nothing I want for the moment. How about you owe me?”Wasn’t it the same as requiring something from her? However, since this for Wei Yi, she would do anything. She nodded. “Good! As long as you can cure Wei Yi, I will owe you one request.”“If I want you to go up mountains of knives and traverse ocean of fire, are you still willing?”“I am willing!”“If I make your life as miserable as hell, will you still agree?”“Yes!”“Then, if I want your life, are you willing to give it to me?”“Without hesitation!”Her three answers showed her determination clearly. She was a very bold and brave woman! How could people not admire such temper? He now understood why Jing Rong was dead set on this woman to the point of willingly running into the sea of flames to save her, regardless of the dangers.The cold wind gradually sobered him, but he wasn’t used to having a clear mind devoid of alcohol influence. He drank another mouthful of wine with a smile. “Good! I’ll treat this difficult case!”Ji Yunshu got up and saluted him politely.Mo Ruo added, “During the treatment period, leave Wei Yi at Yuhua Pavilion with me. I just happen to lack a conversation partner and a wine pourer.” His body swayed from intoxication and he fell back in his chair. His speech slurred as he spoke unintelligibly.

Ji Yunshu no longer disturbed him. She went down the ladder and saw Wei Yi sitting on a chair, waiting for her obediently. When he saw her, he hurriedly went to her. “Shu’er, are we going back?”“Wei Yi, for the time being, I want you to stay here.”Wei Yi’s expression saddened when he heard her. He grabbed onto her arm with a bitter expression. “Why? Why can’t I go back with you? Is it that you don’t want me anymore?” He asked. “Of course not!” She retorted without hesitation. “Think of it as staying here to accompany Young Master Mo. He saw that you are too sad being alone all day.”“But…”“Wei Yi, can you keep him company and chat with him? You also know that he’s a lonely person, so stay with him. During your stay, I’ll come see you often, alright?”Wei Yi reluctantly nodded.“Good!”“Then, are you going to come see me every day?”“I will. I’ll come every day, so stay here for the time being. Afterward, we will go back together when the time is right.”“Hmm!”In fact, it was a good idea to leave him here. There were too many things happening recently - the Lin Capital case and the situation within the imperial palace could end up involving Wei Yi. It was safer for him to stay here.After ensuring Wei Yi was safe there, Ji Yunshu left the Yuhua Pavilion. The guards were waiting for her outside. She was just about to go back to the Rong estate when her eyes caught the sight of a familiar face amongst the crowds.

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