Chapter 200 - A Complex Medical Case

Chapter 200 - A Complex Medical Case

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Since Yuhua Pavilion had a God Doctor, there would be countless sick people coming in every day. Although Mo Ruo hadn’t seen a patient for a year, his apprentices were all outstanding medical experts. They were on par with imperial physicians. At this moment, an apprentice with good eyes, who was giving out numbered tiles, recognized the Rong estate guards. He welcomed Ji Yunshu and Wei Yi. “Are you from Prince Rong’s estate?”“Is Young Master Mo inside?” Ji Yunshu asked.“Master is upstairs,” the apprentice answered.“Can you tell him we have a complex medical case that needs his attention?”“Yes, please have a seat inside.” He led them inside while the guards stood outside, guarding the entrance.They were shown seats in a small reception room in the backyard. The apprentice made them each a cup of tea before quickly leaving to inform Mo Ruo of his guests.

Mo Ruo was busy compounding medicine in the attic. He would occasionally dip his fingers in the mixture and knead it before smelling it. He frowned. “The medicinal ingredients have too much moisture. Throw it away quickly!”The apprentice at his side hurriedly took a pile of medicinal ingredients out and threw it in a cask.Mo Ruo’s voice sounded again. “The medicine's scent isn't strong enough.”It was tossed into the garbage!

“This orchid bud didn’t bask in the sun enough.”It was discarded.

“Don’t tell me Kuizi only focused on saving costs? How come these look so dried up?”Another pile of ingredients was thrown away. Almost all the ingredients on the table had been disposed, leaving it somewhat empty.The apprentice, Ah Chi, felt it’s such a waste. It felt like his flesh was being cut every time he had to throw away some of the ingredients. “Master, if we throw everything according to your requirements, we will be throwing away all the ingredients in our pavilion. It’s such a waste!”Mo Ruo glared at him and spoke sternly. “Before I left, I specifically explained that as long as there is a problem with the medicine or the ingredients, we have to throw it out. Did you forget everything I said?”“That’s not it! How would I dare?”Mo Ruo hit Ah Chi’s head. “The quacks in this world mostly just prescribe useless medicine to cheat the common people out of their money. If you want to learn from me, remember to be rigorous. Do not keep ineffective ingredients and give it to patients. You understand?”He stared at his apprentice with a sharp expression. Ah Chi trembled. How could he dare contradict his master?! He nodded. “I understand. I won’t be a quack. I must be like master and practice medicine to help the people, I must give medicine to those in need and become a famous doctor.”His battle spirit had been ignited. Although, it seemed there was a hint of flattery hidden in his words.Mo Ruo rubbed his hands together and pieces of ingredients and medicine fell on his clothes. He was about to say something to Ah Chi when he heard someone coming up the ladder.The apprentice who had welcomed Ji Yunshu came up. “Master, you have two guests from Prince Rong’s estate. They say they have a complex medical case they hope you can take a look at!”“People from Prince Rong’s estate? Who?”“They are unfamiliar but the people who came with them are Prince Rong’s guard.”

Mo Ruo creased his brows. He arranged his clothes and stretched. The corner of his mouth curled up, his mood evidently improving. “Go and invite them up. Bring a pot of Longjing tea for them as well.”“Yes.” The apprentice hurried down the ladder.

Ah Chi grabbed his head and asked, “Master, you know who they are?”Mo Ruo reprimanded him instead. “Clean up the ingredients properly.”“Ah!” Ah Chi grunted in agreement. He was very pitiful.

Mo Ruo got up and walked out onto the balcony. This was his resting place. It was relatively peaceful with a curtain of muslin to shelter from the elements. It only had a table and a few chairs made of bamboo as furniture, enclosed by a railing. It was a tranquil place.At that moment, Ji Yunshu and Wei Yi were led up into the attic. When they came in, they saw Mo Ruo holding a bottle of wine, drinking leisurely. The fragrance of alcohol pervaded the air. Everyone knew he was a wine lover.“You came? Sit down.” Mo Ruo pointed to a place opposite him with his chin. Ji Yunshu pulled Wei Yi to sit down next to her unceremoniously. The apprentice who had led them in brought a pot of Longjing tea and was about to put down the third cup.“I don’t drink tea, only wine!” Mo Ruo reminded him. The apprentice nodded and left two cups of tea on the table. The fragrance mingled with the alcohol, filling the open bamboo shed on the balcony. The smell filled their noses. It was light and refreshing.“This tea is usually left here with no one to drink it since I don’t have many visitors. Try it, how is the taste?” Mo Ruo pointed at the tea.Ji Yunshu wasn’t in a hurry to talk business, so she picked up her cup and took a sip. “Very fragrant!”“Only fragrant?”“Did you add something else to the tea?”“What a pity for such tea, it appears that Miss Ji isn’t a tea lover.” Mo Ruo looked at the pot with pity.‘How petty! Isn’t it just a pot of tea?’

Ji Yunshu smiled. “Young Master Mo had perhaps regarded me too highly. I am a common woman, I've lived on plain tea and simple food. In my hand, I carry a knife to cut apart corpses. Only the smell of blood and the stench of rotting corpses fill my nose. It is only natural that my sense of smell and of taste are rough; I naturally cannot fully appreciate such good tea.”Hearing her speech, Mo Ruo raised the corner of his mouth. He didn’t feel revulsed by her words. He was, after all, a doctor and had also seen his fair share of gore.“What an eloquent mouth!” he praised.

While they were talking, Wei Yi took a gulp of the tea. ‘So hot!’ He stuck out his tongue and fanned it with both his hands. “Ignorant!” Mo Ruo complained. “This is top quality tea, you can barely buy it with money. Really ignorant!”He was displeased, so he took a sip of wine to calm the anger in his heart.“Did my sudden visit disturb your leisure time?” Ji Yunshu asked lowly.Mo Ruo took another sip of wine. “Every day, countless people go in and out of Yuhua Pavilion. If it’s not at least a thousand, there should be more than a hundred. Where can I find the time to be idle?” he answered, his eyes closed and sounding slightly drunk.Wei Yi rushed to refute him after putting his burnt tongue back in his mouth, not giving Ji Yunshu the time to reply. “Lies! If you are busy, why are you hiding here to drink wine?”Looking at the sincere emotions visible on Wei Yi's face, Mo Ruo couldn’t help laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Wei Yi asked.“I’m laughing at you because you misunderstood me!” Mo Ruo answered.‘Bro, it would be dreadful if Wei Yi could understand your meaning.’

Wei Yi seemed to be hostile towards Mo Ruo. To put it bluntly, he just didn’t like the man for some reason. “I don’t want to understand you. I remember how you farted last time, and it was so smelly. You're not Shu’er either. I only want to understand Shu’er.” Wei Yi pouted as he spoke.Ji Yunshu tugged on his sleeve and reprimanded him. “Don’t be impolite!”“Oh!” Wei Yi quieted down obediently and leaned back in his chair.Ji Yunshu turned to Mo Ruo and apologized. “Young Master Mo shouldn’t mind Wei Yi’s words, he…”Mo Ruo interrupted her with a raise of his hand. “I don’t mind!” His gaze landed on Ji Yunshu’s golden mask. “Remove your mask.”“Ah?”“Let me take a look at your scar.”

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