Chapter 199 - Buying a Hairpin as a Gift

Chapter 199 - Buying a Hairpin as a Gift

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After coming out of the imperial palace, Jing Rong took the carriage back to his estate. But on his way back, he unexpectedly encountered Ji Li, who was coming out from the Ministry of War office.“Paying respects to Prince Rong.”It was the second time they met on their way to somewhere. The first time wasn’t a pleasant encounter, not to mention the matters involving the Ji family, which caused Jing Rong to view Ji Li in a cold light.“General Ji, are you returning to your residence or were you waiting for this Prince?”“I had heard people say that your Highness had entered the palace. Since I have a few matters that I wanted to discuss with you, I was waiting for you here.”“What do you want?”“Is it possible to have a proper discussion at your Highness’s estate?”‘Not possible! What if he met Ji Yunshu? How would he avoid that issue?’ However, after thinking for a moment, Jing Rong, who wasn’t narrow-minded, agreed with a nod. So they both left together and arrived at the Rong estate. As soon as they entered the estate, he sent Lu Jiang to the East Courtyard.“Teacher Ji, his Highness has instructed me to inform you that General Ji has come to the estate. He wants to ask if you want to hide or not?”‘Ji Li?’ Ji Yunshu, who was organizing the paint in her sandalwood box, paused. Her hands were trembling underneath her gray sleeves. “Did his Highness say anything else?” She asked.“Nothing else.”Ji Yunshu finished organizing her paint whilst saying, “Forget it. I feel like going out.”“Where do you want to go?” Lu Jiang was extremely nervous because he had been lectured several times before; Jing Rong had long ago instructed them that each time Ji Yunshu wanted to go out, they had to obtain his approval before letting her go or the whole estate would suffer a calamity!Ji Yunshu put her box back onto a shelf and asked, “Lu Jiang, where is Yuhua Pavilion?”“You are planning to go there?”“Yes!”“Then, I’ll order some people to bring you there.”‘Bring me? Are you sure you don’t mean keep an eye on me??’ Ji Yunshu didn’t reply to him and simply called out, “Wei Yi!”“Did you call me?”“Mmm.” She nodded and pointed at the handkerchief in his hand. “Go and give it back to Chu Chun. I’ll bring you out.”Once he heard that he would spend time with Ji Yunshu, Wei Yi became incredibly happy. He hurriedly ran out to return the handkerchief to Chu Chun. When he returned, he changed into clean clothes.“Why are you changing your clothes?” Ji Yunshu asked, confused.“Because we’re going out! Father said that before going out, we have to change into new clothes.”‘How cute and innocent!’At this moment, Lu Jiang had already ordered some guards to escort Ji Yunshu out. They then left toward Yuhua Pavilion. While on their way, Ji Yunshu said to Wei Yi, “Pick something so we can give something as a present.”“Who are we giving it to?”“Just choose.”“Oh!” Wei Yi carefully looked around and ultimately chose to enter a jewelry shop. He looked from left to right and saw a hairpin.“Shopkeeper, I want this!”The thing he wanted was a jade hairpin with a deep color and great craftsmanship. It was apparent that it was a valuable item.The shopkeeper carefully brought the hairpin over and told him the price. “Gentlemen, it’s 50 taels of silver!”‘50 taels? How expensive!’ She groped her purse and only had around 10 taels.“How about 10 taels?” She attempted.Hearing the suggested price, the shopkeeper immediately changed his expression. He hurriedly took back the hairpin and placed it back on the counter. His gaze swept them in assessment from Ji Yunshu to Wei Yi.“10 taels? It’s only enough to take a look.” He spoke with contempt.Ji Yunshu wasn’t impatient. She looked at Wei Yi. “Do you really want to buy this hairpin as a gift?”“Yes!” He strongly nodded.Ji Yunshu smiled and turned to the shopkeeper. “10 taels, will you sell it or not?”“Not selling it! Now, shoo, shoo! Go away! Don’t hinder my business.” Finished speaking, he planned to go back to his counter.Ji Yunshu suddenly spoke out, “Shopkeeper, your fingers are deformed and you have no power in your grip. It has led to your shoulder swelling, injuring your meridians. So every time you raise your arm more than 30 centimeters, you will feel weak. Am I right?”

“Eh?” The shopkeeper was shocked. He immediately hid his left hand in his sleeve and brought it behind his back.Ji Yunshu continued to speak. “Because your scaphoid bone is injured, it caused the sesamoid bone, or rather the pisiform bone in your hand to be more exact, to be unable to bend. Your five fingers are stuck together because the triquetrum and lunate bones are jammed. It has made your fingers unable to bend properly as well. In fact, the problem is very easy to treat. Don’t you want to return the usage of your hand to its normal state? Your hand is interconnected with your meridians. Thus when using strength, or during the rainy or windy seasons, your shoulder will be extremely painful, and no matter how many doctors that examined you or whichever medicine you take, the pain remains and they can’t completely treat the root of the problem. Am I right?”The shopkeeper gawked. He looked at her in shock and his eyes seemed as if they were about to pop out of their sockets. Although he didn’t understand all the medical terms she used, he clearly knew the condition of his hand. “Gentleman… How did you find out?” His voice trembled.“It’s easy. Earlier, when you took out the hairpin, I took notice of your hand.”“Then, do you know how to treat it? I’ve been examined by countless doctors for many years and they all couldn’t do a thing.” The shopkeeper showed a bitter face before looking at her with hope and anticipation.The corners of Ji Yunshu’s lips hooked up. Her sight fell on the hairpin. “If you can sell me this hairpin for 10 taels, I will tell you how to cure it.” Ji Yunshu offered.The shopkeeper became skeptical. “Really?”“If you don’t believe me, then forget it. Though think about it, didn’t you spend a lot of money in order to treat your hand?”‘That’s right!’ He had spent no less than hundreds of taels in the past several years on his hand.Wei Yi innocently blinked and watched Ji Yunshu haggled. He thought of something and tugged at her sleeve. “Shu’er, if he doesn’t want to, let’s go somewhere else. This hairpin is not that pretty.”“Are you sure you don’t want it?”He waved his hands. “I don’t want it!”Ji Yunshu chuckled and nodded. “Good, then, let’s go.”

As they were about to leave, the shopkeeper gritted his teeth and hurriedly stopped them. “Alright! 10 taels!”He immediately put the hairpin inside a beautiful brocade box and gave it to them. His face was ugly and he felt as if his heart was bleeding out.Ji Yunshu took out the 10 taels and put the money in the shopkeeper’s hand. “Remember well, take some fig leaves and mash them. Add a very strong alcohol. Soak it for half a month. Then, apply it on your hand three times a day. After a month, the inflammation will recede, your bones will be looser and your strength will come back. You will be able to move your fingers once again. If after a month your hand is not back to normal, go to Yuhua Pavilion and look for Doctor Mo Ruo. He will compensate for your loss.”“Yes, yes, yes! Thank you very much, gentleman. Thank you so much…” After thanking Ji Yunshu numerous times, he let them go.

Ji Yunshu pulled Wei Yi out of the shop with the hairpin in hand. Wei Yi followed her while shouting, “Shu’er is so great!”

She laughed but didn’t say anything. Although she wasn’t a doctor. Anything related to bones was her specialty.

After they passed by the downtown area, it didn’t take long before they arrived at Yuhua Pavilion. At the entrance, there were many people lining up. All of them were either waiting to see the doctor or getting a prescription. Outside, there were young apprentices trying to deal with everything.

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How to haggle Ji Yunshu's style - Awe the desperate shopkeeper with your knowledge and then, dump the rest of his treatment to Mo Ruo. XD It's kinda like how an orthopedist request the advice of a generalist.

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