Chapter 196 - A Crafty Little Fox

Chapter 196 - A Crafty Little Fox

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Heroes die under beauty’s hands. Jing Rong had naturally heard the saying. It was often used for emperors but now applied to him.‘How amusing!’ He smiled and mischievously whispered into her ear, “Have you heard of the saying - Even a ghost, having died under a peony, can be amorous!”

“You rogue!” Ji Yunshu reprimanded. Her hand pressed down hard around 10 centimeters below his shoulders, aiming for his scapula.

Jing Rong felt his whole left arm lose all strength and sensation. Ji Yunshu took advantage of his weakness and sprung out of his embrace. She withdrew more than three meters until her back pressed against the door frame. Her guard was all the way up as she watched him frown from the pain she had inflicted.“How can a stately prince utter such vulgarity?” Her heart burned with anger.Jing Rong massaged his numb arm, complaining at the same time, “The most vicious heart is that of a married woman. You actually want to cripple me.”“I just pressed your shoulder blade. How is this crippling you?”“Ah?” He strode forward, eyebrow raised. “If you really cripple my arm, you will have to take care of me for the rest of your life.”“Rogue!” Ji Yunshu wanted to run away, but Jing Rong was determined to keep her where she was.Jing Rong rushed toward her and barred her escape route before she could put a foot out of the room. The door banged shut in a single, quick motion! He caught her again, imprisoning her in his tight embrace. Ji Yunshu couldn’t even budge. The distance of a single finger stood between them. At this distance, she could see only his chest.His manly scent assaulted her nose, causing her heart to beat erratically. She wanted to turn her head away, but couldn’t. Frantic, she shouted, “Bastard, let me go!”“You are the first to dare call me a bastard.”“Don't you think you deserve it with how you're behaving?”Jing Rong suddenly grabbed her chin and lift it, forcing their eyes to meet. “Fine, then I’ll show you what a real bastard does.“You—”Her words were swallowed by his forceful kiss. He was taller, so he had to lower his head and body to meet her exquisite, scarlet lips. Although it wasn’t their first kiss, Jing Rong's intensity had not decreased at all; it was like he was venting. Their lips collided, smashing against each, rubbing until they merged together and spreading their passion like wildfire, leaving no gap between them.Ji Yunshu felt her cold lips slowly heating from Jing Rong’s deep and passionate kiss.

Because he craved her too much, he pressed her against the carved door frame forcefully. The low temperature of the wood seeped through her thin clothes and penetrated her hot body; it coursed through her veins and spread to every part of her. The change made it feel like her blood was congealing, turning her numb. She persisted in her struggle against his tyranny.

Jing Rong soon escalated, one of his hands seized her waist and pressed her small body against him, forcing it to stick to his chest. Ji Yunshu’s body was on fire. She burned and felt herself on the verge of asphyxia. Her hands balled into fists; her eyebrows frowned and she ferociously bit down.“Urgh!The pain of his lips being bitten burst into his mind The taste of blood poured out of his broken lips. Ji Yunshu finally pushed him away. She lifted her sleeve and ferociously wiped her lips. Her eyes were red.Jing Rong wiped the blood off his lips. His mischievous appearance abruptly became solemn. “Do you hate me so much?” he asked, his tone melancholic.“...”“I clearly have a place in your heart, so why don’t you acknowledge it?”“...”“Answer me!” Jing Rong emphasized.Ji Yunshu looked at him with her red eyes. But she couldn’t answer him, her heart stung too much.

Her silence stirred hope in his heart. His vicious countenance vanished as the corner of his mouth curled into a smile. “Yunshu, are you admitting that I have long been in your heart?” He half-whispered.‘Huh?’ Ji Yunshu was caught by surprise. ‘No! Impossible!’ She bit her lips, showing a panic-stricken expression as her heart drummed in her chest and her brain shut down.“No!”She abruptly turned around and fled out of the door, leaving behind a beaming Jing Rong. When he recalled Ji Yunshu’s expression, he became certain that even if it was only a small place, he had taken root in her heart.At that very moment, Lang Po came in and saw Ji Yunshu fleeing from the room. He had some doubts but still entered. He was startled to see Jing Rong's lips in the state they were in. “Your Highness, what happened to your lips?”“Nothing!”“But they're bleeding! Should I summon the physician?”“I said it’s nothing. I just got bitten by a crafty little fox.” He couldn’t help smiling as he spoke. He was simply overflowing with joy.

Lang Po had a question mark on his forehead, but after Jing Rong turned and entered his room, he was hit by a sudden realization.

‘Oh my! It is possible that his Highness and Teacher Ji already…’ Lang Po smirked, even a rustic man like him also felt shy from imagining the scene.After Ji Yunshu ran back to the East Courtyard, she rushed into her room and shut her door. Her heart was still beating wildly. She pressed on her chest strongly and slowly calmed down. She still felt as if her heart was about to jump out of her throat.“Ji Yunshu, it’s impossible. I tell you it's impossible! He is a prince and you a concubine-born child. It’s impossible!” She nibbled her lips while brainwashing herself. Since the moment she learned of Ji Pei's death, her heart had died as well. Her heart could not accommodate someone else! Love should have disappeared from it with Ji Pei. Yes! It was impossible for her to have fallen in love again.


Zhangzhi hall.

Ever Jing Xuan had been sitting in the hall since Ji Yunshu had left with Wei Yi, staring into empty space. She was devastated. She didn’t move or make a sound. The palace maids came to her several times and spoke a few words out of concern. But, she paid them no heed. She still couldn’t accept that Ji Yunshu had turned out to be female although a few hours had passed since she had learnt of it.

Several voices shouted “Your Ladyship!”

After Concubine Xiao had sent the ladies she had invited to her banquet away, she went to Qi Zhen, now she hurried to her daughter. She waved at Sang Lan. “Wait outside. No one is allowed to come inside without my permission.”“Yes, Your Ladyship!” Sang Lan obeyed.As everyone withdrew, Concubine Xiao walked into the hall. She saw her daughter sitting blankly. She sighed and walked over while calling her. “Xuan’er!”Jing Xuan lifted her eyes but turned away in anger when she saw her mother.

“I didn’t get angry at you when you blatantly left with Teacher Ji, but you actually had an attitude with me.”Jing Xuan didn’t respond.Although Concubine Xiao was angry, Jing Xuan was still her treasured daughter. After several hours, her anger was almost completely gone. “Xuan’er, I have a few things to say. It’s impossible between you and Teacher Ji.”“Yes, it’s impossible because imperial mother already knew she is a woman.” Jing Xuan glared at her mother with red eyes. Concubine Xiao wasn’t shocked by Jing Xuan’s words. On the contrary, her anger rose, but she did her utmost to repress it. “Even if she was a man, it would still be impossible for you to be together.” She scolded.“Of course, you already knew the truth.”

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