Chapter 193 - The Mysterious Person in Wheelchair

Chapter 193 - The Mysterious Person in Wheelchair

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Outside the palace gate.

The sky was turning dark. Ji Yunshu had led Wei Yi out of the imperial palace's south gate. A lowly court eunuch guided them, lighting the way with his lantern. The Rong estate carriage was waiting for them outside, guarded by Lang Po.“You are finally out, Teacher Ji,” Lang Po said, concerned.Ji Yunshu nodded at him lightly.Lang Po looked at Wei Yi. “Young Master Wei, did the princess make things difficult for you?” he asked with undisguised worry.Wei Yi shook his head, beaming a huge smile at him. “I’m alright!”“That’s good. It's getting late, please wait inside the carriage. His Highness should be out soon.”Wei Yi squeezed inside the carriage. He had eaten his fill in the back hall, so he was tired. Seeing him like this, Ji Yunshu wanted to laugh, but repressed the smile. Just as she was about to climb into the carriage, she caught a glimpse of three men with solemn expressions leaving the palace. Their eyes were severe and firm, each of their steps vigorous and spirited. They were Yuchi Lin and his two generals.

Ji Yunshu exclaimed when she noticed the design of their armor, “Are they from Qujiang? Is that the great general who could fight an army of 100,000 with just 30,000?”Lang Po's gaze followed hers. He nodded. “He should be," he said softly, "Teacher’s knowledge is quite profound. In the past, when we were in that abandoned temple, you could see through those Huyi people; now you can recognize these men from Qujiang at a glance. You have my admiration.”

Ji Yunshu didn't hear Lang Po’s praise, she was focused on Yuchi Lin. She slanted her head after a while and a frown crept onto her brow. She had a very odd feeling while looking at them.

“Teacher? What’s wrong?” Lang Po asked.She shook her head as she watched the three leave on their horses. She turned her head and saw Ji Li and Ji Huan. She quickly lowered her head and hastily climbed into the carriage. Once inside, she lifted the curtain a bit and stealthily watched her half-brothers leave slowly. Her heart only relaxed when they were gone.“Whatever will be will be!” she lightly muttered to herself.The name, 'Teacher Ji', had spread far and wide in the capital. Ji Li and Ji Huan should already know. They might come to make trouble for her once the matter concerning Qujiang was settled.“I’m tired, Shu’er!” Wei Yi lay down and rest his head on her lap before closing his eyes.Ji Yunshu didn’t push him away. She pampered him by caressing his head with a slight smile. “Hmmm? Since when do you have a mark on your neck?” she asked when she noticed Wei Yi’s birthmark.Hmm… Mother said I had it when I was born. You're the second person today to ask me about it.” He answered sluggishly, not even opening his eyes.“I am the second?”No reply came this time; Wei Yi was already asleep.

Ji Yunshu’s finger gently poked the red petal shaped birthmark on his neck. She couldn’t help but think it was pretty. She waited a while longer, but could still not see Jing Rong coming out. The emperor must have kept his sons behind to discuss other political affairs in private. She saw Wei Yi was sleeping soundly now, and lightly pushed him off her lap, turning him over and gently putting him down. She disembarked.

“Big Brother Lang, may I trouble you to send Wei Yi to the residence? You can take your time, I don’t want the shaking to wake him up. I’ll wait here for his Highness,” she instructed him.“But…”“No buts! We’re by the palace entrance, nothing will happen to me.”Lang Po thought for a moment before agreeing. He then left with Wei Yi. Ji Yunshu continued to wait outside the palace gate for some time. As the darkness of night descended, her almond eyes squinted as she became lost in her thoughts.

“Are you waiting for me?” Jing Rong's voice suddenly whispered in her ear.She turned around and saw his handsome face right in front of her. She retreated instinctively, but her legs staggered and she fell backward instead. Jing Rong pulled her into his embrace unhesitantly, one hand gripping her waist strongly.

“Hey you, why do you always end up in my arms?” she heard him ask mischievously.‘Eh!’

She wriggled free from his embrace, ears crimson. She didn't answer his question.Seeing her in such a state, Jing Rong’s smile deepened. He didn’t expose her, instead, he pointed at a carriage behind him. “Bring that carriage over.”“Yes, your Highness!” The imperial guard behind him immediately complied.“I won't hold it against you if you wish to return with Wei Yi first.” Jing Rong whispered as he leaned close to her ear.

Ji Yunshu looked at him strangely. “How did you know Wei Yi was brought into the imperial palace?”“Didn’t I tell you? I arranged several lowly eunuchs to keep an eye on Concubine Xiao’s hall. I know about everything that happens there even if I'm away tending to court matters.”“...” She suddenly felt a cold and shivered.The carriage was brought over and the pair quickly returned to the Rong estate.


The two sat in the carriage. Jing Rong stared at her. His hand reached for her. “Do you want to know the result of today’s pourparler?”She lifted her eyes, shaking her head. “I don’t.”“I insist. This time Qujiang came forward under the order of their King to propose marriage.”“Oh!” She was not interested in the least. “Earlier, at the gate, I saw the great Qujiang general.”Jing Rong caught her meaning and his expression became serious.

“You sense something?”“Your Highness' tone suggests you already have your suspicions.”“You first.”Ji Yunshu frowned. “I am… not convinced this man is capable of fighting 100,000 men with just 30,000.”

Jing Rong was shocked by her words. He looked at the woman in front of him and carefully examined her

“We have the same thoughts!” he finally admitted


Inside a tavern, Li Shiyan sat at a table. His chin rested on one of his hand while the other was occupied with poking at the lantern in front of him. Many thoughts swirled in his mind.

Xiao Luzi, tidying things near him, asked, “Heir, do you really want to leave the capital?”“If we don’t leave now, we can't leave at all! Hurry and tidy everything!”“Eh! Oh!” Xiao Luzi sped up.Li Shiyan watched him, about to get up.Swish!

A needle suddenly shot through a small gap in the door. Fortunately, Li Shiyan was quick to react. He jumped away and evaded.

“Heir, be careful!” Xiao Luzi shouted loudly.

Several more needles came through the door immediately after.Li Shiyan opened the fan he always carried with him abruptly. He waved his fan and blocked a few needles, then, in the same motion, redirected them, flinging them at the mahogany bed where they embedded.

‘Lucky! How lucky!’

It was indeed lucky that the needles hadn't been thrown with the intent to kill

Creak! The door opened.Li Shiyan looked at the man coming into the room. He wasn’t surprised by his arrival; on the contrary, he looked dejected as he folded his fan. He sighed and sat down, grumbling.

“I knew you would come find me!”

There were two people at the door, one standing, the other seated in a wheelchair.

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