Chapter 188 - A Constitution that Invites Troubles

Chapter 188 - A Constitution that Invites Troubles

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Madame Jiang’s words were true. If the meeting between the Imperial Duke and Old General Li was really related to Lin capital case, why didn’t the general mention it over the past 14 years?Instead, it was Qin Shiyu who requested a re-investigation. 

In any event, since Old General was mentioned, meeting him was imperative.When she thought up to that point, she earnestly said to Madame Jiang, “Thank you very much for telling me. Since this matter involves too many matters, I hope that your words today will remain between us.”

“I understand, so please, rest assured.” She paused for a bit before continuing in a hesitant and remorseful tone. “Teacher Ji, my younger brother is a hot-blooded person. He has provoked you many times, but I hope that you will not take to heart.”

If she hadn’t mentioned it, Ji Yunshu would have completely forgotten about it. However, she wasn’t a narrow-minded person. At first glance, she had already understood Li Zhao’s personality. He was merely a paper tiger without teeth. He was all bark and no bite. Therefore, she didn’t take his words at heart. She beamed a magnanimous smile and reassured the other. “It is all in the past. You don’t need to mention it, and I don’t mind.”

Finally, Madame Jiang felt relieved. She looked at the gloomy sky that seemed to warn of rain. Madame Jiang didn’t stay long, preparing to leave shortly thereafter.Just before she left, she suddenly remembered something. She informed Ji Yunshu, “That’s right! When the Imperial Duke met with my grandfather, I inadvertently heard them mention something regarding the transfer of the troops. Unfortunately, I don’t know about the details.”

“The transfer of troops?”

“I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, but I vaguely remember the topic coming up.”Ji Yunshu nodded. “Thank you very much!”

Not long after Madame Jiang left, Ji Yunshu went to find Jing Rong. Although Jing Rong had been recuperating from his wounds the past two days, he was still traveling to the imperial palace. Rumors said that Qujiang’s army had already entered the city. The relationship between the two countries was very tense at the moment. Since Qi Zhen emperor was a careful person, he wouldn’t be complacent about the matter.At this moment, Jing Rong had changed his clothes and was about leave for the imperial palace when he noticed Ji Yunshu’s arrival. He gestured to Lang Po, hinting for him to withdraw. Lang Po was very tactful as he didn’t plan to disturb their alone time.

Ji Yunshu walked in.

“What is it? Already missing me after not seeing me for two days?” Jing Rong raised an eyebrow and had a mischievous smile hanging on his face.

‘Shameless!’ Ji Yunshu inwardly sighed. She quickly broached the reason for her presence here. “I didn’t intend to disturb you when you are so busy, but just now, Madame Jiang came to me.”

“Eh? Did she come to thank you?”

“That’s only part of the reason. We mostly talked about what happened 14 years ago.”

When anything about 14 years ago was mentioned, Jing Rong’s mind tensed. He asked in a puzzled tone, “Fourteen years ago? Do you mean it is related to the Lin capital case?”

Ji Yunshu nodded.

“This is rather odd. Fourteen years ago, Madame Jiang wasn’t in the capital. What can she tell us about?” 

“Although she wasn’t in the capital, she told me that the Imperial Duke went to Qingzhou to meet Old General Li before he died in the fire.”


“It seemed that they spoke about the transfer of troops.”

“Matters on troop transfers?” Jing Rong was originally indifferent, but he was now pacing to and fro, lost in thoughts.

After watching him for few moments, Ji Yunshu asked, “Did your Highness think of something?”

He leaned forward with his hands behind his back and took a few steps forward before speaking a low and mellow tone. “The Imperial Duke and Old General Li were on very good terms. So, it isn’t surprising that he would leave the capital to meet with the general. Besides, the latter had the army in his hands at that time. Thus, their talk on troop transfers isn’t strange.”

“So, you mean that this matter has nothing to do with the Lin capital case?”

“That’s not it. If what Madame Jiang said is true, and something bad actually occurred at home when he came back from Qingzhou, this is too much of a coincidence.”

Ji Yunshu didn’t speak as she was listening as he shared his conjecture.Jing Rong pondered a moment, before he continued, “Although solving the Lin capital case is pressing, we can’t do anything right now.”

“We can’t? Why?”

Jing Rong explained, “A revolt started at the borders. Imperial father has allowed the other party to enter the capital. At this time, we have to forgo the matter of unsealing the coffins.”

‘No wonder Jing Rong was making numerous trips to the imperial palace.’ Ji Yunshu knew the importance of the situation at the borders. It was clear that this time both sides met for negotiations. If both sides came to an agreement, the war could be averted, but if negotiations failed, they would meet on the battlefield!Ji Yunshu pursed her lips and said, “Since it’s like that, I want to take the opportunity to go to Qingzhou.”

“No way!”It was a direct refusal!


Jing Rong’s attitude was firm. “If this Prince is not with you, you can’t go anywhere. If something happens, I have no time to collect your corpse.”

‘Get lost!’ The anger in Ji Yunshu rose and she almost scolded him on the spot.This mouth of his… One day, when she returned to modern day society, she will excavate his remains, pry open his poisonous mouth, and carefully study the insides. However, her temper was very mild, and as such, her anger quickly cooled. She harrumphed and turned her head away. She said, “Can it be that your Highness wants to confine me?”

Jing Rong frowned. “You know that this Prince doesn’t mean it that way. You have a constitution that invites troubles. Wherever you go, something will happen. In order to protect you, I’ve been injured from top to bottom. Can you give me some semblance of sympathy, so I can live for more than two years?”

He is indeed pitiful.’However… “These two matters don’t have anything to do with one another.” Ji Yunshu retorted.

“How so? Do you think that I can be at ease waiting for in the capital if you go to Qingzhou alone? If an accident occurs on the way, my heart will break apart.” Pain could be heard in his tone.

Ji Yunshu furiously blushed when she heard his words, but she immediately regained her stern expression. Looking at his passionate gaze, she soon doused it in cold water by saying, “The situation at the borders is urgent. Although the Lin capital case is on standby, it cannot be delayed for too long. The reason I came to the capital is to solve this case. Something I hope will occur sooner rather than later. Qingzhou is not too far from the capital. I want to meet Old General Li and ask for the details of his meeting with the Imperial Duke. I will immediately return right after that, and will not dawdle there. If you’re worried that I will run away, I can leave Wei Yi here. I will not abandon him.”

‘She is using Wei Yi as a bargaining chip!’ However, Jing Rong didn’t swallow her words raw. “It’s non-negotiable.” He remained resolute in his decision and stated, “Even if I arrange an expert to accompany you, it’s not as good as my personal protection. I won’t feel at ease otherwise. In short, after the situation at the borders has been settled, this Prince will go to Qingzhou with you. Besides, Old General Li is rather eccentric. You going there first doesn’t mean that he will meet with you. With my presence, he won’t dare refuse.” Jing Rong emitted an air of arrogance, appearing high and mighty! He didn’t give an opportunity for Ji Yunshu to refute again.

At this moment, an imperial guard came to report. “Your Highness, the people from the palace came.”Jing Rong nodded.The Head of Eunuchs advanced toward them in small steps. His head was lowered and his arms hung to each of his sides. He respectfully clasped his hands together in salute. “The emperor has decreed that Prince Rong is to immediately go to the imperial palace.”

“What happened?”

“Replying to Prince Rong, the emperor said that Qujiang’s general and his people have entered the palace. He announced that your Highness must immediately be present for the negotiation.”

“They have already entered the palace?”

“Yes, your Highness!”The situation was quite urgent, thus Jing Rong didn’t dare to delay any longer. He nodded. “I know. This Prince is leaving immediately.”

The court eunuch didn’t leave yet. Instead, his sight fell on Ji Yunshu. He respectfully saluted her and said, “Teacher Ji, her Ladyship, Concubine Xiao, has decreed that you must immediately enter the palace.”

‘What?’ Ji Yunshu got scared. That woman wanted to talk about pointless things with her again?

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