Chapter 187 - Qingzhou County

Chapter 187 - Qingzhou County

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Whilst Ji Yunshu spoke, countless possible scenarios flashed through her mind. She wasn’t disgusted. However, it did make her feel as if a boulder was pressing on her chest, constricting her heart. Yet, she continued to explain her conjecture. “However, you were afraid. You feared that when the victims died, they would turn into evil spirits that would haunt you as revenge. Therefore, you chopped off their hands, so that once they turned into vengeful ghosts, they would be unable to tear off your skin with their hands.”  


Following her crystal clear explanation, the atmosphere within the dimmed room became incredibly strange. After the woman heard Ji Yunshu’s conjecture, she started to laugh. She put her hat back on and leaned her body over to blow out the light of her oil lamp. Then, she returned to her chair. She spoke in a low voice. “Your guess is correct.”“If I were you, I wouldn’t let Mei Xiang’er’s death become meaningless.”“You can take her away.” The woman pointed at Ruan Ya’er.Ji Yunshu’s expression became somewhat gloomy. She reached out to the rope tying Ruan Ya’er onto the wooden plank. Jing Rong, who was behind Ji Yunshu, stepped forward and helped lift the young miss of the Ruan family off the wooden plank.

“Bring her out of here first.” Ji Yunshu uttered.Jing Rong naturally didn’t agree and glared at her.Ji Yunshu calmly added, “I promise you that I will not put myself in danger.”“That won’t do!”“Believe me. She will not harm me. Take Miss Ruan out first.”“You-”

Ji Yunshu lightly pushed him forward.Although Jing Rong was unwilling, he grudgingly agreed after re-examining the unconscious Ruan Ya’er. He carefully carried her as he left.After a few moments, Ji Yunshu approached the woman and squatted next to her. She gripped Mei Xiang’er’s mother’s cold hand with both of her own. Then, she moved her gaze upwards and said, “I understand that as a mother, you are willing to do anything for the sake of your children, even sacrificing your life.”“What do you want?”Ji Yunshu took out a red pill from her waistband and placed it in the woman’s hand. “You have already suffered enough torment during your lifetime. I hope that when you leave, you can do so in peace.”“Thank you!” The woman clutched the pill in her palm. She was already planning to follow the same path as Mei Xiang’er, committing suicide.……...........Outside, Jing Rong was waiting for her at the entrance. In the end, he was still worried. If he couldn’t hear any hint of activity from below, he would immediately rush down. However, it didn’t take long before Ji Yunshu emerged from the basement. “Is everything alright?”Ji Yunshu shook her head, but she didn’t elaborate. She lowered her gaze to look at the ruins. Then, she walked into the carriage and pulled down the curtain. The sounds of marching and clinking weapons were heard coming from outside. However, she remained calm in her seat, but her reddish eyes betrayed her inner thoughts. In less than a moment, she heard someone exclaim, “The culprit is dead!”Right after, Jing Rong climbed into the carriage and sat beside her. Neither of them uttering a word. After the long silence, Ji Yunshu finally glanced at him. “Do you want to know what we spoke about?”“It is necessary to know?” Jing Rong raised his eyebrows. He held her hand. “If it was me, I would also have done the same.”Indeed, Jing Rong was like the roundworm in her belly. He could figure out her thoughts.

The next moment, Ji Yunshu pulled her hand back into her sleeve, clenching it into a fist. Her small action did not cause him to be disappointed. He was well behaved sitting next to her and gazed at her the whole journey back.Ji Yunshu blushed from his intense gaze. It was best if she ignored him, thus, she lifted the window curtain and looked outside. Right at that time, the capital governor was covering the woman’s body with a white cloth.Ji Yunshu felt her heart heavy and was overwhelmed by a stuffy feeling as she looked at the scene. In the end, even hateful people like this could be rather pitiful!


Two days later, the Supreme Court closed the case. The atmosphere of fear in the capital finally disappeared. Everyone had rejoiced as peace returned. Naturally, the name “Teacher Ji” spread far and wide within the capital.Everyone believed that Teacher Ji was an immortal genius with supreme intelligence. Rumors said that Teacher Ji possessed eyes that could see through all beings and expansive knowledge of all things up to 500 years into the past and 500 years into the future.Others said that Teacher Ji was the reincarnated sovereign of the netherworld, and had the power to communicate with the dead. There was an even more exaggerated rumor circulating which said that Teacher Ji was Prince Rong’s lover. ‘Hey, hey, hey! What the heck is up with that lovers rumor? How can two big men turn into lovers?! This is ancient times! Could it be that people consider that kind of gossip important?!’After listening to those weird rumors, Ji Yunshu choked on her water from too much laughter. She dared to bet that the final rumor was certainly propagated by Jing Rong. That bastard must be up to no good. ‘What a stinky and shameless man!’“Shu’er, are you alright?” Wei Yi was sitting in front of her and watching the entire range of expressions that formed on her face.Ji Yunshu nodded. Then, she picked up a piece of pastry and gave it to Wei Yi whilst saying, “I’m fine. Here, eat a bit more.”“Hmm.” Wei Yi became engrossed in eating the pastry.At this time, a pageboy ran in from outside. He stood at the entrance and respectfully notified her. “Teacher, Madame Jiang came to find you. She is waiting in the long hallway in the rear court.”Ji Yunshu wasn't surprised by the other’s arrival. She nodded and rose from her seat.

When she reached the long hallway, she saw Madame Jiang standing at a corner. How long had it been since the last time she saw her? Now that they met again, the woman no longer appeared rash. She seemed like a hedgehog without its thorns.

“Did Madame Jiang wait long?”

When Madame Jiang heard Ji Yunshu’s voice, she moved sideways and answered courteously, “I didn’t wait long as i had just arrived. That’s right, how is your body? Is it better?”“It’s recovering well after a few days of resting.”Madame Jiang took out a small bottle and handed it to Ji Yunshu. “This medicine is a special ointment made by our Li family. It will be helpful to you.”Ji Yunshu took it and thanked her.

“I should be the one thanking you.” Madame Jiang leaned over. “Although I still dislike you because of the matter in Jinjiang, I have to admit that I did have my faults. How could I rejoice over the tragic death of my husband? There were countless nights when I woke up in a cold sweat, fear and guilt overwhelm me. However, after you solved the case, I was finally able to sleep peacefully as if a huge stone had been lifted from my heart.”Ji Yunshu stayed silent.Madame Jiang muttered, “I once said that if Teacher could help me find Shuiqing, I will tell what I know about that case.”“Please tell me.”Madame Jiang moved a step away, her gaze looked at the faraway roof tiles before slowly recounting, “Fourteen years ago, the Imperial Duke went to Qingzhou county to find my grandfather, Old General Li.”“What are you implying?”

“I don’t know what they spoke about together, but when they came out, they all had solemn expressions. Right after, the Imperial duke left Qingzhou. Two days after his return to the capital, his whole estate was burnt to the ground. During those several days, my grandfather traveled to distant locations and he didn’t return to the capital, so I don’t know if that matter is related to the Imperial Duke case. However, I hope that this information will be of help to you.” When she was done talking, Madame Jiang looked at Ji Yunshu again.Ji Yunshu was slightly surprised. She started to ponder the new information. Then, she said, “Madame Jiang, is it possible for me to meet Old General Li?”“My grandfather is currently in Qingzhou. He didn’t even come to Shuiqing’s funeral. I won’t hide this from you. In fact, after the death of the Imperial Duke 14 years ago, my grandfather said that he would never set foot in the capital for the rest of his life. If you want to meet him to inquire about what happened at that time, I believe that you might need to go to Qingzhou.”‘Travelling to Qingzhou?’ Ji Yunshu remained silent as she slowly analyzed the matter before saying, “If the Imperial Duke took the effort to go to the faraway Qingzhou to meet Old General Li, there must be a serious matter that required him to do so in person.”“I can only help you up until here. My grandfather has a very stubborn personality. I can’t guarantee that he will agree to tell you about the matters of 14 years ago. Otherwise, he would have spoke of it long ago.”

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