Chapter 181 - You Used to Call Me Yu'er

Chapter 181 - You Used to Call Me Yu'er

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It was known that people in archeology have conservative mindsets and Ji Yunshu wasn’t an exception. Ever since she met Jing Rong, she was repeatedly taken advantage of which didn’t bore well for her as a conservative maiden.

Time slowly passed. Suddenly, Jing Rong asked, “Do you want to know what happened when I took you away from the conflagration?” His warm breath caressed her ear.Caught by surprise, she shivered and didn’t respond.Jing Rong tightened his hold on Ji Yunshu’s waist. His whole face was almost buried in her nape. He slowly narrated, “At that time, my only thought was that if I can save you, I will tightly hold you like this. As everything was burning down around me, I thought to myself that if we were to die together, we could meet again in the underworld. At that time, I will seek King Yama and make him agree that I won’t be born in the imperial clan and will meet you again in the next life. I believe he will be moved and let us walk through the Bridge of Helplessness, drink Meng Po’s soup of oblivion and jump into the pool of reincarnation together. After we are reincarnated, we will be born into an ordinary house where we will work at sunrise and rest at sunset every day.”

His words may have sounded strange, but it was full of affection. This made Ji Yunshu’s heart beat wildly. She furiously blushed and the redness slowly spread to the tips of her ears. Her body became intolerably hot.Jing Rong continued. “I know that Ji Pei has occupied an important place in your heart. However, I am willing to wait… until you will look at me.”“Jing Rong…”“You don’t need to say anything, just listen quietly.”Ji Yunshu felt suffocated. Her petite figure was almost sinking deeper into Jing Rong’s embrace. He was tall; she was small. She no longer struggled and let him hug her until he was satisfied.Time passed by and Jing Rong already fell asleep with his head resting on her shoulder. His even breaths kept brushing against her ear. This atmosphere was very peaceful. However, in contrast to Jing Rong, Ji Yunshu’s heart was disturbed and in turmoil because of his words, which kept reverberating inside her mind. It was not until late into the night that she could finally slumber.The next morning, when Ji Yunshu woke up, she was greeted by Jing Rong’s affectionate eyes.“Are you awake? Did you sleep well?” His voice was like jade, showing a lot of care.Ji Yunshu lowered her eyes and immediately sat up on the bed. She was about to get off the bed, but she was restrained by a pair of evil hands.Jing Rong hugged her from behind. An evil smile spread on his face. “What are you so nervous for? This Prince didn’t even eat you last night.”“Prince, please let me go.”“No way!”“You-” Ji Yunshu was flustered and she then freed herself from his grip. Her gesture was akin to a kitten as she quickly got down from the bed. She lowered her head and furiously blushed from his gaze. “Your Highness, please rest well. As for last night… just think of it as if nothing happened.” As soon as she was done speaking, she ran to the door, opened it and caught the sight of Lang Po standing upright outside.Seeing her exit, Lang Po inwardly smiled while greeting her. “Good morning, Teacher Ji.”‘Good morning your ass! You’re all birds of the same feather!’ Ji Yunshu bit her lips and passed by Lang Po without answering. Just as she was about to leave the courtyard, she stopped after a few steps as she collided with a woman who was coming inside the courtyard.The woman was dressed in a blue silk gown. Her long hair reached to her waist, and part of it was pulled into a hair bun. Her face was as big as a man’s palm. Her face also had delicate and beautiful traits and she wore light makeup. Each of her steps was orderly paced, and both of her hands were held in front of her abdomen. Her demeanor clearly told people that she came from a great family. Although she wasn’t a fairy, her elegant aura made it seemed like she was surrounded by a faint mist that made people feel cozy when they go near her. “Miss Kong?” Lang Po shouted in shock.‘So that person is Kong Yu.’

While Ji Yunshu attentively observed her, Kong Yu also did the same. The person in front of her was adorned in man’s clothing. He had a pleasant aura and looked like a gentle scholar with a dignified appearance. For a handsome man, he had quite the majestic bearing. Unfortunately, the scar on his face ruined his appearance.“Who are you?” Kong Yu’s line of sight met with Lang Po.Lang Po immediately answered. “This person is Teacher Ji and his Highness’ noble guest.”“Oh! So, you are that Teacher Ji?” Kong Yu softly said. She greeted him. “On my way back, I have heard many things about Teacher Ji. I also heard that the missing girls case in the capital was solved by you. As expected, you are someone with great wisdom. It’s no wonder that his Highness treated you as a noble guest.”“Miss Kong don’t need to be so polite. This humble one is only a commoner.”“Teacher Ji, you are too modest.”Ji Yunshu wasn’t too familiar with Kong Yu. She supposed that if the woman appeared here, she was certainly here to see Jing Rong. Ji Yunshu faintly smiled. “Then, I won’t disturb Miss Kong from visiting his Highness. Goodbye.” Ji Yunshu passed by her and quickly left as soon as she finished speaking.Kong Yu smiled as she watched Ji Yunshu’s back.Lang Po immediately came forward. “Miss Kong, may I ask what is your reason for coming?”Kong Yu’s smile was replaced by an expression filled with worried. “Mo Ruo told me that his Highness was injured, so how can I not come?”“Eh!”Kong Yu lifted the hem of her cloth and went inside the room.Jing Rong was incredibly happy because of how Ji Yunshu left him behind and escaped. He was still smiling as he got out of bed and was planning to take his cloth that was hanging on the partition screen.“Ah-Rong!” Kong Yu called him.When he heard the voice, Jing Rong looked out and saw the worried expression on Kong Yu’s exquisite face as she walked toward him. “Why are you here?” Jing Rong frowned, with his tone slightly heavy.“Let me see. How serious are your injuries?”“I am fine.”However, Kong Yu had already raised her hands and lightly brushed the bandage on his forehead. Tears were falling from her eyes as she said, “Does your head hurt? If Mo Ruo didn’t tell me, did you plan on hiding this from me forever?” There was a trace of anger in her tone.Jing Rong stepped back to avoid her touch and looked at her. “I’m fine, really. You don’t need to worry.” He lightly told her.“Why are you treating me like I’m a stranger after just one year of separation?”“You are overthinking!”If Mo Ruo and Jing Rong could be considered to grow up wearing the same pants together, then Kong Yu and Jing Rong could be said to have grown up together, hand in hand.Kong Yu was a year older than Jing Rong, and she was like a big sister to him. Ever since they were young, she was always concerned about his well being the most. Jing Rong was also very close to her because of that. The only woman who could approach him before he met Ji Yunshu was Kong Yu.Although their feelings were like those between siblings, Kong Yu believed that she will be Jing Rong’s consort as they grew up. This belief became deeply rooted in her heart with the passage of time.It came to the point where Kong Yu often mentioned it to Jing Rong. Every time, Jing Rong didn’t answer, and neither did he disagree. At that time, he thought that she was only joking. Over time, everyone in the imperial family almost considered Kong Yu as Jing Rong’s consort. Then, one year ago, the day before Kong Yu left for Emerald Retreat, she gave him a genuine confession. Jing Rong suddenly realized that she wasn’t joking and that she sincerely wanted to be his consort.“Kong Yu, I am already fine. You just came back from Emerald Retreat and it must be busy at your mansion. You don’t need to worry about me, so you should hurry and go back.”

Kong Yu was disappointed. “You used to call me Yu’er.”

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