Chapter 180 - Heaven on Earth

Chapter 180 - Heaven on Earth

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“A cold block of stone” was a nickname that Mo Ruo always used for him countless of times ever since they were young. However, he definitely disagreed about the cold part. He was obviously warmhearted!If he wasn’t lying on his pillow, he would have fiercely thrown it at Mo Ruo by now.Mo Ruo resumed compounding medicine. Next, he carefully wrapped it in a white cloth and placed it in a bowl. Then, he added water to the bowl. While working, he instructed Jing Rong. “After blending the essence of the medicinal herb in the water, you have to drink everything without leaving behind a single drop. Otherwise, it will leave sequelae in the future. Don’t blame me when that happens.”Jing Rong looked at the bowl of medicine and asked, “Will it kill me if I drink it?”“Yeah! Of course, it will. Not only that, it’s extremely toxic. It’s a special kind of poison, just like your love.” Mo Ruo replied in a serious tone.“...” Jing Rong was unable to respond.Mo Ruo looked at the sky and saw it was getting late. He said to Jing Rong, “I am going to return to the Yuhua Pavilion. If you are going to send people to wreck it, I better quickly go and save up some money so that I can still afford a quilt when I end up sleeping on the streets later.”“Get lost!” Jing Rong glared at him.“So heartless!” Mo Ruo cursed at him before flipping his sleeves and leaving.

Right after, Lang Po came in and nervously said, “Your Highness, how is your body?”“With Mo Ruo around, this Prince will be fine.” Jing Rong closed his heavy eyelids and asked, “That’s right! How is Yunshu?”“Mis- Teacher Ji is alright.”“Hmm! That is good then.”Suddenly, he heard the voice of the imperial guard keeping watch outside. “Teacher Ji, why did you come?”“I came to find your prince!”“His Highness is…”Not waiting for the guard to finish, Ji Yunshu hastily went into the courtyard and was about to enter Jing Rong’s room.Jing Rong took an instant to think about something. Then, his mouth curled into a mischievous smile. He immediately lied back under his quilt, closed his eyes and waved his hand in an obscure manner. He was hinting at Lang Po to leave.

‘How devious!’ Lang Po inwardly gave a thumbs up at his prince. Right after that, he lowered his head to smile and retreated. When he opened the door, he found Ji Yunshu blocking the way.“Teacher Ji, his Highness has not yet regained consciousness. Your body is not in good condition as well, so it’s best if you go back.” Lang Po had a very serious expression when he spoke.“You are in my way.” Ji Yunshu stubbornly pushed him out of her way and stepped inside the room.The guards outside were about to go in, but they were stopped by Lang Po. The latter whispered to them. “Remember, you didn’t see anything. Do you understand?”

‘We don’t understand! Why do we have to pretend we didn’t see anything?’ The two guards looked at each other, but they still nodded at Lang Po in the end.Lang Po snickered while he closed the door shut. He muttered, “Your Highness, this subordinate can only help you to this point.”After she went inside the room, she saw Jing Rong lying unconscious on the bed. In small steps, she walked to the bedside and sat down. His handsome face was pale and didn’t have the liveliness and energy he usually had. Despite his feeble countenance, his tightly knitted eyebrows didn’t attenuate his sharpness and still gave off the impression of vigilance on his face. When she looked at his appearance, her eyes immediately reddened and glistening teardrops fell from her eyes.Pain could be felt inside her chest and she frowned in distress. Her chapped lips pursed, while her slender hands stretched out from under her sleeves. She put them on the bedding and lightly called him out several times. “Your Highness?”There was no response.“It has already been several months since we left Jinjiang. In that time, I had encountered many dangerous situations, but you were always by my side, helping me over and over again. You saved me. For this grace, I might not be able to repay you completely in this lifetime. Yet, this time, because of me, you received serious injuries and is now in such a dire state. How can I repay you?”Jing Rong didn’t make any single movement.

“Jing Rong, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry. You have to wake up. Otherwise, I won’t be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life.” Drop by drop, her cold tears fell on the back of Jing Rong’s hand. The cold sensation seeped through his flesh, and seemed as if it entered through his veins, slowly cooling him.His heart shivered, gripped by the subzero sensation. Yet the next instant, it abruptly turned into a heat that burnt him silly. ‘Ji Yunshu is crying because of me! That’s right! Her heartbroken tears was for him! Is it because she feels guilty or is it due to another reason?

Ji Yunshu wiped her tears and took a deep breath. She grabbed Jing Rong’s wrist and was planning to put it under the quilt when suddenly, Jing Rong’s hand grabbed her fingers and brought it to his chest.“Eh?!’ Ji Yunshu was scared. Then, she saw Jing Rong opened his eyes and he stared at her with infatuation.His devilish smile beamed at her as he said, “Since you owe this Prince, you can offer yourself to pay me back.”“...”

It took him a moment to support himself up with difficulty. He added, “Fool, didn’t I tell you before that I won’t die?”Ji Yunshu could finally reacted. She realized that she had fallen into his trap! “You liar!” She pushed him away as soon as she was done shouting at him and tried to get up.“Urgh!” Jing Rong grasped his chest and frowned.

Upon seeing his reaction, she dispelled the thought of getting up and sat back. She anxiously inquired, “Did I touch your wounds? I really didn’t do it on purpose.”“Are you worried about me?”“I only… Ah!” She didn’t finished her sentence as Jing Rong lifted the quilt. He then grabbed her slender waist in a flash; pulled her toward him before dragging her under the quilt. She didn’t even have the time to struggle and was already held by Jing Rong, under the covers of his quilt. Jing Rong tightly hugged her, his chest pasted to her back and his chin resting on her delicate shoulder.“What are you doing? Let me go!” Ji Yunshu twisted and turned, struggling to free herself.Jing Rong’s lips brushed against her earlobe and he whispered, “Don’t move. I’m hurting everywhere.”“...” As expected, she stopped struggling in order to avoid hurting Jing Rong. She bit her lips and nervously said, “It’s best if your Highness release me. If others see us like this…”“It’s unlikely that anyone will enter.” He flatly replied. After a moment, his mischievous smile reappeared. In a tone suffused with some anger, he spoke. “By the way, do you remember what I said before? If you acted impulsively without any regards to your safety, I will throw you on the nuptial bed and have my way with you.”Oh no! She fell right into the beast’s clutches.At once, Ji Yunshu struggled again. “What kind of nonsense is this?! Let me go!”“I said I’m hurt all over. If I faint again, I will hold you responsible.”“You hoodlum!”“Stay calm or I will immediately strip you and let you taste Heaven on Earth.”

‘Heaven on Earth? Like the sketch?’ Ji Yunshu’s mouth arched down and she felt uneasy. That injured brute unexpectedly wanted to imitate the tiger throwing food at the hungry wolf. Was that the main point? Ji Yunshu almost rolled her eyes at him.

Jing Rong held her waist tighter and they both nestled under the quilt, stuck to each other in an ambiguous position, as if they were a loving married couple.

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