Chapter 179 - Kong Yu?

Chapter 179 - Kong Yu?

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Not long after, Ji Yunshu called for someone and inquired about what happened while she was unconscious.

She quickly learned that Mei Xiang’er and her big brother created a fire and burnt their whole house until nothing was left. Both of them also perished in that fire. Furthermore, all the missing girls were all found thrown in a desolate and abandoned public cemetery outside of the city. Due to the advanced state of putrefaction of the corpses, and the fact that all their faces were peeled off, it was impossible to recognize any of them. At present, all the relatives of the missing girls were waiting to retrieve their loved one and give them a proper burial.

Therefore, the capital governor had no other choice but to order his men to move all the corpses to the memorial hall. This was a temporary measure until Ji Yunshu awoke and could make a portrait of each corpse. After that, the case can be quickly settled. However, despite her questioning, there was no mention about Jing Rong.That night, Ji Yunshu continued to ponder while sitting in front of the mirror. Two maidservants then came in to change the water. Ji Yunshu asked again, “Where is his Highness?”The two servants glanced at each other and shied away.

“Tell me, where exactly is his Highness?” Ji Yunshu’s tone became heavier.“Teacher Ji, you shouldn’t ask. His Highness, he…”“Speak!”“His Highness is injured. Right now… he is still unconscious.” One of the maidservants lowered her head and answered.‘He is injured?’ Ji Yunshu’s heart suddenly palpitated. She grabbed the servant’s arm and continued questioning her. “Did he get injured when he rescued me?”The girl nodded. “This humble servant heard that when his Highness saved you, something fell and hit both his head and shoulders, but he still persevered to get you out. After that, he fainted. Fortunately, Gentleman Mo Ruo was present, so his Highness was timely treated.”When she finished talking, Ji Yunshu let her go and rushed out of her room.“Teacher Ji…” No matter how much the servants called her and chased after her, Ji Yunshu didn’t turn back or reply to them at all. She directly went to Jing Rong’s courtyard.Inside a room in the main courtyard.Jing Rong was lying on the bed. He had just regained his consciousness recently and his complexion was pale. His head and arms were wrapped in bandages. Mo Ruo, who was next to him, was pounding medicine with his tall and straight back facing Jing Rong.

“What about Yuhua pavilion?” Suddenly, Jing Rong asked in a frail voice.

“An apprentice is looking after it. Business is flourishing.”“How about this Prince send people tomorrow to close it?” Despite his weak voice, his threat still had the power to pressure and deter people.

However, Mo Ruo paused his movement and turned around to meet Jing Rong’s sight. “When will you change that bad temper of yours? When did my Yuhua Pavilion provoke you?”Jing Rong lowered his eyes and gasped lightly before speaking in cold tone. “I did say that if you didn’t come to me within three days, I will storm your Yuhua Pavilion. What I say isn’t just hot air!”‘How bold and self-confident!’ He was after all a prince, so what he said was considered right.Mo Ruo laughed and shrugged. “Go ahead! Storm through it if you want. Anyway, that place was left behind by that old man. I was planning to close it anyway. If you want to do it, you might as well just destroy it.”“It’s truly unfortunate for your father to have a son like you.”“Indeed! That’s why that old man slipped and drowned. He didn’t even have the fate to enjoy a happy and comfortable life.”Hearing his words, Jing Rong shook his head. His mouth arched up. “If I was your father, I would have crawled out from the coffin in anger.”“You’re quite patient then.” Mo Ruo snubbed him, then he got up and walked to Jing Rong’s bedside. He looked at Jing Rong who was covered in injuries and sighed. In a nagging tone, he said, “You are a grand prince, but in order to save a woman, you almost died. Is it worth it? If it wasn’t for this Young Master being a brilliant doctor, you would be drinking tea with King Yama right now!”Jing Rong’s expression remained cold, but he spoke with heartfelt. “Of course, it’s worth it. If she really died at that time, I might as well be dead.”“Aren’t you exaggerating?”“You can’t understand.”“Right, I can’t understand. As I said, love is like a poison. When you get infected by it, death is the only issue.” Mo Ruo looked at him with extreme disdain.Jing Rong ignored him.“Oh! That reminds me.” Mo Ruo hurriedly added, “Guess what? Who do you think returned to the capital with me?”“I don’t want to guess!” Jing Rong coldly spat.Mo Ruo wasn’t in the mood to joke. “Why can’t you just go along with me? How boring!”“You know how I am.”“Fine. Only I know! If it wasn’t me, who will try to break open a cold stone like you?!”Their bickering wasn’t also a first-time matter.Mo Ruo sat down on the bedside and moved close to him while sporting an evil smile. He was relentless and continued question Jing Rong. “Come on, guess! You have to guess. That person is someone you know.”“I said I don’t want to guess!”“Alright, forget it!” Mo Ruo waved his hand. “I really don’t understand how I was able to grow up together with this kind of taciturn person.” He grudgingly stopped, but he still couldn’t endure keeping it, so he spat out a name. “It’s Kong Yu.”‘Kong Yu!’ When he heard the name, Jing Rong’s expression suddenly darkened, but it was impossible to determine his real thoughts.After a long moment, Jing Rong asked, “Isn’t she in Emerald Retreat?”“Yes, she went there with her mother for a year to follow a vegetarian diet. You should know the meaning of her return this time, right? You should already know her thoughts about you.”“What are you trying to say?”“Don’t act dumb with me. Miss Kong is from a good family and the blood-related niece of the late Empress Xuanshu. As long as Miss Kong wishes for it, her mother will go to the emperor to request a decree and your marriage will be set even if you don’t ask for it.”Although the Kong family was in decline, they were still the maiden family of Empress Xuanshu in any case. The emperor would still give some respect to the Kong family.

Everyone had a thorn in their heart and Jing Rong was no exception. Kong Yu was Jing Rong’s thorn. He took a deep breath and stopped looking at his friend. “Mo Ruo, the others people don’t know, but don’t tell me that you don’t know as well?”Of course, Mo Ruo knew clearly. He grew up with Jing Rong, so he knew what went on in Jing Rong’s mind. He raised his head and deeply sighed. He slightly shook his head and intentionally revealed a regretful expression while saying, “It seems like the falling flower has intentions, but the flowing river is merciless! Anyway, Miss Kong Yu is very good. Compared to Miss Ji, she is a thousand time more friendly.”“So? In my opinion, no one can compare to Yunshu.”Jing Rong was extremely serious when he said that.Mo Ruo squinted his eyes a bit and studied Jing Rong, then he spoke with a mischievous tone. “This fellow… So, you can actually be moved by a woman. And here I thought that since you grew up in the mountain, you are more obstinate than a block of stones.”“People can change.”“Your change is rather too quick. I’m curious. What is so good about this Miss Ji that makes you want her instead of Miss Kong?”What came out of Jing Rong’s pale lips were: “As you said, I am poisoned. Furthermore, it is highly toxic. However, I am perfectly happy with it.”‘Oh my! How ridiculous!’

Mo Ruo hit his thigh, got up and went back to the table while saying, “A cold block of stone wants to bloom!”

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