Chapter 178 - An Ancestral Prescription That Cannot Be Given Casually

Chapter 178 - An Ancestral Prescription That Cannot Be Given Casually

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‘Mo Ruo? Who is that?’ Ji Yunshu frowned. That very action caused the pain on her face to relapse again. Once more, she raised her hand to touch her face.However, the next instant, Mo Ruo grabbed it and pulled it back to her side.“It will definitely hurt, but you absolutely must not touch it. The medicine on your face is something that money can’t buy. It’s a priceless treasure!”“Ah?”“It’s an ancestral prescription that cannot be given away so casually.” His face showed a proud face.

Ji Yunshu bit her lips from the pain. Her head still felt dizzy, but she still asked, “How long did I sleep?”Mo Ruo flippantly replied, “Not for too long. It was just a day!”‘A whole day? This long?! Even a person on general anesthesia would be awake already!’ She propped her body and tried to get up while continuing to ask. “Who are you in the end? I… can’t stay here…”She couldn’t her sentence as Mo Ruo interrupted her. “Don’t move!”Suddenly, Mo Ruo leaned over and it was as if her eyes zoomed in on his romantic face. Ji Yunshu could finally see his charming face clearly. He had a constipated face and his eyebrows kept moving up and down several times. Seeing his expression, Ji Yunshu instinctively pulled away from the proximity of his face.The corner of Mo Ruo’s lips curled up, then he gripped her pointy chin before saying, “Ah! A real beauty in the making. No wonder that guy Jing Rong is so smitten with you!”

‘That guy Jing Rong? Hey, hey, hey! Who are you? How can you be so impudent?’

Ji Yunshu was scared by what the other person had said. To treat someone, the caregiver needed to be in close proximity with the patient, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he discovered her gender, but her hair was still coiled into a bun that would be adorned only by males.

Her expression was evasive, but she didn’t give up on the idea of getting out of bed. After a moment, her shoulders were grabbed by Mo Ruo and he pushed her back onto the bed. “Woman, why can’t you be obedient? I already said that you shouldn’t move.”“I want to get up.”Mo Ruo frowned. Since it was useless to stop her, he let go of her shoulders and supported her off the bed instead.Her vision became clearer with time and she discovered that she was in her room. Finally, she could see Mo Ruo’s appearance. The man was standing in front of her, dressed in a white gown with a gray scarf wrapped around his neck. His countenance reminded her of a refined scholar and a skilled tactician. However, his peach blossoms[1] hinted to a diluted romantic character.“How can you be here? What is your identity? Where is Wei Yi and his Highness? I heard their voices… What about Mei Xiang’er?”“Stop! Stop!” Mo Ruo raised his hands to stop Ji Yunshu barrage of questions. “Beauty, you ask so many questions, but I can’t answer them. I’m only here to treat your injuries and have no interest in looking at other people.”“...”Mo Ruo took a handkerchief and wiped his hands with it before walking to a table. Next, he tidied his needles. His back faced Ji Yunshu and started to explain. “This time, the injury on your face must not be exposed to the wind. In other words, if you don’t want to have a permanent scar, you have to remember my Mo clan’s precepts: dread strong-smelling food, take shelter from the weather and do not touch it.”Although Ji Yunshu didn’t understand much about how to treat her wound, she still had some basic grasp about it. She bitterly laughed. “The treatment of the wound wasn’t good because it was done with a silver hairpin. The wound was bone deep and as they said, bone and flesh are interrelated. As the hairpin scratched the bone, the silver was left inside and it left a scar when the wound healed.”“Oh! It turns out you understand medicine.”“Not really!”Mo Ruo proficiently tidied his things before turning to Ji Yunshu and added earnestly, “Perhaps, for a quack, your injury is severe and it’s quite possible that you might have to wear a mask or a veil to hide it for the rest of your life. Fortunately, you met me. I can guarantee that for this kind of injury, I can make you recover back to normal within a month.” His tone was very pompous.

‘Even if it was in the modern days, no doctor would dare to guarantee a full recovery within a month for that kind of injury!’

Seeing the doubtful expression on Ji Yunshu, Mo Ruo curled his lips. “This Godly Doctor was planning not to save anyone this year. If it wasn’t for Jing Rong’s sake, I would have been enjoying myself at the dancing and singing convention in Beiyang.”“...” Ji Yunshu had no idea what he was talking out, thus she decided to remain silent.Timely, someone suddenly rushed through the door.“Shu’er!” She heard Wei Yi’s voice near her bedside and the next thing, he grabbed her hand. His eyes were filled with distress as he looked at her.“Shu’er, does it still hurt?”“It doesn’t hurt.”“It’s good that you are alright.”“Wei Yi, were you the one who found me?”Wei Yi nodded. “I did say that as long as I can hear the bell on your ankle, I will be able to find you no matter what.”Ji Yunshu laughed. It was fortunate that Wei Yi heard the bell. Otherwise, she would have been buried in the sea of flames by now. She asked, “Then, how did you find the basement?”“At that time, there was fire everywhere and they were pulling me out of the house, but I heard Shu’er’s bell, so I know you were still inside. After that, it was as if big brother went mad. He ran inside to find you, but the fire was too fierce, so I pulled him out. However, big brother refused to leave. I waited outside for him for a long time, until he finally carried you out of there. Big brother is too awesome. He really found you.”Ji Yunshu’s heart trembled. “Then, how is he?”“I can’t tell.” Wei Yi covered his mouth.Ji Yunshu was puzzled. “Why can’t you tell me?”“Because…” He had yet to finish when Mo Ruo timely grabbed him by his collar like he was picking up a chick, and dragged him away. Wei Yi staggered a few steps before regaining his balance. He glared at Mo Ruo and spoke in annoyance. “Why did you hit me?”Mo Ruo pretended as if nothing happened. He shrugged. “Which of your eyes saw me hit you?”“Both eyes!”“Damn brat! Stop saying nonsense.”“I wasn’t speaking nonsense. Mother said that it’s not good to tell lies. You hit me.”“Nonsense!” Mo Ruo turned red from anger.After a moment, Wei Yi covered his nose with one hand and fanned in front of him with his other hand. He made a disgusted face and added, “You smell.”Snap! Mo Ruo’s whole body exuded a bad atmosphere. Fumes of rage seemed to come out of his nostrils. He glanced at Ji Yunshu and asked with a strange face. “Where did you pick up this guy?”‘What a poisonous tongue! It’s comparable to Jing Rong’s.’ Ji Yunshu ignored his question and returned to the main topic. “Where is Prince Rong?”Mo Ruo bluntly said, “He’s busy!”“Is he busy with the missing girls case?”“Take care of your injuries first. As for anything else, you don’t need to worry about it. You are like the ideal beauty, thus it will be a pity for your appearance to be ruined. Remember to take a good rest.”“Then…” She barely spoke, but Mo Ruo had already dragged Wei Yi out.She faintly heard their bickering voices from inside. ‘Those two are like enemies, but since when can they act in such unison? As for that Mo Ruo, where did that eccentric man come from?’Ji Yunshu got off from her bed. She draped her weak body with a cloth and walked to the mirror before slowly sitting in front of it. She could clearly see her scar on the side of her face, and there was also a transparent and glistening layer of ointment smeared on it. Suddenly, she felt a burst of pain coming from it. She wanted to touch and scratch it, but then, she remembered Mo Ruo’s three restrictions and endured the discomfort instead.

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  1. peach blossoms eyes are eyes framed by long and voluminous eyelashes.

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