Chapter 167 - The Truth (part one)

Chapter 167 - The Truth (part one)

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The young miss lifted her sleeve and covered her nose with a condescending attitude as she spoke.Mei Xiang’er lowered her head even more while pulling the shawl around her neck tighter to cover her scar better. However, it still couldn’t completely hide it. Her scar could be described as if the skin had been peeled off, which gave her scar a deep red-purple color. The healing process had caused it to look all wrinkled, making it quite a sinister sight. Even if it was partially covered, it was still hideous to look at.

Due to the young woman’s loud voice, it attracted the attention of all the surrounding patrons who stared at Mei Xiang’er. They soon began to gossip spiritedly and pointed at her.In fear of diminishing his restaurant’s reputation, the restaurant owner appeased the young miss with a few sentences before going onto the stage and started pulling down Mei Xiang’er by her sleeve.

He fiercely whispered near her ear, “Didn’t I give you something to cover your neck? How many times did this happen? Are you trying to wreck my business on purpose? Do you want me to fire you?”Mei Xiang’er trembled as she bite her lips. She implored him, “I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention. It was blown away earlier, so… ”“You don’t need to explain. Hurry and get down.”“Owner, I…” Mei Xiang’er’s eyes reddened.The old man shakily got up, bowed at the owner and beg him, “Owner, please give us another chance. Xiang’er didn’t do it on purpose. I beg you.” His voice was tearful and almost desolating.The innkeeper was a good man, thus he helplessly sighed before waving his hand and gave in. “Ah! Forget it! For today, leave first. Come back tomorrow.”“Thank you very much!” The pair bowed at the innkeeper in apology. Mei Xiang’er supported the old man and slowly got down from the stage.

The innkeeper returned to the wealthy young miss and said a few words before the matter was closed.Ji Yunshu stood on the side as she watched the drama unfold in front of her. Her mind was split between hatred for that young miss’ uncourteous mouth and haughty manners, and pity for Mei Xiang’er.

For such a beautiful woman to be so unloved by Heaven…’ She softly sighed and walked to the exit. However, after a few steps, she suddenly noticed a man standing a bit further away.The man was tall and very well-built. He was wearing the restaurant cook uniform and stood at the kitchen entrance. His eyes shone with intense killing intent, making him look sinister as he glared at the arrogant young miss still sitting in the small booth. What’s more, his hands on both sides of his body were tightly clenched to the point where the veins on the back of his hands appeared to be on the verge of bursting. It was very obvious that he was filled with anger.

Suspicions crept into Ji Yunshu’s heart. ‘Could this man be Mei Xiang’er’s boyfriend? Is that why he is this angry?’ A vague premonition rose inside her heart. She felt that her heart stagnated a moment before suddenly accelerating as she looked at the man. Only after the man returned to the kitchen did she lightly shake her head and hurriedly left the restaurant and returned to the Rong estate. At this moment in the East courtyard of the Rong estate.“Where is Teacher Ji?” From the sound of the voice, the person talking was none other than Jing Xuan.‘Why can’t this woman just stay in the palace and enjoy a good life instead of running out everyday?’ The maidservant lowered her head and quickly replied. “Teacher Ji went out.”“Where did he go?”“This lowly servant has no knowledge.”“He’s such a big man, so why don’t you know where he went? What a bunch of useless people!” Jing Xuan placed her hands on her hips and appeared to be fuming in anger.Timely, Wei Yi leisurely walked out while holding a bouquet of plum blossoms and humming a song. “Hey, idiot!” Jing Xuan shouted at him.Wei Yi looked back and instinctively avoided her after glancing at her. He walked toward a plum tree instead. ‘What? Isn’t that the unreasonable person?’Jing Xuan’s anger flared up even further as she immediately followed with another shout. “Hey, idiot! I’m calling you.”Wei Yi continued to ignore her as he turned to admire the plum blossoms on the tree and, from time to time, he would look at the plum blossoms in his hand getting scattered by the wind.Jing Xuan’s expression turned dark from displeasure. Stirred by her anger, she reached for Wei Yi’s sleeve and pulled at him with the intent to interrogate, “We need to talk. Why are you ignoring me?”Wei Yi was forcefully pulled to the side by Jing Xuan. He groaned. “I don’t want to talk with you.”“Why?”“Because I don’t like you.”“I also don’t like you as well.” Jing Xuan glared at him while replying tit for tat.Wei Yi lifted his hand and cautiously freed himself from Jing Xuan. He had all the intent to avoid her, but he didn’t forget to say it. “Shu’er told me that a real man doesn’t argue with a woman. I didn’t get angry with you when you destroyed the flowers in the courtyard last time. I won’t argue with you, so don’t talk to me.”

“You-” Jing Xuan stomped her feet. She then waved her hands, before clenching them into fists to punch at Wei Yi’s arm. She loudly bellowed, “Do you know who I am? I am a princess!”“Is a princess so amazing? Mother said that everyone is equal.” He refuted. Then, he scratched his head while frowning before asking, “Actually, what is a princess?”Pfft!Jing Xuan was so angry that she spat out blood.

During this time, Ji Yunshu returned. As if she had wind on her feet, she hurriedly went into the house without sparing a glance at Jing Xuan and Wei Yi.

When Jing Xuan saw Ji Yunshu, her anger was immediately doused while her face blushed and her mouth curled up. It didn’t take her much time to run into the courtyard after Ji Yunshu.Once Ji Yunshu entered the house, she went to find the documents about the missing girls case that the capital governor sent her before. Previously, when she received it, she only gave it a few glances before throwing the stack aside on the table and hadn’t touched it ever since. But right now, she needed to go through each file. Therefore, she spread everything on the table and browsed through everything in detail.Jing Xuan stood behind her and watched Ji Yunshu busy herself for half a day before asking. “What are you doing?”Ji Yunshu didn’t reply to her.“I can help you!” Jing Xuan stepped forward with the intention of helping her.Ji Yunshu hurriedly stopped her. “No need.”“I just want…” Jing Xuan’s sentence stopped mid-sentence as Ji Yunshu has buried herself in that stack of documents and was completely ignoring her.‘Are Ji Yunshu and Wei Yi possessed? Why are they ignoring me today?’ Jing Xuan’s mood turned bad. Her temper didn’t lose to Jing Rong in term of stubbornness. Therefore, she sat down in the room on the side while Ji Yunshu was deeply engrossed in her work. As she observed Ji Yunshu, she felt extremely satisfied.

In the meantime, Ji Yunshu was combing each file very carefully, earnestly paying attention to the punctuation of each sentence as she feared to overlook an important clue.After an hour, her eyes finally parted from the rows of words. Astonishment could be read on her face. To be precise, apart from shock, there was both worry and panic.“What did you find?” Jing Xuan asked her while propping her chin.

Ji Yunshu abruptly stood up and spoke in a trembling voice, “If… this is the truth, then…” ‘What an eye-opener!

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