Chapter 162 - Grease (part one)

Chapter 162 - Grease (part one)

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This missing girls case has been investigated for two months, but the process was very thorny. Apart from finding a naked corpse, there were almost no clues to work on. Who knows if this white cloth was actually related to the case.

Ji Yunshu stopped her train of thoughts and glanced at Jing Rong’s chest before inquiring, “Is your injury better?”“You actually care about me?”“Your Highness got injured because of me, so how can I not care about it?”Her words warmed Jing Rong’s heart. He raised his hand and lightly pat his chest. “It is only a small injury. It will not kill me.”Ji Yunshu was speechless. She was only showing some reasonable concern, but it caused such transformation in Jing Rong.Jing Rong continued to speak, “Back to the case matters. You should relax a bit. Although time is pressing, the most important thing is your health. This Prince’s injury is alright, but your injury needs to be carefully taken care of. As for the other matter, I’ll send people to investigate it.”“What other matter? What is your Highness talking about?”“It is about the assassination on Liang mountain. In only a short period of several hours, they injured my people. How can I let them stay free and beyond the law?”“So…?”“In short, you don’t need to manage this matter. Recuperating from your injuries is the most important thing to do. Don’t fall sick because of it or it won’t be good when giving birth later.”‘Wait a minute! Giving birth?’ That’s right! Ji Yunshu didn’t mishear what Jing Rong said.Ji Yunshu squinted. Her neck was taut as she stopped looking at him. “Please watch your words, your Highness.”Jing Rong didn’t disapprove of her words. Instead, he acted confused and asked her, “What do you mean by ‘watch my words’? We already slept together. This is a fact. Since ancient times, a woman’s chastity is the most important thing. I slept with you. You even got me naked, and we kissed. Since all of that were done, no one else will marry you. Shouldn’t you be happy that this Prince deigns to marry you?”‘Oi, oi, oi! Aren’t you a bit too full of yourself?!’ All the gratitude and guilt she felt for him had now been obliterated into oblivion after hearing him speak.

‘They said that princes in ancient times are aloof and prideful, cherishing words like gold and unaffected by women charm. That is aside from Jing Rong! Or maybe, when he was still an embryo, his genes had long mutated. Humph! It must be why he is such an abnormality.’Seeing the dislike and helpless expression on Ji Yunshu, Jing Rong’s lips curled up. “Did I say something wrong?”‘No, no, no! Following the ancient, this is correct.’ Exasperation filled her. She got up and stared at the plum blossoms trees shaking under the cold wind before answering him, “I will forget what happened yesterday. So, your Highness should also forget about it. Before coming to the capital, I once said that you are a prince, and I am but a commoner.”“There is no need to remind me.”Jing Rong got up and took a step toward Ji Yunshu. However, as soon as he did, Ji Yunshu took a step back, pulling the distance between them once again. She sternly warned him. “Since your Highness had promised me, you should abide by your words.”“What if I renege it?”“Then, I will immediately leave this place.” She wasn’t spouting hot air.Jing Rong felt a sharp pain in his heart when he looked at her resolute expression. He endured the heartache, but gradually, his lips stretched into a pained smile. He asked her, “It appears that you are the only one in this world that can threaten me.”“...” She quietly retreated back another step, refusing to look at him. She was afraid that her complicated emotions would be seen by Jing Rong. Seeing her like this only made Jing Rong more depressed. “Why are you standing so far away? I was just talking to you, not taking advantage of you. You are still injured, so come, and sit here.” As he spoke, he approached her and reached for her hand so that she couldn’t distance herself from him again.Despite her fast evasive move, the white cloth in her hand was tightly grabbed by Jing Rong. In a moment of panic, she released her hand and let go of the white cloth which remained in Jing Rong’s hand. Yet, in reflex, Jing Rong also let go of the white cloth after a slight delay. The cloth dropped, but suddenly, the wind picked up and right in front of their hands, the cloth was blown into the water of the pond.“AH!” Ji Yunshu shouted in shock. ‘This cloth could have been a clue, but now it’s all wet!’ Unfortunately, it was too late; The white cloth had fallen into the water.Jing Rong was as anxious as Ji Yunshu. He wanted to fish it out immediately but was stopped by Ji Yunshu even before he had the time to stretch out his hand.“Wait! Wait!”“What?”“Wrong!” She frowned while observing a layer of grease floating around the cloth.Seeing her focus, Jing Rong asked, “Could it be there’s a problem with that grease?”She nodded while her face revealed a disgusted expression. She frowned even more. “I think that I know how the murderer smuggled the victim out of the capital.”

Jing Rong couldn’t make head or tail after listening to her statement, so he didn’t even react when Ji Yunshu immediately went into her room to bring out her sandalwood box. She was incredibly anxious when she spoke, “I want to go the Li mansion now.”“Sure.” Jing Rong didn’t ask her further as he immediately ordered the servants to prepare a carriage and in haste, they departed for the Li mansion.On their way there, Ji Yunshu also recounted everything pertaining to her encounter with Li Shiyan on Liang mountain to Jing Rong.

At this moment, everywhere in the Li mansion was covered in white satin. Shuiqing’s body has already been returned to the Li family after the autopsy and tomorrow, they will bury her.

With the duo’s arrival, the servants immediately went to inform Madame Jiang. Not long after, Madame Jiang arrived with her complexion slightly better than the other day. When she saw Jing Rong, she was about to salute him but was stopped.

“There is no need for courtesy. This time, we have come for a vital matter.”“What important matter? Did you find the murderer?” asked Madame Jiang in a hoarse voice.Ji Yunshu stepped forward and explained the reason for her visit. “Madame Jiang, I know that Shuiqing will be buried tomorrow. However, the situation is quite urgent. I hope that you can let me do another autopsy on Shuiqing again.”“Out of the question!” It was Li Zhao who answered in place of Madame Jiang. He quickly strode towards them with a ferocious appearance. Like before, when his eyes swept Ji Yunshu, only hatred could be seen. As he stood in front of her, he spoke unwaveringly, “I don’t agree with it. Shuiqing’s hands were chopped by someone; Her abdomen and chest were cut open by you. Do you hate her that much? Could it be that you want to chop her into pieces before being satisfied?!”‘You’re wrong!’ Shuiqing’s abdomen and chest were opened by an incompetent coroner. That had nothing to do with her. How could that messy autopsy be thrown on her head? This was truly a grievance for her. Despite it, she was disinclined to explain herself. She only said, “Young Master Li, Shuiqing was killed. Don’t tell me that you don’t want to find her murderer? I only need to examine her skin. I have no intention of damaging her body.”“No way! I say no, that means no!” Li Zhao’s complexion turned crimson.However, Jing Rong was far from being intimidated by the unreasonable Li Zhao. He turned to Madame Jiang and stated, “Madame Jiang, although I cannot use my authority to order you, I have to remind you that if you don’t want to find the murderer, then say so.”Madame Jiang hesitated a bit. While Li Zhao hurriedly pulled her and said, “Big sister, don’t agree!”“Shuiqing is already dead. If we don’t find her murderer, what is the use of keeping her body intact?” exclaimed Madame Jiang. Then, she looked at Ji Yunshu and nodded. “Her body is placed in the backyard. Please follow me.”“Big sister…” Regardless of Li Zhao’s disagreement, Madame Jiang led them to the mourning hall in the backyard. When they arrived, she immediately ordered servants to open the coffin. Once again, Shuiqing’s body was revealed to the light.

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