Chapter 16 - The Sharp-tongued Prince

After she returned the whip to its place, Ji Yunshu stepped back. But in a seeming accident, she stumbled, almost falling to her knees. Fortunately, Qiaoxin was behind her and came to her help. Ji Yunshu latched onto Qiaoxin’s outstretched arm in an attempt to support herself. Simultaneously, she flipped the maidservant’s sleeve up and peeked at the arm underneath before immediately pulling it down again. No one was any the wiser!

Qiaoxin asked, “Are you alright, Teacher Ji?” 

Aware that 'men and women shouldn’t touch each other', Ji Yunshu immediately leaped away before bowing her head. “Thank you very much, Miss Qiaoxin.”

“It’s good that Teacher didn’t fall.”

At that moment, Lord Zhou strode into the room. Ji Yunshu walked over to him, “Lord Zhou, I can see from the sky that it’s getting late. I don’t know if it’s possible to stay at Zhou mansion for the night?”

“Of course! It’s possible as long as Teacher doesn’t disdain our place. Instead, I might trouble you with my daughter’s matters.” Lord Zhou’s voice was raspy with pain. His eyes were bright with unshed tears even as he forced himself not to cry. How distressing was it for him to lose his only daughter in such a way!

“Lord Zhou, please rest assured. This case has been received by the yamen and was assumed by Lord Liu, which also means it’s under my responsibility. I will definitely bring justice to Miss Zhou.”

“My daughter was very obedient and had a good temper. She never quarreled with others, so I just don’t understand who could possibly plot such an evil scheme against her.” Lord Zhou’s appearance had undergone a great change since his daughter’s death. The dark circles under his eyes had become more pronounced.

At present, Ji Yunshu still could not determine who the murderer was, so it was hard for her to answer him.

“If Lord Zhou doesn’t mind, is it possible to prepare two rooms?” A voice floated in from the entrance. Ji Yunshu did not even need to look to guess that it was Jing Rong’s voice. Why must that man be so determined to tangle with her?

Jing Rong burst into the room like a cool breeze. His posture and demeanor carried a noble aura which was greatly incompatible with the currently gloomy atmosphere of the funeral.

“May I ask who you are?” Lord Zhou asked in ignorance.

Jing Rong lifted his dark pupils, “This humble one is Teacher Ji’s friend. I came with him today.”

“It turns out to be a friend of Teacher Ji. Naturally, you are also our important guest.” Lord Zhou ordered the housekeeper at once. “Ah Jing, quickly prepare two rooms.”

“Yes, Milord,” The housekeeper immediately replied.

Ji Yunshu was examining Jing Rong when she coincidentally met his gaze. He had a smile hidden within the depth of his eyes.

Seeing his pleased expression, she did not understand why he was so be happy to stay here. He had refused the warm pillow and the dragon bed, instead running off to sleep here on a padauk bed. That kind of hobby could only be described as weird! He was a complete weirdo! Ji Yunshu stealthily glanced at him numerous times, but her expression still remained unchanged. 

The county magistrate rounded up the yamen runners and prepared to take his leave. As he walked forward, Ji Yunshu grabbed him, pulling him to the side, and whispered something in his ears. He blinked, but then nodded. Then, he bowed to Jing Rong and left, “Prince Rong, this lowly official will leave first. If you have any commands, send someone to notify us at any time.”

“Bring Lang Po back to the yamen. Let him spend the night there. He will follow you.”

“P-pardon?” Liu Qingping’s eyeballs almost popped out.

Jing Rong looked at him with a sharp expression. “Are you deaf?”

The county magistrate waved his hands hastily in denial.

“Then, hurry and go away. Don’t be a hindrance.”

Liu Qingping nodded quickly. Lang Po followed his lord’s orders and departed with Liu Qingping, the rear court returned to its previously calm state. 

The whole mansion was suddenly shrouded in a strangely dense fog! A tall and majestic body with an awe-inspiring presence stood next to a lean figure who resembled the roaming clouds of the sky. Ji Yunshu was fully concentrating on her current case, but she let a small groan slip out of her mouth, “This humble one didn’t say that I won’t take Prince Rong’s case. You don’t need to watch me all the time, as if afraid I would run away.”

Jing Rong parted his lips and retorted, “This Prince doesn’t need to waste energy on watching you. As for running away, even if you do, you won’t be able to escape my grasp. Don’t forget that whether Lord Liu can keep his official hat [1] or not, all rests in your hands!”

“Prince Rong, are you threatening me?”

“If you behave well and take care of my problem, is there a need for threats?”

Ji Yunshu rolled her eyes. This prince has too sharp of a tongue!’

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[1] In Ancient China, officials have a headwear to show that they are officials. Commoners can’t wear it, except on special occasion like a wedding. 

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