Chapter 159 - I Want You

Chapter 159 - I Want You

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Jing Rong had slumped over on her, his head resting on her shoulder. However, because he was heavy, Ji Yunshu was gradually falling backwards.“Jing Rong? Jing Rong!” She called him several times, but there was no response.After a moment, she put her hands on his broad shoulders and pushed him away. Then, she settled him; his back was resting on the stone wall. Due to the injuries not being treated on time, and adding to Jing Rong forcing himself to get up, he aggravated his injuries. She no longer delayed his treatment. She grabbed her clothes and tore them. After soaking them in the dew collected inside the bamboo tube, she used it to clean Jing Rong’s chest wound and gently removed the wooden debris from his wound. The gray cloth strip was soaked in blood. Without any tools, she chewed the leaves of the devil’s son and spread the paste on Jing Rong’s wound. Immediately after, she bandaged his wound with what was left of the cloth she had torn off. Finally, she dressed him up again.The whole process was incredibly smooth. When the medicine started taking effect, the pain roused Jing Rong from his unconsciousness. Despite being awake, he remained delirious.“Jing Rong? How are you feeling?”“Cold!” Only a single coherent word was spat out from his thin and pale lips.Ji Yunshu noticed that he was shivering. She had no time to think about anything else as she immediately used all of her strength to drag his heavy body near the fire. Then, she took the cloth he covered her with earlier and draped it on him. Unfortunately, this cave did not provide any insulation protection against the cold, which made this place as cold as a room with air-conditioning turned on. The cold temperature, coupled with his frailty due to the wound and the internal bleeding, had contributed in lowering his corporal temperature to a dangerously low level. This caused his body to compensate by shivering in order to increase his body temperature.

“Cold!” He kept shouting that one word in his delirious state.Ji Yunshu was at loss. She was extremely worried about Jing Rong’s condition. She bit her lips and her fists clenched Jing Rong’s clothing tighter as she dragged him closer to the fire. Suddenly, an idea popped into her mind! She hesitated for a long time, but, in the end, her heart was determined. “You saved me, so I won’t let you die.” As soon as she said that, she once again undressed him and then took off her own outer clothing. After that, she stretched out her hands and tightly hugged him. Finally, she used one hand to fetch the clothes and covered them both with it.This closeness was not the same as it was in the past. This was the first time they were in such intimate proximity. It felt a hundredfold closer and more intimate than the two times they kissed combined.

At this distance, that distinctive scent, characteristic of men, overwhelmed her sense of smell. Looking at his countenance resembling the color of a poppy, it made her feel insatiable, a feeling from which she could not pull herself out. As her head rested on his chest, she could hear his strong heartbeat quaking in her ears like thunder. This only helped to disturb further the hurricane within her heart.This sudden sentiment of insatiability caught her off guard. Once again, she carefully reined in her emotions, as this had made her feel fearful. ‘How can it be? Why do I feel this way?’ In the end, exhaustion took hold of her and she gradually slumbered.

Deep into the night, the orange-red flame of the campfire continued to burn with vigor. Jing Rong woke up with a burning hot sensation on his chest. He did not remember how he fell asleep. Right when he wanted to raise his arm, he discovered that something was pressing on it. He lowered his head and was immediately overcome by shock.Dressed in only her inner garments, Ji Yunshu was nestled in his arms. As for him, his upper body was completely naked. Two persons laid next to a fire while holding onto each other; Jing Rong firmly believed that this situation was not a figment of his imagination.Excitement and delight swelled inside him. He was also shocked and his senses were overwhelmed, almost making him feel as though he was drowning from too many emotions.

Jing Rong did not dare to move. He was afraid to wake up the person in his embrace. But, it did not stop him from curling his lips into a smile. ‘Yunshu, it would be so good if I was born in a common family and your heart did not have Ji Pei.’ His heart was filled with longing and hope as his smile became more dazzling.He could not stop himself from raising a hand and touching Ji Yunshu’s thick eyelashes. As soon as his fingertips brushed her eyelashes, he immediately retracted his hand because Ji Yunshu was roused from her shallow sleep. She lifted her eyes and locked eyes with Jing Rong’s infatuated gaze. His gaze was like a fireball waiting to melt her from inside.Her brain jolted. She abruptly got up, grabbed her outer clothing, and covered herself before quickly distancing herself from him. In her haste, she did not forget to explain the situation, “Your Highness must not misunderstand. Your body was cold, so I only warmed it. It was the only method I could think of. Nothing happened between us!”“No way!” Jing Rong intently watched her.Ji Yunshu was startled by his firm reply. She looked straight at him.After a pause, Jing Rong continued, “Since we already slept together, it is still sleeping together. When my body gets better, I will marry you, alright?”“That won’t do!” She did not hesitate to refuse him.Her expression was obviously fraught with worry, but it did not stop her from blushing. Fortunately for her, the glow from the fire gave her complexion a warm color which hid the blush creeping in. If it was not for that, Jing Rong would have long since noticed how red her cheeks were.“Why?” It was a question he already knew the answer to.Ji Yunshu sat on the side and declared, “Your Highness, why do you have to poke the thorn in people’s hearts. You already know my answer and nothing happened between us.”“Nothing happened between us?” His tone deepened as his smile stretched into an evil one. He threw aside the clothing covering his upper body, revealing his bared body. Then, with great effort, he got up and approached Ji Yunshu step by step.‘Alert! Danger! Incoming danger up ahead!’“What do you want to do?” Ji Yunshu got up and backed away while tightly grabbing onto the front of her clothing.

Her move was useless as she still ended up grasped in his evil clutches. Jing Rong grabbed her waist and pulled her toward him, then he locked her between the stone wall and himself. She took in the full view Jing Rong’s strong chest and felt the desire burning in him as he stared at her. Ji Yunshu did not know where she should put her hands. In the end, she let her arms hang by her sides as her fists clenched from the tension.

She turned her head away and held her breath. “Please act with propriety!”“What propriety?”He used his thumb and index to pinch Ji Yunshu’s exquisite chin and lifted it up, forcing her to face his scorching gaze.“Since nothing happened, then why not make it happen? This place is quiet. There won’t be anyone to disturb us, so why not…” As he spoke, he slowly leaned closer until his forehead touched Ji Yunshu’s.Soon, his thin lips arrived near, but Ji Yunshu turned away and his lips met her earlobe.She thought he would stop at that and change back to the usual teasing Jing Rong. “I love you this way.” The ambiguous tone resounded in her ears.Ji Yunshu immediately blushed. They stayed like this for a while until Ji Yunshu could not endure it anymore. She put her hands on his chest and was about to push him away, but with a flick of his finger, he turned her head back to face him. A smile bloomed on his face.

“Yunshu, I want you right now!” He kissed her immediately after. Their lips met, then from the shy encounter, gradually their lips became more entangled. Their mouths slightly parted. The kiss deepened, brimming with emotions as their passion burnt harder.

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