Chapter 150 - Second-hand Goods

Chapter 150 - Second-hand Goods

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Jing Xuan was spoiled until she became unruly and headstrong. However, like everyone else, she had a weakness or something that was like her inverse scale. Ever since she was a child, she hated it the most when people said she was not beautiful. This could not be blamed on her. Facts are her skin was dark when she was a child, which earned her numerous snubs from the other princesses. For this reason, the emperor and Concubine Xiao agreed to send her to a distant relative. They were only worried that the ugly Jing Xuan would not be able to marry in the future.Jing Xuan moved back. “He is an idiot. If not, why did he say that I was ugly?”“Let me say it again. Don’t call Wei Yi an idiot.” Ji Yunshu’s tone became heavier. “I…” Jing Xuan was momentarily at a loss for words when she saw Ji Yunshu’s stern and antipathic expression. “You are a princess, and we, commoners, have to obey your words, but, because you are a princess, you should know how to respect people and not insult people as an idiot at every turn.”“What do you mean by insulting? I didn’t do that! It’s that idi-” She did not finish her last word and correct herself. “He was the one who insulted me first.”“Another person might treat you like that, but Wei Yi will not.”That’s right, Ji Yunshu firmly believed that hurtful words would not come out from Wei Yi’s mouth.

Jing Xuan evaded her eyes a few times and appeared to lack some confidence in her earlier words. Her tone was weaker and she felt a bit deflated, “He… said those words to me.”“Stop. Princess, even if you’re angry, the plants and flowers are already all smashed and broken by you. You have already vented your anger. His Highness should arrive in a moment. If he knew that you made such a mess in his residence, I fear that… you won’t be able to get out of bed until next month.”Ji Yunshu actually used Jing Rong to threaten Jing Xuan, and the result was clearly obvious: Jing Xuan who was angry immediately turned fearful.

However, it did not assuage her anger. That lump of anger was lingering inside of her and did not show any sign of fading. She was unwilling to admit her fault while staring at the closed door behind which Wei Yi was. Jing Xuan impulsively rushed toward it to find Wei Yi, but Ji Yunshu swiftly caught her arm as she tried to go past her and unceremoniously dragged her back. With the ground littered with mud from the broken vases and pots, during their struggle, Jing Xuan’s foot slipped and she lost her balance.Her eyes widened in horror as she saw her body falling toward the water basin used to water the plants. Fortunately, Ji Yunshu timely seized her waist and pulled Jing Xuan into her arms. The distance between both of them quickly shrank to that of a mere finger. They were so close that Jing Xuan’s forehead accidentally knocked against Ji Yunshu’s brows and the tips of her cold nose felt Ji Yunshu’s warm breath!

The princess’ whole body immediately tensed. This kind of feeling was absolutely nerve-racking, causing ripples inside her heart and making it beat madly. An unknown emotion suddenly emerged. Her cheeks and ears furiously blushed on the spot. Ji Yunshu released her hold and stepped back. She did not appear to notice Jing Xuan’s abnormality. “Princess, stop making a ruckus. It’s getting late, so it’s better for you to return to the palace soon.”Jing Xuan bit her lips while covering her burning cheeks with her hands. Her chest heaved heavily as she picked up her pace and speedily ran away from the courtyard.

‘What’s wrong with her attitude? Wasn’t she extremely overbearing just a moment ago? At least she’s gone now. This troublesome farce is over.’ Looking at her ruined courtyard made her felt distressed. Ji Yunshu shook her head and sighed. Soon after, she focused her attention on the few maidservants around her. “Please tidy the courtyard for me.”“Yes!” The servants obeyed.Ji Yunshu went back to the room where she left Wei Yi and saw him sitting on the chair while hugging his curled up legs. His limpid eyes stared at her with no fear to taint them. At this moment, he had calmed down. Ji Yunshu walked over to him and watched him with a frown.“Shu’er, I didn’t insult her!” Wei Yi defended himself.Ji Yunshu squatted down in front of him and held his hands firmly with her slender hands. She gently spoke, “I know. Wei Yi is good, how can you insult people.”“The big sister is the one who broke those potted flowers. So, I said that those flowers are very pretty. It’s such a pity to break them, but then she started to yell at me.”“Good. It’s already in the past. So, let’s not talk about it anymore.”

Wei Yi nodded.However, Ji Yunshu became sorrowful. “In the end, did I do the right thing by bringing you to the capital? Maybe I should have let you stay in Jinjiang instead.”“No!” Wei Yi vigorously shook his head. “I want to be with Shu’er!”“Wei Yi, I made a promise to your parents that I will take care of you. But, do you know that ever since you met me, bad luck keeps following you? If it wasn’t because of me, your parents wouldn’t have died. If it wasn’t because of me, you would not have experienced the pain of bereavement or have left your hometown to the capital, living your daily life in apprehension. I’m sorry Wei Yi, this is all my fault.”Ji Yunshu’s eyes reddened and her nose became sore. The guilt and sadness started to overwhelm her heart like countless knives hacking it.

Wei Yi more or less understood Ji Yunshu’s words. He blinked at her with his beautiful eyes and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down before he said, “Shu’er, the thing that makes me afraid the most is you leaving me. Don’t send me back to Jinjiang, alright? I want to be with you and go back with you later.”“Aren’t you afraid? If you continue to stay here, what happened today might repeat again.”“I am not afraid! As long as you don’t leave me, there is nothing for me to be afraid of. Shu’er, believe in me.” His appearance suddenly seemed manlier.

Ji Yunshu endured the rolling wave of discomfort assailing her heart. She opened her mouth and voiced her thoughts, “Alright, I believe you.” She got up and continued, “Everything is a mess outside. Do you want to go out and help everyone clean the courtyard?”“Yes!” He replied straightforwardly.Right before they went out, Wei Yi suddenly pulled Ji Yunshu and took out Ji Yunshu’s present box again. With an expression full of smiles, he said, “This is the present I got you. You said that you will look at it when you come back.”

She received the box and opened it. Plum blossoms were the first things to enter her vision. Underneath the plum blossoms, there was an elaborate silver necklace. On the necklace, a delicate carving with a waves pattern could be seen. The style was a beautiful antique design. Coiled around the silver necklace were golden threads so fine that it could be easily missed without careful observation. In addition, two small bells hung on the side of the necklace. One of them was silver while the other was golden. The jewelry was extremely beautiful!

As an archeologist, Ji Yunshu had some knowledge about antiquities and, even if she was not an expert, it took her few glances to determine the value of the necklace. The thing was obviously a fake. Not to mention, it was also second-hand goods! This fool got cheated again.

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