Chapter 149 - God Doctor Mo Ruo

Chapter 149 - God Doctor Mo Ruo

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Jing Rong stood in front of her and watched her mouth raise into a smile that did not come from the heart. The moment he saw that expression, his soul seemed to fly away and he even forgot what they were talking about. Looking at that expression she made caused him to feel uncomfortable.Ji Yunshu leaned her head to the side. “Your Highness, your habit of staring at people still hasn’t changed?”“I don’t want to change it!”“Huh?”

Jing Rong frowned a bit and felt a slight heartache. “Yunshu.” He gently called her and slowly, his hand raised, but he did not reach out to her in the end and let it fall back down instead. He then spoke in a sincere voice, “I just want to look at you.”‘This man! If he was born in the modern era, he would be a smooth-talking playboy. Really, even when he casually speaks, only words of romance come out of his mouth.’ Ji Yunshu was also used to it, so she no longer gave him supercilious looks and stopped being embarrassed at every turn. Her small, tender and red lips slightly raised as she retreated a step. Simultaneously, Jing Rong extended his arm and grabbed her wrist. He forced her to halt her movements and neatly pulled her back towards him. She went past her initial position and directly collided with Jing Rong’s chest. He lowered his gaze toward her and was about to say something, but his words had yet to pass his lips when…

“This is bad your Highness! The princess, she…” A servant shouted from outside the reception hall.

Jing Rong was far from pleased. He relaxed his hand and Ji Yunshu took that opportunity to slip away from him in a split second, distancing herself from his reach.The servant outside continued, “The princess broke something in the East Courtyard.”

‘She broke something?’ The East Courtyard was the temporary residence of Ji Yunshu. She ignored Jing Rong and left in a hurry. This was a good excuse to escape Jing Rong’s honey trap. However, Jing Rong followed her closely, but then, he stopped at the threshold and did not follow up to her courtyard.

He wore a depressed expression. His feelings were clearly written all over his face without the need to conceal it. Yet, regardless of if he used soft or hard methods, Ji Yunshu did not give in to him which crushed his heart. But he was a persistent man, and he was prepared to dig centimeter by centimeter through the wall erected around Ji Yunshu’s heart, until he can make a hole in it, and drill inside her heart.

Lang Po padded towards Jing Rong. He was already trained to the sight of Jing Rong acting all affectionate with Ji Yunshu when they were still in Jinjiang and was unfazed. “Your Highness!” He called out.Jing Rong did not reply to him. His sight was still locked toward the direction Ji Yunshu left.Lang Po continued to speak, “Mo Ruo’s letter has arrived. He said that he’s currently in Beiyang and… he mentioned about a singing and dancing competition. So, he will be delayed.”“Delayed?” Jing Rong’s tone became dangerously ferocious and his cold eyes lowered, “Tell him that if he doesn’t arrive within three days, I will wreck his Yuhua Pavilion.”His words were certainly not an empty threat! And this was not the first time he did as he said. Lang Po repeatedly agreed to his orders and left in haste to send a reply through pigeon carrier to Mo Ruo. The reason why Jing Rong acted with such urgency was due to the identity of Mo Ruo. Despite his young age, Mo Ruo was a doctor whose skills have been taught by the previous God Doctor, his father. As long as the patient still has a breath left, he can pull that person back to life.Therefore, Jing Rong called him back to the capital to treat Ji Yunshu’s wound. Also, Jing Rong and Mo Ruo are childhood friends, and their relationship is as close as that of real brothers. It could be said that they grew up wearing the same pants. It’s also reasonable to mention that their tempers are quite similar. If Jing Rong was outwardly cold but burning with passion inside, Mo Ruo was… a wild child.Mo Ruo had wanderlust and loved the crowds and lively places. Wherever he went, wine was never far from his reach and he never bothered with where he slept, be it on the streets or in the wilderness.If people did not witness his skills first hand, no one would ever believe that an idling-looking gentleman could be a god doctor. Truthfully, even his deceased old man would not have believed it. When Mo Ruo was young, his father truly resented him for not meeting his expectations. All day long, he kept grumbling about what a waste Mo Ruo was, seeing that he only knew how to play and nothing else.Who could have expected that Mo Ruo had not only inherited his father’s skills, but had even surpassed him. In short, the patients his father could not save, he could! The poison his father could not solve was child’s play for him. Thus, Mo Ruo’s father was finally relieved. Happy that a burden was lifted, he went to drink to celebrate and, on his way back, he slipped, fell into the water, and became a ghost.It did not cross Jing Rong’s mind that he was disturbing Mo Ruo’s leisurely sightseeing. The only thing that preoccupied him was Ji Yunshu’s face. If he had to, he will use his authority as a prince to drag Mo Ruo back.

Meanwhile, Ji Yunshu arrived at the East Courtyard. She had yet to enter when she heard a ruckus coming from inside. A foreboding feeling crept in, alarming Ji Yunshu.The courtyard filled with flowers was now a mess and littered with broken plant pots. This did not stop an angry Jing Xuan from continuing to smash everything in sight while all the maidservants stood on the side not daring to stop her. This scene stirred her memory of Ji Yuanzhi wrecking her courtyard which made her remember the hate she had felt.At this time, Wei Yi was squatting in a corner near the entrance with his head hiding in his arms, doing his best to bury his head in his knees. He did not dare to raise head in fear.Ji Yunshu immediately rushed to him and crouched in front of him. She hugged his trembling shoulders and gently whispered in his ears, “Don’t be afraid Wei Yi. I’m here.”Once he heard Ji Yunshu’s voice, Wei Yi quickly raised his head. His eyes were red and he was panic-stricken. Without hesitation, he wrapped his arms around Ji Yunshu’s waist and drilled into her embrace. “Shu’er, I’m scared! That big sister is terrifying.”“It’s alright. There’s nothing to fear.” She gently stroked his back. She stayed with him until he calmed down. After that, she brought him back inside the room. “Sit here. No matter what happens, don’t go out.” She clearly told him.Wei Yi nodded while his hands were nervously twisting his sleeves.

Ji Yunshu delicately closed the door after she went out.In the meantime, Jing Xuan was sparing no effort in smashing plants inside the courtyard. “All those useless things, see if this princess can’t break everything today!” She overbearingly declared, then she broke two more flower pots. She was about to throw down another one when her left hand was grabbed by Ji Yunshu. Ji Yunshu exerted some force which immediately caused Jing Xuan to tear up from the pain.“It hurts!” She turned around while frowning.Ji Yunshu’s frosty expression, devoid of other emotions, made her shiver with fear. “You know how to feel pain? Then what about those plants and flowers that were forced to die?”“What are you doing? Release me! I am a princess.”“So what? Could it be that wrecking this courtyard is the deed of those shivering servants?” The tone she used gave out an oppressive feeling.Jing Xuan trembled, but it did not lessen her arrogance. She used all her strength to free herself while bellowing, “All the flowers and plants, especially those plum blossoms, I want to tear and rip them off.”“For what reason?”“Because…” Jing Xuan bit her lips and clenched her fist tightly. Then, she continued while panting in anger, “Who let that idiot say that I am not as pretty as those flowers? Tell me where this princess is not comparable to those base things?!”‘Oh my god! Are all the princesses from the imperial household such a lost cause? Smashing everything in sight for such a reason? How wonderful![1] Ji Yunshu was not in the mood to ponder on the archetype of a princess’ character. Her slender and black eyebrow raised. She drew near Jing Xuan. “Wei Yi isn’t an idiot. And, in the future, you better not say those things to him.”“Hey!”

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I was starting to miss the flirty interaction between Ji Yunshu and Jing Rong.

  1. Ji Yunshu is being sarcastic if you didn’t get it.

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