Chapter 146 - This Prince Will Cover For You

Chapter 146 - This Prince Will Cover For You

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Who would have thought that the victim turned out to be someone from the Li family? That Shuiqing truly deserved to be pitied. This must be because Madame Jiang committed too many sins that retribution befell on her younger sister instead.Ji Yunshu remained silent as she watched Jing Rong, and tugged at his sleeve so he would come nearer to her and leave the door unobstructed for Madame Jiang to enter. Ji Yunshu saw how devastated Madame Jiang was. She was sobbing in a low voice, her cheeks still wet with tears and her lips pale.Merely a dozen of steps separated them from the room entrance, but Madame Jiang felt as though her legs were made of stone. Each of her steps was heavy and it took her a long time to reach the door of the room where Shuiqing rested. Her originally arrogant and proud appearance was now on the verge of collapsing. It was only with the help of two maidservants that she was able to go this far.

Li Zhao wanted to follow his sister inside, but his steps stopped at the threshold, and he glared at Ji Yunshu with eyes full of hatred. He snarled at Ji Yunshu. “Wherever you are, nothing good ever happens! Be it here or Jinjiang. Did our ancestors kill your whole family or what?” He wished he could use his own bare hands to squeeze her neck, strangling her until she died from suffocation! Ji Yunshu stayed silent. Whereas, Jing Rong was burning from anger. ‘She is my woman, and you think you can scold her as you please’ Sharp as an eagle, he shot a fiery fierce look at Li Zhao, as though his eyes were ready to set him on fire. He stepped forward and spoke in an icy and sharp voice. “If you felt that staying inside Jinjiang’s prison wasn’t enough, this Prince will not mind sending you to the Ministry of Justice’s prison.”Li Zhao was a coward, thus he lowered his eyes and swallowed his saliva with difficulty. He trembled for a moment before dashing into the room. In an instant, Jing Rong turned around to face Ji Yunshu. He looked down and stared at the top of her head.Ji Yunshu continued to keep her silence.“Where did the courage you showed when you were solving the case go to?”Ji Yunshu refused to reply.“Stop treating me like air. You better remember that with me here, no one can bully you. This Prince is your biggest supporter. Nothing can make me fall and I will protect you from now on, and for a long time.” Jing Rong spoke those words with conviction. He loves Ji Yunshu. This is an undeniable fact. He treated and supported her like she was his Princess Rong.Ji Yunshu retained her stoic expression as she spoke in faint and low voice. She looked straight into his eyes. “The deceased is a family member of the Li family. It is understandable that Li Zhao would be angry and eager to vent it on me. If we quarrel with that kind of person each time, wouldn’t I be tired to death?” Tiredness could be felt inside her voice.Quarrelling with that Li Zhao is a waste of saliva. Jing Rong understood her meaning now. Could it be that he was fussing too much over trivial matters? It shouldn’t be. “Forget it. If you meet with that kind of person in the future, I will cover for you.”The declaration full of sweet feelings disturbed Ji Yunshu’s heart. She immediately dodged his eyes and looked inside the room instead. Next to them, Jing Xuan was showing an expression full of perplexity. ‘Since when did imperial brother become nice to other people?’ She scratched her head and pouted. She wanted to ask something, but after contemplating the matter, she decided to swallow back her question.Inside the room, Madame Jiang was lying beside the body. She incessantly muttered something while she cried mournfully. Weakness befell her, causing her to be on the verge of collapsing on the floor. Fortunately, her servants were strong enough to support her. However, her maidservants kept their heads turn away as they didn’t have the courage to accidentally look at the corpse. Their eyebrows were locked into creases and did their best to restrain their impulse of leaving. Whereas Li Zhao stood far away and didn’t have any intention of approaching any further. His hand was busy pinching his nose. He was obviously feeling disgusted by the sight.After a moment passed, the capital governor’s voice could be heard coming from outside. “Teacher Ji, can I bring the woodcutter in? Is there anything you’d like to ask him?”As soon as she heard him, she looked back and saw the woodcutter bowing at them. He didn’t dare to raise his eyes. Is it to be expected from an honest woodcutter after witnessing such a scene? Ji Yunshu observed him before questioning him, “Are you the one who discovered the body?”“Yes.”“Where did you find it?”“I found it on Liang mountain. I went there to cut wood. I didn’t kill anyone! If I killed her, I would have already run away instead of reporting it to the yamen. Please don’t accuse me wrongly!” The woodcutter was extremely nervous as he was terrified of being accused of being the murderer.Ji Yunshu stated. “I didn’t say you are the murderer.” She went on. “Tell me, when did you find the body, and did you see anyone nearby?”The woodcutter relaxed a bit. His brain worked in full throttle before he shook his head. “There was no one. I just happened to see the corpse. It was so pitiful with the face peeled off and both hands chopped off.” He sighed. The woodcutter had probably vomited when he saw the corpse.Ji Yunshu pondered for a moment, then walked up to the capital governor. “I would like to trouble you to dispatch people to the crime scene and search the place. I want them to thoroughly comb that place, especially if there are any traces of a horse carriage, footprints or anything that could be a clue. The victim must have been very weak before her death. She shouldn’t have been able to run very far. So, she might have escaped from some place near the crime scene. Therefore, we must increase the scope of the search. In addition, I will inconvenience Governor to interrogate all the woodcutters that often go to Liang mountain. Ask them if they saw anyone suspicious or any strange events that occurred there. I believe that these small matters shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?” Her instructions were very clear, so the capital governor understood her.At this time, he nodded in reply. He must admit that this method of handling this case is pretty good. Yet, soon after, doubt crept into his mind. He suddenly became curious and inquired, “Teacher Ji, are you a regional official?”“Why are you asking this?”“Your method of investigation is greatly admired, and it is meticulous with great attention to details. That’s why I was guessing if you were an official in a regional yamen or not?”Ji Yunshu shook her head in denial. “You are overthinking. This humble one has merely read a few books.”The governor was skeptical. His curiosity for this man burnt even more in his heart. ‘A person found by Prince Rong is absolutely outstanding!’ Without delaying time any further, he dispatched runners to handle everything instructed by Ji Yunshu.At this time, Madame Jiang, who had cried until she was too tired, covered the body with trembling hands. She clenched her handkerchief and wiped the tears on her face. Then, she shook off the servants hold and walked towards Ji Yunshu. With a hoarse voice, she said to her in a soft tone. “I didn’t think that Shuiqing would end up in such a miserable state. Since Teacher Ji has helped me find her, I will fulfill my part of the deal. Once I settle Shuiqing’s funeral, I will then find you and tell you everything I know.” The eyes that looked at Ji Yunshu were reddened and bloodshot.Ji Yunshu didn’t say a word. She only nodded in agreement.A few drops of tears fell out from Madame Jiang’s eyes as she took a deep breath. “Please Teacher Ji. Please find the culprit because I want to let that murderer experienced his body being ripped apart! Only then, will the anger of the Li family be extinguished.”“Madame, you don’t need to ask. This humble one has accepted this case and will naturally investigate everything clearly.”“I believe in your ability.” Madame Jiang felt faint and almost fell, but the maidservant rushed toward her and caught her in time. Afterwards, they helped her leave the memorial hall. Li Zhao left in big strides, following his sister. His mouth was tightly closed. He must have wanted to quickly leave and throw up somewhere.

Finally, Jing Rong, Ji Yunshu and Jing Xuan also departed from the memorial hall. However, the speed Jing Xuan used to board the carriage was incomparable. She truly regretted her decision to come to the memorial hall and swore that she would never come again!

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Jing Xuan makes me laugh. At least, she know how to repent. She has learning potential which makes her less annoying.

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