Chapter 125 - Crafty Grandma Wolf

Chapter 125 - Crafty Grandma Wolf

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Xiao Luzi felt an incoming headache. “This one knows, but… it’s hard to change habits in such a short period of time. Young Pr-Master, there won’t be a next time.”Li Shiyan glanced at him before stroking his chin in contemplation. They said that beauties abound in Great Lin. Thus, with great difficulty, he journeyed to Great Lin. If he didn’t grasp the opportunity while he was here, wouldn’t it all be in vain?At this moment inside Wei Yi’s room, Lang Po was still closely guarding the door. Since he couldn’t go out, Wei Yi resigned himself to lie on the bed, showing his back to Lang Po as a form of resistance. “Young Master Wei, are you hungry?” Lang Po asked.Wei Yi refused to pay attention to Lang Po. Instead, he snorted. He was really angry. Jing Rong wanted him to sleep with a robust man like Lang Po, and this made him unhappy. He wasn’t just merely unhappy, he was extremely unhappy!

After a moment passed, Lang Po saw that Wei Yi seemed to have fallen asleep. Lang Po called out in a low voice, “Young Master Wei.” He didn’t receive a response from Wei Yi. Since it was such, he sneakily left the room. That Wei Yi didn’t want to eat supper, but he needed to satisfy his hunger. After getting out of the room, he closed the door.

Wei Yi who was sleeping on the bed suddenly sat up. He rubbed his stomach as hunger gripped him. Taking advantage of Lang Po’s absence, he sneaked out to find Ji Yunshu to eat together. He carefully pushed the door open, then looked left and right, but he didn’t remember where Ji Yunshu’s room was. He spoke out loud, “Shu’er, where are you?”The second floor of the inn was surrounded by a railing with a staggering number of rooms which looked identical to one another. Moreover, the label on each door used very strange digits.Wei Yi scratched his head as he began to wander aimlessly on the second floor. Just as he passed by an opened door, he was abruptly grabbed and pull inside a room. “Help-” The “me” never got the chance to be heard as his kidnapper covered his mouth.“Don’t yell.” Li Shiyan dragged him to a chair while grinning at him. Then, he patted Wei Yi’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.”Wei Yi was still frightened and looked at the man with fearful and vigilant eyes. He asked, “Who are you?”“Me?” Li Shiyan pointed at himself. He beamed a big-brother-like smile, but the smile couldn’t conceal his craftiness. “I’m Li Shiyan and you?”“I’m Wei Yi.”“Who are you guys? Where are you going?”Wei Yi lowered his head, then grabbed his own arm before letting it go. He pursed his mouth but said nothing. Wei Yi appearance and behavior made Li Shiyan feel that something was off. ‘Such a big man, but it’s like I’m in front of a kid!’ Xiao Luzi approached him and whispered in Li Shiyan’s ear, “Young master, is he an idiot?”“An idiot?” Li Shiyan narrowed his eyes. ‘Hmm… He does look like one.’ Li Shiyan leaned forward and probed Wei Yi with a question, “Brother Wei, we both happen to meet in this inn which could be considered fate. Since we might go in the same direction, how about taking care of each other?”“...” Wei Yi stayed silent.“Brother Wei?”

Wei Yi got up and stated, “I don’t know you. Mother said that I can’t talk with strangers.”

He was about to leave, but Li Shiyan pulled him back. His face still hung a smile that exuded craftiness. ‘It looks like this man is really an idiot.’Wei Yi was once again forced to sit back on the chair. He anxiously asked, “What do you want? Don’t kill me!”“Who wants to kill you?!” Li Shiyan was caught between laughter and tears, thus he faintly wrinkled his brows. He was a good person who doesn’t even dare to kill a chicken. In fact, as the sole heir of the Marquis of Qujiang, he didn’t even need to kill one. “Wei Yi, I am a good person, so how can I kill you?” After saying so, Li Shiyan pushed a plate of pastries in front of Wei Yi. Then, he continued, “You must be hungry, right? Here, eat some. How about we chat for a bit?” His expression reminded people of the Wolf pretending to be the grandmother in Little Red Riding Hood. Wait no, he looked more like a child trafficker.Wei Yi was starving, so when he saw the pastries, his mouth drooled. His restraint was null as he greedily grabbed onto a pastry and shoved it into his mouth before obediently nodding at Li Shiyan’s request. He chewed on the pastries while speaking unintelligibly, “Whapmh fiyou want to talk about? Howph long fiyou want to talk?”As soon as Wei Yi ate the pastries, Li Shiyan hinted at Xiao Luzi to closed the door. Then, he questioned Wei Yi, “I want to ask you, where are you going?”“To the capital!”“Why are you going there?”“To eat meat! Shu’er said that when we get to the capital, she will bring me to eat meat.”“Who is Shu’er?”“My wife!”Li Shiyan gawked before he inquired further, “Is Shu’er that woman who wears a veil on her face?”Wei Yi, who was eating, strongly nodded.EH?!Li Shiyan’s jaw dropped as his expression turned ugly. ‘The end! This is the end! The other is a married woman.’ To seduce someone who is already married, that was something beyond him! Suddenly, he thought for a moment. ‘That Wei Yi is an idiot. How can someone want to marry him?’ Li Shiyan couldn’t give up hope, thus he continued his interrogation. “Is she really your wife? Did you kneel to heaven and earth during the wedding?” ‘What is kneeling to heaven and earth?’ Wei Yi shook his head and engulfed another pastry. His two cheeks were swollen from stuffing too many pastries in his mouth. “Mother said that Shu’er will be my wife sooner or later. In the future, we will have many little Wei Yis. But father and mother are dead, so I only have Shu’er now.”“Oh! I see. So, you’re not married yet?”Wei Yi didn’t understand his question, but still shook his head and continued to eat. This time, Li Shiyan was back in high spirits. Sweet, fair, and virtuous women are the kind of beauty he loved the most.His eyes hooked up as he pushed a plate of osthmanthus cake in front of Wei Yi. “Then, tell me, who is the man accompanying you two?”Wei Yi thought for an instant before answering, “Shu’er said that he is a punching bag.”“A punching bag?” The answer baffled Li Shiyan. “What kind of people are they? Why are all of them carrying swords?”“I don’t know,” Wei Yi answered in all honesty. ‘Kid, if your parents in heaven are looking over you right now, won’t they be infuriated to no end?’ In front of a “child trafficker,” you ate the pastries he gave you and even told him everything he wanted to know. You basically counted the money for the other while you got sold! Wei Yi should learn to be more careful.After a moment, Li Shiyan thought of a problem. He pulled on Wei Yi’s hand and asked with high hopes, “So, is Shu’er beautiful or not?”“Beautiful! Shu’er is the most beautiful!” Wei Yi’s voice resounded loud and clear. In Wei Yi’s eyes, Ji Yunshu was the most beautiful person in the world, and his heart was completely occupied by her and no one else.Li Shiyan’s peach blossom eyes seemed to glisten. His dissolute nature as a playboy came out. ‘I should have known.’ Li Shiyan knew most of what he wanted to know. Immediately, he took back the two plates of pastries he had put in front of Wei Yi.“Hey! I still haven’t finished eating.”“Stop eating!” Li Shiyan turned to Xiao Luzi. “Send him out.”Xiao Luzi stepped forward, pulled Wei Yi up, and pushed him out of the room. “Young Master Wei, I won’t send you back.”Bang!The door was shut. After Wei Yi was pushed out of the room, he wiped the remains of pastries on his mouth. He was quite at a loss. Not to mention finding Ji Yunshu’s room, he couldn’t even remember where his room was. He looked around, then saw a somewhat familiar door. He nodded up and down energetically. “Hmm! This must be my room.”Without hesitation, he pushed open the door, but the instant he opened it… “AAAAAAHHH!”Wei Yi was scared to the point that his legs softened, forcing him to sit where he had stood with his hands supporting him. His expression showed terror as his eyes took in a horrific sight.

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