Chapter 8 Date and confession

Chapter 8 – Date and confession

“Aaaaaaa!” I stretched my arms and felt the soft and comfortable bed, and a kind of indescribable feeling entered my heart. Perhaps it was because my bed is so comfortable and I’m very happy to be able to sleep on a bed.

“I slept really late last night, and so it should be late right now… What time is it?” Thinking, I stretched my hand to pick up the bedside alarm clock and looked at it.

“What, half past 2? It’s already past noon?” I couldn’t believe my eyes, how could it be so late? Although it was a Sunday, and I never got up on Sundays to eat breakfast, I also never slept past noon. I quickly rubbed my sleepy eyes, got up from my bed, and put on a long white cloak. Although it was already spring, the early spring weather was still slightly cold. I went to the window and opened the curtain. It was sunny outside and the weather was good. “I wonder how the two guys that escaped last night are; they definitely can’t see such a beautiful bright sky.” I was surprised to suddenly even think of them, as I had nothing to do with them.

I walked into the washroom, washed my hair, and prepared to change my clothes, but on second thought, “Today’s a Sunday and I don’t have to go out. Forget it, I don’t need to change, and no one else is home either.” With that thought I opened the door and walked out of the room.

“Jing’er, you finally got up. Your friends have been waiting for you!” Daddy suddenly shouted from downstairs.

I looked downstairs and saw daddy and Xiaoyu sitting, drinking tea. Seeing Xiaoyu’s suit, it seemed too formal, but I had to admit that that the suit made him look even more handsome.

“It’s you?” I was stunned and asked in surprise.

“Jing’er, why are you in a daze. Come down fast, he has been waiting for you for almost four hours. ” Daddy anxiously instructed me.

I didn’t answer, but walked slowly, step by step down the spiral case before them.

“Jing’er, don’t tell me you forgot?” Xiaoyu looked at me and smiled and asked.

“I don’t remember making an appointment with you.” I answered straightforwardly.

“Yesterday, didn’t you promis to talk to me today? I would like to ask you out to eat. Can I?” Xiaoyu did not expect that I would answer like that; he paused for a second and asked hesitantly.

“I only said that I can talk to you,” I glanced at my father, “Besides, I have to accompany my father to eat!”

“No need, you guys go have fun! There’s a lot of work in the office today, and I have to go to the office now.” As Daddy finished his words, he got up and left. He really seemed to be in a hurry as he left without looking back at me and Xiaoyu. He seemed to be eager to meet someone.

“Daddy?” My voice was so soft that I could hardly it hear myself. Looking at my father leave, I silently turned towards Xiaoyu and sat down.

“Do you want to invite me for a meal or do you want to talk to me?” I held my cloak tighter around my body and asked.

“Can’t we talk while eating?” Xiaoyu replied with a smile.

“Okay. Anyway, no one is cooking for me today.” I replied and rose to leave.

“Then you?” Suddenly, Xiao pulled me back and asked, as he seemed to worry that I would run away.

“Well, I can’t go in my pajamas!” I shook off his hand and said apathetically.

“Oh, but you’re very beautiful even when wearing this dress, like an elegant princess with an extraordinary demeanor.” He also felt that his own action just now was somewhat rude as he picked up his tea cup, taking a sip and praised with a smile on his face.

“Maybe!” I let out a soft sigh and returned to my room. I didn’t need to wear the school uniform today, so I chose a buff turtleneck sweater, and went back downstairs after I was done wearing my shoes.

“Let’s go!” I said to him and walked straight to the door.

“Jing’er, you don’t look like a teenage girl. ” Xiaoyu didn’t stand up as he spoke while staring at my back.

“Is that praise or criticism?” I stopped and turned to look at his eyes.

“They are my sincere remarks.” Xiaoyu actually found the third answer in an instant. Every question had a perfect answer. With a perfect answer, the only imperfect thing of a question would not be easily found.

“I’m hungry, let’s go.” I didn’t react to his answer but only prompted him.

“Well, let’s go.” At this moment, Xiao Yu stood up and followed me out the door. We then got in his white car.

“Do you have a restaurant that you like?” He asked me in the car.

“I think you’ve already selected a place, haven’t you?” I replied.

“There’s this nice restaurant that I always go to.” Xiaoyu simply explained his decision to ease the awkwardness brought by my indifferent attitude.

“Ok. But now it’s almost three in the afternoon, I do not know that there will be any food to eat.” Since he had made preparations, why should I worry about those things. It would be fine to have food to eat.

He then only focused on handling the steering wheel and did not utter a word anymore. Yet, I actually, unexpectedly, began to take note of his appearance. He had neat, short hair, which was pitch black that flashed a green radiance, and a pair of deep and serene eyes which reminded me of my gray past. I don’t know how much time had passed, yet I only knew that there was no longer a feeling of grief in my heart, but rather a slight feeling of bitter frustration and a sense of helplessness.

My mind drifted back to the past——

“Xiaoyou, I, I like you very much,” Under the silver colored moonlight,on a bench at the edge of the forest, a shy boy was confessing to the girl seated beside him.

“So you asked me out here for this, but… “The girl was not impressed by that gentle voice of confession. She paused for a moment, stood up and continued with an apathetic tone, “But we can’t be together. ”

“Why? Why can’t we? You don’t like me?” The boy was agitated, stood up, grasped the girl’s shoulders and asked loudly.

“No, but it’s still not possible.” The girl interrupted his series of questions and answered coldly.

“Then, then why?!” The boy said, increasingly unable to control his own emotions. His voice was getting louder and louder, scaring away the bird that had slept earlier on the tree.

“Because I’m a vampire.” The girl coldly stared into the boy’s eyes. The pair of eyes were so deep and serene, like the mouth of a spring that possessed souls.

“No, no, I don’t believe that vampires exist, and even if they do, it’s not possible for them to see the sun. However, you can, you can, so it’s impossible for you to be a vampire. You’re lying to me. Say, say you are lying to me.” The boy shook the girl crazily as he yelled madly.

“Whether you believe it or not, I am a vampire.” The girl shook away the boy’s hands, and turned without looking back. She ran into the woods at the side and disappeared.

The boy stood there blankly, motionless, like a lost soul. His deep, serene, and spirited eyes turned deathly gray. In his mind, each word she said earlier felt like a knife thrusted deep into his heart. The pain felt was indescribable. This pain instantly became a rope, wrapped tightly around his neck while he didn’t resist. Perhaps he already did not have the strength to break it, or perhaps he didn’t want to break free at all, allowing the rope to wrap itself around him tighter and tighter until it became suffocating.

At this point, in his anguish, he did not notice that another shadow came from the other direction of the woods. To be more specific, that was a black long cloak. It went along with the wind and went step by step closer to him. Yet, he still stood there in a daze, completely unaware of the approaching danger.

A hand as white as snow gently caressed his neck, and he turned around abruptly, but only faced disappointment. Before his eyes was a beautiful but unfamiliar face. It wasn’t her. If it was not her, then even a more beautiful appearance wouldn’t bring his bright smile and white teeth back, or fill his deep and serene eyes with spirit. He then lowered his head, no longer facing the beautiful face. He just wanted to think of her in his mind, her lovely face, because that is what he wanted in his heart. Yet, that hand refused to let him drop his head as it lifted his chin slowly, wanting him to look directly at the beautiful face. However, his eyes had already been drained lifeless with no trace of vitality.

“A lifeless one.” The lips on that beautiful face spit out that sentence.

“If I weren’t this thirsty, I would never drink your blood.” She said to the boy as she put her lips together on his neck, biting down fiercely.

At this point, the boy’s face was shining with light of happiness, in his mind he seemed to see that lovely face moving towards him, smiling at him, saying something to him, he couldn’t hear clearly, but he just knew it was happiness. With the loss of the last hint of smile on the boy’s face, she gently put him down softly. She knew that he was already dead, and couldn’t be drank from anymore.

“I knew the taste wouldn’t be good!” She sighed and wiped the trace of blood from her lips, then turned and walked in the other direction. Perhaps, more blood could be found in that direction.

The girl ran for a while, stopped and stood in the dense woods thinking back to the scene, the shy voice said “like” her, but she gave up. Perhaps no one would be willing to speak those words again, maybe she shouldn’t have left, or act so coldly. However, she knew that she had done nothing wrong, because she clearly understood that there is a huge gap between them which was impossible to cross. Since there was no chance, so what was the point of trying?

At this moment, a shadow flashed by her side, and disappeared into the darkness ahead.

“That was!” She clearly knew what it was. In the dark, only “vampires” possessed that kind of strength.

When that word flashed through the mind, her body involuntarily dashed back. At this time her heart felt slightly bitter, a bitter pain that she has never felt before. She was worried, worried that he was hurt, worried that she would never see him, and now this nervousness for him could not be concealed. Now, all she could think of was to get back to his side as fast as possible, regardless of what would happen in the future, as long as she could see that shy smile again when he faced her, and hear him say “I like you”.

“Zhen, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?” When the girl went back to the bench, he——the guy was already lying on the ground motionlessly. She picked up the guy and shouted incessantly, but when she saw the four small holes in the boy’s neck, she stopped crying. She realized that even if she shouted until her throat broke, he would never open his eyes, smile to her, and tell her that he liked her, and that he wants to be forever with her in the same place again.

The girl held the boy tightly, but the warmth of the boy’s body still body slipped away as time passed. She herself felt colder as the night darkened. With her cold hands, she stroked his short black hair——which flashed green light in the moonlight.

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