Chapter 7 Between nightmare and reality

Chapter 7 – Between nightmare and reality

“Junyu!” Xuqing shouted from the back seat.

“What’s the matter?” Junyu coyly asked.

“Tell us now about what she is!” Xuxing asked with something that looked like a smile from the other seat.

“A human!” Xiaoyu simply replied.

“Are you sure?” Both of them unanimously and suspiciously asked.

“Of course. When I saw her today, both she and Xiaoya were standing together under the hot sun.” Xiaoyu slowly described some of the facts that he saw. His tone was uncertain, as if even he was doubtful of whether everything he saw was real.

“If she’s not a member of the blood family, then her composure was just too abnormal.” Xuqing raised an objection.

“In that kind of situation, if it was us, we wouldn’t be that calm in that mess, let alone just a girl.” Xuxing continued.

“Maybe she’s already been through something even worse.” Xiaoyu replied with some thought

“What happened? Could it be you know something? Tell us now! You can’t hide it from us~” Xuxing’s interest seemed to increase more and more.

“Thinking about the conversation from this afternoon, I think she witnessed her parents getting killed by a vampire when she was but a child.” Xiaoyu noted after thinking for a while.

“What?! For a child to witness something like this… it must have been horrible.” Xuxing couldn’t help but pity her.

“Then why didn’t the vampire harm her? They usually like innocent and pure bloods the most, right?” Xuxing was always calm and calculated, not blinded by worldly feelings. He wouldn’t leave any doubts in his mind Though this was his strength, it was his weakness as well.

“That’s because she was wearing that chain.” Xiaoyu explained.

“The Pupil of Blood?” Those words struck like lightning.


“If she’s not a vampire, then how can she possess that chain?” Xuxing asked and his pity suddenly changed to doubt in his heart.

“She said her mother gave it to her.” Xiaoyu explained while he was a bit confused himself. Could it be that her mother was a vampire? If her mother was a vampire, was she one as well? If she wasn’t a vampire, then her parents shouldn’t be vampires either; then how did her mother get the Pupil of Blood? Only the dead would know the truth, and perhaps this would forever stay a mystery.

“Right now, blind guessing won’t help us. Let’s go look into her past after we get back.” The three of them stood there silently for a while, when Xiaoyu suddenly indicated.

“Yes, I know. ” Xuxing readily agreed. All matters of investigation were usually given to Xuxing. He had a special talent in this kind of aspect, and regardless of the difficulty, as long as he tried he could definitely find out everything.

“When you see Xiaoya, please don’t mention anything. I’m afraid that she’ll start to worry.” Xiaoyu changed the topic.

“We understand.” They promised.

“By the way, have you seen the Pupil of Blood before?” Xuqing suddenly asked.

“I have seen it, she gave it to Xiaoya as a birthday gift.”

“What?! As a birthday gift, what a big gift!” Xuxing was extremely surprised.

“Why did she give that chain to Xiaoya?” Like always, Xuqing asked calmly. Perhaps he didn’t know the meaning of excitement or passion.

“She said it was in order to protect Xiaoya. Back then, I didn’t believe it, but after hearing it from Bern’s mouth, I think what she said was the truth. That chain can indeed protect Xiaoya from the blood family’s harm.” Xiaoyu replied with determination. After everything that just happened, he was sure that everything Jing’er said was the truth. Jing’er did not need to lie to him, and maybe she couldn’t bother to lie to him.

“Are you really going to see her tomorrow?” Xuqing suddenly interrupted his train of thought.

“Yeah, I want to know the details.” Xiaoyu said calmly.

“You seem to really care about her?” Xuxing finally asked the question that he considered for a while.

“You think too much nonsense.” Xiaoyu denied.

“Is it really nonsense? The moment that you heard that Bern ran into her house and when you saw her being held by it, the anxiousness was written all over your body.” Xuxing tried to prove that he wasn’t talking nonsense.

“A vampire was holding a girl hostage and perhaps hurt her because of our hunt. Wouldn’t it be normal to feel anxiousness?” Xiaoyu wanted to justify that Xuxing was thinking too far.

“However, when we encountered this situation before, you were always calm, yet today you were completely different.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “however, I think how you behaved today was more human.”, he smiled.

“Maybe I am seeing her as a sister, just like Xiaoya.” Xiaoyu thought for a long time and finally found a reason that was reasonable. However, it’s only purpose was to answer a question at a particular time so its reliability or accuracy was definitely in question.

“Really?” Xuxing seemed to have already doubted the validity behind this answer.

“Alright, let’s stop brooding over this question. Please tell me what you find as soon as possible.” Xiaoyu put an end to the discussion. Xuxing nodded and silence entered the car, as if everyone entered their own world of thoughts. No one could break into the world of others nor would they want to let others into their own world.

It began to drizzle outside, and although some of them saw it happening outside the car, no one seemed to hear the raindrops clattering on the window. The relentless raindrops were like merciless tears, falling rhythmically on everyone’s heart that had loved, creating the tiniest ripple.

During the silence of the night, under the dim moonlight,

A shrill scream pierced the sky.

Hearing this, Xiaoyu rushed over and saw a girl like Jing’er sitting there.

She held something in her hands that looked like a man.

“Jing’er? What are you doing?” Coming closer, Xiaoyu opened his mouth in surprise and started half shouting.

“You don’t see? I’m sucking blood.” Jing’er who raised her head had her lips stained red with blood, which began to drip down. In her hands lay an apparently unconscious handsome young man that had four small holes on his neck.

“You, how could you… how could you suck blood?” Suppressing his inner fear, Xiaoyu stuttered and asked.

“What is there to fuss about a vampire sucking blood?” Jing asked coldly as she wiped the blood dripping down her mouth.

“But, but you are not a vampire?” Xiaoyu couldn’t suppress his feelings any longer and loudly roared.

“Who said that I’m not a vampire?” Jin asked with a harsh tone while releasing the young man who had lost his consciousness and stood up to face Xiaoyu.

“But, but weren’t you able to walk into the sunlight?” Xiaoyu mentioned the fact he saw when he picked up Jing’er and Xiaoya that time.

“Why can’t vampires walk in the sunlight?” Jing looked at Xiaoyu and her cold stare seemed to stab at every point on him.

“Aren’t vampires afraid of the sun? They turn into ashes under the sunlight.” Xiaoyu barely managed to gather his own thoughts and talked about his firm understanding that he believed in for many years.

“But I’m not afraid of it. And I’m a still vampire that has to suck blood. Jing coldly smiled and moved step by step towards Xiaoyu. Her answer turned Xiaoyu’s whole theory upside down.

“Since you are not afraid of the sunlight, then you surely don’t have to suck blood. Please let me help you.” Xiaoyu was still not beaten mentally, and instead seemed calmer and calmer. He didn’t run away and looked at Jing’er. Saying that he wanted to help her in this dark night, where anything could happen, was definitely an extremely foolish decision.

“Do you want to help me? Alright, then help me quench my thirst!” Just when her voice fell, Jing already arrived in front of Xiaoyu. Extending her cold and white hands to hold him, she hugged Xiaoyu’s neck, slowly pulling him closer to her lips. Although Xiaoyu did not expect this outcome, he did not resist and only felt a sudden sharp pain in his neck followed by a fiery burning sensation. Xiaoyu’s eyes gradually became dizzy while his whole body became soft and fell down.

Xiao Yu suddenly opened his eyes wide and unexpectedly found himself lying on his bed. Looking around the room, he found only silence, and the only thing he could hear was his own breathing.

“A dream?” Xiaoyu breathed out and sighed in relief as it turned out to be a dream.

Easing his mind, he sighed again.

After waking up, he could not fall asleep again and was constantly thinking the scene in his dream. It was so real and so unreal at the same time. If he did not wake up and find himself lying in his bed, he would not believe that the scene was just a dream. He dreamt of Jing’er, but she was drinking blood.

“It can’t be, it’s can’t be possible.” He denied it over and over again in his mind.

“Dream, it was only a dream.” He constantly repeated to himself in his mind.

Tossed and turning in his bed, the more he moved, the less sleepy he got. Opening the lamp next to his bed, he casually pulled a book from his bedside cabinet and started to open it without even seeing the title.

Exactly at that time, his phone started vibrating near his pillow “zzzzzzzzzz”.

“Hey, what’s up!” Xiaoyu said after answering.

“Xiaoyu, it’s me, Xuxing.” Across the phone came Xuxing’s voice. How could Xiaoyu not recognize it?

“What did you find?” Xiaoyu guessed that for Xuxing to call him at midnight, it must be something important.

“The archives only documented that the widowed Mr. Lin Youcheng adopted an orphan. She was named Lin Jing after the adoption, and goes to middle school at the Southern district. Except for this, I couldn’t find anything else.” Xu Xing said in disappointment.

“Didn’t it mention anything about her past?” Xiaoyu asked.

“Nothing, it didn’t even record that she was once called Luvian, let alone the names of her parents.” Xuxing replied and was getting more and more disappointed. He, who could normally find out anything, was unable to discover anything this time.

“That’s too strange. It’s definitely not easy to get an adoption. We have to investigate first if she has any parents!” Xiaoyu said while wondering.

“Yes, she might have been too young to know, and didn’t know anything. That’s why it was impossible to find anything!” Xiaoyu suddenly thought about it.

“Not possible, she was only adopted two years ago. If she is seventeen years old now, then she was fifteen years old back then. How could she possibly not know about anything? If she didn’t know where they lived, her parents and her name, or in what school she went, then she would be mentally retarded. You could see today that she was not quite normal, right?” The more Xuxing talked, the more confused he got. Perhaps, all of this could only wait until Xiaoyu got an answer tomorrow.

“Ok, I understand. You go rest now. We will talk about it when I come back tomorrow.” Xiaoyu hung up the phone.

Right now, Xiaoyu was unable to fall asleep. After the dream and Xuxing’s words, the whole ordeal was like a thickening fog. How could he break through these layers of fog? Xiaoyu had already determined that he would have Jing’er tell him everything tomorrow.

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