Chapter 22 Agreement

Chapter 22 Agreement

“Agreement? Was there really such an agreement?” Xuxing was always the one who opened his mouth first.

“There is, but it is a very ancient agreement!” Xiaoyu calmly replied.

“What kind of agreement?” Xuqing asked seriously.

“The content of this agreement is very simple, and only has a few words: Only when a vampire has hurt someone, are the hunters allowed to kill it. In return, the other vampires are not allowed to retaliate against the hunters in such a case.” Xiaoyu remembered that his father had told him about it when he was still young. However, at that time, he didn’t care about anything except playing, and that had only changed after his father was gone. When his father was dying in his bed, he pulled Xiayu, who was next to him, over and repeatedly urged over and over again, “No matter what, you absolutely mustn’t betray this agreement; otherwise you will bring a disaster upon us.” These were his father’s last words.

“Who told you that?” Xuxing took out a little book and was planning to write it down.

“My father.” Xiaoyu proudly said.

“Then, between who was this agreement?”Xuxing wanted to clarify all the details, as this was his character.

“My father didn’t talk about it, but I saw being mentioned in the notepads that my father left behind. However, it was not very detailed, and only mentioned this: the original vampires were very small in population, and although each one was very powerful, they rarely lived together. So the hunters gathered together and intended to wipe out the vampires one by one. However, in order to fight back the hunters, the vampires also started to unite and retaliate. As a result, the two sides wounded each other badly. And during that time, there was a very powerful hunter, whom was was a vampire, but also a human born king. He never killed any vampires, nor did he harm any humans, and therefore had a very good reputation on both sides. Since he didn’t want to be left without more work, he acted as a middleman and proposed a convention, which was the agreement we just talked about.” Xiaoyu clearly remembered everything that was written inside the book.

“We don’t even have the name of that guy!” said Xuxing somewhat disappointed.

“It’s already pretty good that we know about this. Perhaps, people won’t even know about this agreement after a few generations.” Xiaoyu smiled a bit helplessly.

“Rest assured, as long it’s in my book, some people will definitely know about it.” Xuxing said while waving the small book in his hand

“Can your book withstand the decay of time?!” Xiaoyu didn’t have any hope for it at all.

“Don’t look down on my book. Although this book is small, the quality is not bad at all! Each page is made of leather, and as long as I write with my specially-made carbon pen, even if it falls into water, it won’t fade even after a hundred years!” Xuxing always took good care of his precious things.

“If you throw it into the fire, let alone the words, even the book will be gone.” Xiaoyu shook his head while talking about the facts. Every book’s fate was the same – the same as the one his father left behind – in the end, they all turned into ashes in the fire.

“Xiaoyu, you don’t need to take your revenge on me! Wasn’t I only joking with your latest love fling?” Xuxing said while putting on an innocent face.

“Don’t bother with this acting.” Xiaoyu immediately interrupted Xuxing’s banter.

“Do you guys really want to comply with this agreement?” Xuqing rarely talked, but each word he said made people start thinking.

“Yes, I will.” Xiaoyu remembered his father’s serious look, and he assured , with those eyes looking down on him in his mind, that he would keep this agreement.

“I think this agreement makes sense, so I will also comply with it.” Xuxing also decided.

“However, I am not sure if I should follow this agreement. After all, this agreement was not made by me and them, so I don’t need to comply.” Xuqing’s face was full of killing intent. Even though he usually had the appearance of a killer, whenever someone mentioned vampires, his murderous intent instantly doubled and began to overflow.

“Although I don’t have the authority to request you to do so, as your best friend and companion, I must remind you that it is better to comply with this agreement. Just before my father’s death, he said that the people who doesn’t follow this agreement with only bring disaster upon themselves.”Xiaoyu looked at Xuqing with a serious face.

“It’s better if you comply with it anyway, since following this agreement won’t do us any harm.” Xuxing’s thinking was very rational.

“Really?” Xuqing said softly and didn’t say anything afterwards, while he continued cleaning his short sword.

“What is it that we must agree to?” Zhile come from downstairs while carrying a pot of tea.

“Nothing, this is not related to you.” Xuxing answered.

“Ah yes, this only concerns us. You don’t have to worry about it.” Xiaoyu also agreed. It was obvious that they didn’t want to involve this cute poor girl with these dangerous things. They all knew very well that being a huntress wasn’t a good fate.

“Oh, then I won’t ask.” Zhile obediently pour out the tea for everyone.

“However, there is a thing that has always bothered me.” Xuxing said after taking a sip.

“What?” Xiaoyu asked. Normally the questioning and answering was only between the two of them, and Xuqing would rarely join in. Zhile normally stood obediently beside them, pouring them tea, and quietly listening to them. She rarely expressed her own opinion.

“What did the investigation find out about what happened to that girl before?” Xuxing asked.

“The only thing I know is that she had a pitiful past.” Xiaoyu sadly replied.

“It it that girl called Jing’er?” Zhile suddenly asked.

“Yes, there were always some vampires near her, but they never harmed her. It was very strange!” Xuxing said.

“Could she also be a vampire?!” Zhile shouted out.

“No, Jing’er is definitely not a vampire.” Xiaoyu also shouted. Everyone who was drinking next to him was scared by this suddenness and didn’t know how to reply.

“I’m sorry.” After Xiaoyu apologized, he continued, “however, although his parents’ death were related to the vampires, her boyfriend was also killed by a vampire. Having vampires appearing close to her wasn’t her fault. She is already very pitiful, and now you actually claim that she herself iss a vampire. This is too unjust towards her. Alright, let’s stop here for today. I have to go home or Xiaoya will be worried!” After talking, Xiaoyu went downstairs to go home.

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