Chapter 21- Sister

Chapter 21- Sister

Under the moonlight, a small car flew past on the silver road, leaving a streak of white light in the air.

It eventually halted below a shabby,small two-story building. Three young men exited the car. One of them gently knocked on the door, which had weird symbols drawn on it. The door opened to reveal a person standing behind the ajar door. Under the dim lights, the only distinguishable thing about the person was that she was a girl, but her age was unknown. The three young men then entered, and the door was closed.

“Zhile, I haven’t seen you for days. Did you grow taller?” Xuxing asked while ascending the stairs, as he stretched out his hand to touch the head of the girl beside him.

“Yeah!” The girl answered happily.

“That’s great!” Xuxing laughed, and continued saying, “You must grow up quickly!”

“Why?” The girl asked perplexedly.

“If you don’t grow up any sooner, your brother Xiaoyu will be taken by someone else!” Xuxing continued laughing and even averted his head to look at Xiaoyu, who was thinking about something.

“Big Brother Xu, what nonsense are you saying?” The girl’s face turned red as she naturally lowered her head while Xiaoyu had no reaction at all.

“I am not talking nonsense. These days, your brother Xiaoyu has been chasing a girl all day and night!” Arriving on the second level, Xuxing chose a comfortable spot on the sofa and sat down, while Xuqing sat down in the corner. This was his special seat, and Xuxing had given it a funny name, ‘Throne’. As for Xiaoyu, he simply sat down wordlessly.

“What girl?” Zhile sat beside Xuxing and asked anxiously.

“Now you are anxious!” Xuxing then purposely stopped talking.

“Big Brother Xuxing, quickly tell me! I will cook delicious food for you, okay?” Zhile knew that Xuxing loved to eat the dessert that she made, and so she decided to use it to tempt him.

“Sure, but I am afraid that Xiaoyu will get mad at me if I tell you,” Xuxing said, while glancing at Xiaoyu.

“It’s alright. He seems to be pondering about something! He has always been very focused when he is thinking, so he won’t hear your words. Don’t worry.” Whether it’s interest,hobbies,or emotions,Zhile had always known Xiaoyu very well.

“Alright. Seeing that you are so pitiful, I will reveal a bit,” Xuxing said as he faced Zhile, while Zhile stretched her neck and waited.

“The girl is a classmate of Xiaoyu’s sister, and she is called Linjing now.” Xuxing talked excitedly.

“That’s it?” Zhile was very unsatisfied.

“Well, what else do you want to know?” Xuxing asked.

“How old is she and what is her character like? Also, what does she look like?” As she was asking, Zhile felt embarrassed and lowered her head.

“She seemed to be a year older than Xiaoya, so she should be seventeen years old! As for her character? She is indifferent to everything and talks contemplatively like an elder. As for her appearance, I need to think carefully about this!” Xuxing continued answering as he recalled her appearance. “She has black long hair that falls to her shoulders and a pretty face. Yet, a transparent frost always seems to enshroud her. You can say that she is cold and beautiful. One more thing; she has a noble temperament that looks down upon everything.”

“She’s that attractive?” After listening to Xuxing’s description, Zhile lowered her head even further, and no one knew what she was thinking.

“Don’t give up that quickly! She seemed to have no feelings for your brother Xiaoyu. If you behave well, we will definitely do our best to help you,”Xuxing said confidently. He even glanced at Xiaoyu after he spoke, but Xiaoyu kept wiping the silver dagger and paid no attention to him.

“Really?” Zhile instantly lifted her head with an excited expression on her face. Zhile had always been saying that she would marry Brother Xiaoyu, be his wife, and take care of him for all her life!

“Xuxing, have you said enough?” Xiaoyu suddenly shouted while looking very displeased.

“Alright, alright. I will stop, okay? I knew you would get mad.” Xuxing made a face and answered.

“Brother Xiaoyu, are you done thinking? I will go make tea for you guys.” Being tactful, Zhile left the room.

“That little girl is becoming more and more sensible. Now, she’s very different from when she arrived. At that time, she only knew how to cry.” Xuxing recalled Zhile’s appearance when she had first come. Zhile had been an orphan who had wandered in the fields by herself. When Xiaoyu found her, he took her here and gave her shelter. From that time onwards, the little girl had been saying that she would marry Xiaoyu to repay his kindness.

“She is a good girl.” Xiaoyu also agreed with Xuxing’s opinion.

“So does that mean you have some feelings for her?” Xuxing immediately seized the chance and asked.

“Don’t speak nonsense. I have always seen her as my little sister,” Xiaoyu scolded.

“You also said that you saw that Jing’er as a sister, but anyone with eyes could see that it’s not like that at all,” Xuxing expostulated.

“Alright, stop talking about it. I do admit I have a weird feeling towards Jing’er, but I am not quite sure what that feeling is,” Xiaoyu admitted.

“You have finally admitted it. However, the little girl will be sad now.” Xuxing sighed as he made this emotional remark.

“Why did we let that vampire go?” Xuqing suddenly blurted out.

“He didn’t hurt anyone, so killing him wasn’t necessary!” Xuxing was the first to answer.

“We can only kill the vampire when it is hurting someone?” Xuqing inquired puzzlingly.

“That’s right,” Xiaoyu explained. “We hunters made this agreement with the vampires.”

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