Chapter 19: Contract

Chapter 19: Contract

I retracted my sharp, greedy teeth with some difficulty and lifted my head slowly. I tasted my lips with the tip of my tongue, looking at the owner in satisfaction. I could feel an unbridled fear emanating from his lips that had fallen open in shock, and a confusion that he had never experienced before.

“You, you, what… What are you?” He stammered.

“You have no need to know.” I answered coldly and landed softly on the stage after descending from the air. Now I was a full head shorter than him. Seeing that he had nothing more to say, I turned slowly and faced those who were beneath the stage.

“Luvian? Again?” Lisa asked dumbly, but this question seemed to be more of an emotional sigh. I ignored her and walked down slowly from the stage.

“Jing’er, your hair?” Sinmo asked and pointed at my head.

“Oh, it always seems to mysteriously grow longer.” I responded without a trace of surprise.

“That’s simply too amazing!” Sinmo sighed.

“There are even vampires in this world, what else is impossible?” I felt above it all.

“Where are you going?” The frozen owner on the stage called out when I’d reached the door.

“Home!” I answered simply.

“Why didn’t you kill me? Didn’t you want to get revenge for the child?” He could not understand why I hadn’t sucked his blood dry.

“Forget it, what good is it if you die?” Now I truly understood the meaning behind ‘two wrongs don’t make a right.’

“Then, can you tell me who killed Louyu?” His tone no longer maintained his previous composure as he faced me.

“Sorry, I don’t want to talk about it.” I answered clearly again.

“Alright, then what can I do to get you to tell me the killer’s name?” He truly didn’t know what to do.

“Let me think.” I thought carefully and said. “Become my servant. The only thing I can promise is that, one day I will tell you what happened to Louyu.” Yes, that day would only come once. When my wounds no longer hurt and I no longer fear talking about the tragic events of the past. And he would have enough time to await that day’s arrival.

“Alright! I, Liuyu, swear in the name of blood that from this day forth, you are my master, and I am your servant.” He agreed without hesitation because he knew from what had just happened that it was impossible to get me to speak using force. Apart from agreeing to my terms, he would never know who killed Louyu.

“As my servant, the rules you must follow are:

Do not ask about my past.

Do not harm a single human.

You must do as I say with no exception.

You may not appear in front of me or someone I know without my summon.”

I delivered all my demands in one breath and turned to face him, waiting for his response.

“Yes, I can do all this.” He said quietly.

“Alright, now I want to go home. Now that I’ve taken your blood, I can summon you using the blood contract.” I responded one more time and turned to leave. It was getting late, and I had never returned home so late since getting a father.

“Surely you don’t want to walk back! I have a car, let me take you back!” On the side, Sinmo suddenly spoke up.

“Okay!” I responded after some thought. Thus, SInmo and I left the Vampire Restaurant together, leaving an audience that had not recovered from its shock. We arrived at the parking lot behind the restaurant. There were many cars parked randomly within it.

“It looks like all vampires are quite rich!” I sighed with emotion.

“I’m the richest!” Sinmo grinned merrily.

“You’re not afraid of me?” I suddenly thought it a bit odd.

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Sinmo asked in return.

“I just fed off a vampire, don’t you think that’s frightening enough?” I really couldn’t completely make out Sinmo. It would seem that elder level figures were truly different.

“You’re already full, what else is there for me to fear. Not to mention, aren’t we friends? You wouldn’t attack a friend!” Sinmo listed a bunch of reasons not to fear me, but he didn’t mention the most important point, which was, in my heart, I have never really wished to harm anyone, whether it was a human or a ghost, unless he had committed an unforgivable act and I couldn’t bear it.

“Am I wrong?” Sinmo asked when he saw that I had no reaction.

“No, but you’re not correct either.” I said lightly.

“Is that so? You truly are a special person, I’ve thought so from the beginning. People often say that first impressions are the most accurate.” Sinmo talked as he drove.

“But, your hair is really strange. It grew so long within a second.” Sinmo turned his head to look at me.

“To be honest, I’m not sure why my hair grows so long.” I touched the hair that had suddenly grown so long that it brushed my ankles.

Truly! Why did it grow so long within the blink of an eye? The only thing I knew was that, whenever I loosened the silver ring, my hair would grow extremely long. But when I tightened the ring again, my hair would go back to its original shoulder length form.

I lightly recited a line and the silver ring locked onto my upper left arm again. My hair naturally returned to its normal length.

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