Chapter 18 Bloodlust

Chapter 18 – Bloodlust

“Father!” Lisa shouted. “Jing’er!”Sinmo screamed at the same time.

Blood slowly dripped down along the corner of my mouth, and a dark red thick liquid dripped on his arm. I fiercely sucked at the stream of blood, and I didn’t know how many years it had been since I had last tasted such a sweet taste. As the nectar slowly flowed through my body, each one of my cells was nourished. That kind of feeling kept awakening memories from the past that were buried a moment ago.

I remembered that on a cloudy afternoon, the usually crowded park became quiet. I was walking alone aimlessly here, as this was another lonely day after my parents had left me. Since my parents had left, I had become a frequent visitor here, because I liked the noise and the joyful laughter. Maybe because those were things that I didn’t possess in my own life.

Like I did in the past, I sat on that wooden bench next to that small fountain while observing my surroundings. Since there were not that many people around, I could only stare at a mother and her child. It was a nice young woman holding the hand of a little girl who was maybe three or four years old. That little girl had a round, chubby face and looked really cute. Perhaps my eyes stared at her too long, since they seemed to have realized that I was looking at them and turned their heads,giving me a friendly smile.

“Mama, why is that big sister watching us?” The little girl asked with an incomparably tender voice.

“Baby, it is because you are too cute!” Mama’s expression was one of incomparable affection.

“Really?”The little girl asked skeptically.

“How could mama lie?!” Mama smiled while saying. A glittering, gentle light could be seen on her face, and I could clearly feel that it was love. It was a mother sending her endless love towards her child, and it was exactly what the lonely me desired, which was why I felt so strongly about this scene.

Afterwards, they continued playing on the small slide inside the park with indescribable joy.

“Mama, I want to eat ice cream,” the little girl who was sweating profoundly from playing asked her mother.

“Alright baby, mama will go buy it for you,” the mother readily agreed, and then added: “However, don’t run around and obediently play here.”

“I understand mama. Come back quickly!” The little girl happily complied.

“Mama will be back very soon!” The mother promised, and walked in the direction of the small forest, as the ice cream shop was at the end of it.

Although the forest was not very big, it was very dense, so usually no one would go there. Generally, a place that was always empty would frequently, with no good reason at all, create an eerie feeling; hence it would get even more deserted. With such a vicious circle, it naturally would become a place forgotten by the world. What existed in such places and what happened there was no longer something that ordinary people could imagine or understand.

Although the mother was somewhat afraid of that small forest, she also wanted to quickly return to her daughter’s side, and so she took up the courage to choose this shortcut.

While walking, the mother kept turning her head to look around and joyfully smile. However, when she approached the forest, a quick shadow broke all the happiness and joy. It flew across the edge of the forest, took away the mother and disappeared in the depths of the forest without a sound.

The little girl continued playing as if her mother was with her. She ran everywhere and played without worrying about anything. Looking at her, I was reminded of my past self, and when I was about the same size as her, I also liked to play happily, just like her. I felt joy like her, and I did not know what loneliness and pain was.

“Let me go, help! Help!” In a deep place within the forest, the mother’s scream crossed each leaf and vanished in that boundless forest. It was still peaceful outside, and the daughter still happily slid down the slide, unaware of the distant screams. I could actually hear each word clearly.

“Stop screaming, no one will be able to hear you!” The shadow’s master shouted.

“Who are you? Why did you catch me!” The mother asked, frightened.

“Even if I told you who I am, it doesn’t matter, since you will be dead soon anyways,” he replied.

“No, I beg you Sir! Let me go, I have a four-year-old daughter that I must look after. I beg you.” The mother kept pleading.

“I am really sorry, but I am hungry today.” Finishing his sentence, he bit into the mother’s neck and gulped down the mother’s life. Soon, the mother was getting her life sucked away quickly and reached the brink of death, but he didn’t bother to take back his fangs.

“Relax! I will take good care of your daughter.” He smiled crookedly while her eyes grew desperate.

“No. . .” A final sound came from the body with a breath filled with death, but vanished in a single step.

“Little girl, who are you waiting for?” He asked after arriving next to the slide.

“I am waiting for mama!” The little girl replied innocently.

“Your mama is waiting for you on the other side of the forest Here, let me take you there,” he said gently. No one would have guessed that he was a murderer.

“Really?” The little girl asked out of habit.

“Of course, let’s go. We don’t want to let your mother wait too long.” While talking, he held the little girl’s hand and walked towards the forest. However, I also got up from the bench and followed them inside.

“Mama, what happened to you? Quickly wake up! I am your baby, quickly wake up!” When the little girl saw her mother lying unconscious on the ground, she started to push her while weeping and wailing. However, she knew that her mother would never wake up again.

“Stop yelling. I will send you to see your mama right now!” He said, his face ominous.

“Haven’t you eaten enough yet?” I asked as I silently followed behind them.

“I am full, so she is just a dessert.” After replying, he asked in surprise, “But wait, who are you?”

“Even if I told you who I am, it doesn’t matter since you will be dead soon anyways,” I coldly replied. Then, a dramatic scene took place. The vampire’s blood continued to flow into my body, and it was extremely delicious and unforgettable.

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