Chapter 17 Murderer

Chapter 17 Murderer

“On the night of the year ‘02, did you kill a sixteen or seventeen year old boy at Snowy Mountain Park?” I suddenly shouted at the owner furiously.

“Year ‘02?” He actually really began thinking. After a few moments, he shook his head and answered, “It’s has been such a long time that I don’t remember.”

“He has pitched-black short hair——under the moonlight, it would flash a green light. He also had a pair of deep and spirited eyes, but he might’ve looked spiritless at that moment. He should’ve been standing blankly at the small fountain beside a long bench.” I recalled every scene during that time details. Unknowingly, tears flowed down my face, yet I still spoke distinctly.

“Oh! it’s that kid. Sigh. He didn’t taste good at all.” He contemplated and sighed emotionally like he was evaluating a dish of food that he had savored.

“You…….” The anger had rendered me slightly speechless. “You took his life away, yet you are actually still so scornful! Is this the style of a magic party member?”

“Oh. You knew I was a member of the magic party? But I am no longer one.” With this, he let out a sigh. He also seemed to have lots of painful memories.

“Humph! I don’t care about the Magic Party or Secret Party at all. However, you killed him so I definitely won’t let you off! I glared at him ferociously as a murderous aura glowed in my eyes.

“Hahaha! A little human girl actually said she won’t let me off! Hahaha! This is hilarious!” He guffawed while telling the fellow creatures around him.

“What’s so funny?” His laughter made me even angrier.

“Not bad. Your courage is commendable. I admire you. Alright! If you answer two more questions, then I will be at your disposal.” His tone suddenly changed as he spoke while staring at me calmly. Within his eyes, determination could be seen clearly.

“Okay. What do you want to ask?” I said while peering into his eyes.

“Is that boy really that important to you? To the point that it made you so desperate.” This was his first question.

“He was the only person I knew during that time, the only one that I could talk to; the only one that cared about me. To me at that time, losing him changed my world into a lonely place, a place with no life and no sounds. Can you see how important he was to me?” I recalled deeply the feelings I had at that time——Loneliness, helplessness and fear, while all of my senses were lost.

“It looks like I really killed a very important person.” He lifted his head and sighed regretfully.

“The second question?” Instead, I reminded.

“Who killed Louyu?” He asked this question again.

“I don’t want to answer!” I resolutely refused to answer this question

“Don’t you want to take revenge for that boy?” He inquired suspiciously.

“I do, but I still can’t answer this question.” I still told him in a resolute tone. This was the only question that I won’t answer no matter what.

“If so, then I will use this secret to take revenge!” I pondered for a while and made the last decision.

“No, you must tell me!” he roared and choked my throat with only one hand. He was actually thinking of killing me.

“No way!” Although my throat felt very painful because of the choke, I definitely wouldn’t change what I had decided, no matter the cost.

“Are you really not afraid of death?” He glared into my eyes, like he was really going to eat me.

“You want to bite me?” I did not answer his question but asked in a scornful tone.

“If you force me!” He paused for a second and answered.

“ I didn’t expect that vampires to be forced to drink blood. Humph! Does it mean that you were also forced when you bit him?” I felt even more scornful for his reason.

“Yes. I had no choice but to suck his blood.”

He actually agreed with my words and admitted it.

“Perhaps he has answers that you desired to know but refused to tell you?” For a moment, I actually didn’t know how to react.

“Well, no. However, I was being pursued by Yama during that time and was using a huge amount of my strength. If I did not replenish myself in time, I would be in danger.” Surprisingly, he really did give a reason while everyone around nodded in agreement to his words.

“Yes. This is the way you vampires survive. You guys always hurt others just for your own good.” I detest the people that sacrificed others easily for their own sake. No matter whom you are and how strong you are, you have no right to let other people pay for your own survival.

“You will never understand our pain, so you don’t have any right to criticize whether our actions are correct not.” He was slightly angered as he rebuked.

“Correct? Yes, what is correct? If it’s correct, then you guys shouldn’t exist when there were humans in this world! I yelled out loud, yet I was shouting out in my mind, “And I shouldn’t exist!”

“Alright, since you say so, then I will make you one of us and let you know clearly the pain and struggles of a noble!” With this, he slowly pulled me closer. When my neck was almost against his mouth, everything seemed to be motionless and even the movement of air could be seen clearly

“NO!” Just when he revealed his fangs, Sinmo and Lisa yelled simultaneously; Unknowingly, they had already stood near the stage.

“Are you guys really going to oppose me just for this insolent little girl?” The owner withdrew his lethal weapon and asked harshly.

“We dare not. However, Father, she is just a little girl that knows nothing of this world, so why should you break your resolution just because of her?” Lisa persuaded slowly. Actually, she was not doing it for my sake.

“Yes! Owner, why would you take a teenage girl seriously? She only spoke without a second thought because she was too sad. Are you really going to make her a member of the blood family just because of her childish words? Isn’t this punishment too heavy?” While Sinmo was really persuading sincerely.

“It looks like you all care a lot about her. Fine. I will let her go if she answers the question. I will even promise to do one thing for her. If not…….” With this, he averted his eyes to look at me, as if he was waiting for my answer.

“No! Impossible!” I glared at him fiercely as I crushed the only chance of reconciliation. The surroundings became dead silent again. The eyes of the owner before me flashed a blood-red icy glow as he opened his mouth and moved to kiss me on my neck.

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