Chapter 16 Louyu

Chapter 16 Louyu

“The restaurant owner is here! The restaurant owner is here! Everyone, be quiet!” A sound was heard coming from an unknown place, and the hall immediately became dead silent. The originally soft voices which were discussing stopped, and all those seated stood up, including Bern. As for me, of course I wouldn’t be that respectful. Since I don’t even know what he looks like, why should I stand up and make myself suffer! Plus, I have always pursued the policy: If I could sit, I would absolutely not stand, and if I could lie down, I would absolutely not sit. Therefore, it was impossible for me to stand up and welcome him. However, there was one thing that was giving me a headache; I couldn’t see what kind of person he is when I was sitting like this! (The “Person” here refers to ordinary and also extraordinary ones.)

The lucky thing was that this restaurant owner came in from the inner door beside us. Although he was not very close to me, I could still see him very clearly.

Clothed in a black cloak, he had black short hair and a pair of black eyes. Black, a beautiful and familiar color. On the whole, he was not someone that I hated. As he passed our side, he turned and cast a smile at us, before continuing directly towards the small stage diagonally opposite us. A black grand piano was placed on the small stage, but the performer had already disappeared. When he stepped upon the stage, he turned and faced everyone, peering at the ones in the restaurant with a sharp glint in his eyes. And yet, the hall still remained silent, no sound was made.

“As usual, I am here today to simply ask whether the friends here know of, or maybe have heard of, a person named Louyu.”

“No!” “No!” Next, the answers resounded in the hall from time to time. After some time had passed, the answering voices stopped, and the hall became dead silent again.

“Could it be him!” I sighed softly.

“You know?” He uttered the two words and before I could react, my whole body was lifted up by an enormous strength, and was floating above the ‘Sacred Banquet.’ This feeling of being in the air wasn’t good but it was also not bad. It was as if my entire body had lost the force of gravity. Feeling as light as a feather, I didn’t even know where I should place my hands while Sinmo and Lisa beside me were shocked. They couldn’t even utter a word as they stared at me, who was floating in the air.

“I do not know if the one you were talking about is him.” With no facial expression, I stared straight in his eyes, showing not even a hint of fear.

“Are you really not afraid?” Instead, he thought my calmness was weird.

“What do you think?” I still appeared the way I was, but as I had adapted to the floating, I naturally felt more comfortable and talked more casually.

“A little human girl actually possessed such audacity. This is rare indeed. Alright, if you answer my questions seriously, I promise to not hurt you.” He laughed heartily, as if he was about to bestow me with something.

“What do you want to know?” At this moment, I had an extremely weird feeling in my heart. I seemed to have decided that the guy in my mind was the one that the person before me wanted to find. However, there was no rational reason as to why I thought so.

“Good. This ‘Louyu’ that you know is a guy, right?” The owner asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

“He is with a woman?” The restaurant owner inquired again

“Yes.” I replied again

“That woman must be very old, right?” The restaurant owner continued to ask.

“No, she is his wife, and she looked as young as him.” I continued to answer his questions.

“Then does he have a mother?” The restaurant owner questioned with a slightly different kind of tone.

“As far as I know, she died of a sickness soon after being abandoned by Louyu’s father.” I was still calm like I how was just now, or you could say I was trying to pretend to be calm.

“Really?” A sorrowful expression flashed across the restaurant owner’s face.

“The Louyu I know told me so.” I answered robotically, because I didn’t want any words of emotion to remind me of the past hidden deep within my mind, especially the extremely unhappy images.

“Is he a human or a vampire?” The owner pondered for a few moments and continued questioning.

“He was a human before the year 89, and he became a noble after that.” Why did I remember so clearly that it was year 89?

“How did he become a vampire?” As the owner asked more and more, he began inquiring more details.

“To save his child, he sucked the blood of a vampire.” I spoke slowly as if the words had been uttered without a second thought.

“Then how is he now?” The owner paused and continued.

“He died.” My heart suddenly convulsed in my chest and my mind went blank.

“How did he die?” The owner’s voice was no longer serene; his voice was even shaking slightly.

“He was killed.” At this moment, the pain in my heart was indescribable.

“Impossible. With his power, it’s impossible to be killed easily.” The owner’s voice was already slightly furious now.

“He was really killed” I felt extreme pain as I spoke these words and every word uttered was like an ice pick pierced into my heart.

“Who killed him?” These words seemed to be roared out with the hell’s fire within from the owner’s mouth.

“I don’t want to answer anymore!” I finally broke down and yelled loudly.

“No, you must tell me!” The restaurant owner stretched his right hand and gestured softly. I immediately flew forcefully towards him and halted before him. At such a close distance, I could sense every odor coming from his body clearly.

“You!” Suddenly, an unforgettable sense of familiarity collided with every nerve of mine.

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