Chapter 15 Sinmo

Chapter 15 Sinmo

As all of you can see, I am a two or three hundred years old small vampire who is considered slightly handsome, a bit wealthy and with a lot of knowledge.” Sinmo answered with a grin.

“Oh. So that means if you ever have your eyes on a girl from any family, it would really count as a blessing to her!” Lisa was rarely serious, while Sinmo only smiled and stared at me without a uttering a single word.

“Why are you looking at me?” I asked sulkily.

“It looks like Luvian in our family is really a blessed person!” Lisa smiled evilly.

“Who’s part of your family!” I glared at Lisa fiercely.Yet, she didn’t seemed to care at all as she smiled even more evilly.

“You two are really close. It’s really rare for a human and a vampire to have such a good relationship.” Sinmo stared at us while he was squabbling with enjoyment.

“Well, you are wrong about this!” Lisa immediately corrected.

“Indeed. We are not on good terms!” I also declared.

“Not this. I meant our relationship isn’t even the relationship of humans and vampires.” Lisa said with a serious tone which was rarely seen.

“Aren’t you a vampire?” Sinmo asked in astonishment.

“You really grew only more handsome but not wiser. I am talking about her.” Lisa said as she looked towards me with a mysterious expression.

“Don’t tell me Jing’er is really a vampire!” Sinmo was shocked as his mouth agaped slightly, unable to be shut.

“To be honest, I am not very clear but I can guarantee you that she is definitely not a human.” Lisa actually spoke sternly again as if she was always a serious person.

“Jing’er, you………” Although I lowered my head, but I could still sense Sinmo’s eyes were staring at me directly as if the answer was now written on my face

“I think we were discussing about you just now?” Without lifting up my head, I changed the topic of this conversation. I did not want this topic to continue because even I myself did not know if I was a human or not, or what thing I was.

“Did I not talk about this just now?” Sinmo noticed my displeasure and didn’t dare to ask anymore.

“That’s too vague!” Lisa also began pestering Sinmo. Maybe she knew clearly that the questions about me couldn’t be understood in such a short time. If it was that simple, she wouldn’t have followed me for years without a clue of what was going on with me.

“He is……..” Bern who was sitting at the side suddenly spoke two words. However, when he met Sinmo’s eyes, he immediately lowered his head and no longer talked. Yet, that scene had revealed everything.

“It seems like Bern is very afraid of you!” Lisa pointed out sharply as she sighed.

“You only realize this now.. so slow.” I said with a disdainful tone.

“Do you mean you already found out what background he has?”

“Well, no. However, I noticed something unusual before you got here and Bern’s reaction had proved my doubts.” I stared at Sinmo as I spoke while casually casting a glance at Lisa.

“Oh. Did I give myself away?” Sinmo’s courteous smile always gave people a comfortable feeling.

‘It was not you, but your fellow-creatures.” I flashed a smile as I said. I have been smiling many times today, it is something that had never happened in many years. Plus,every smile was sincere.

“What do you mean by that?” Sinmo consulted mannerly.

“All the other single girls out there were surrounded by a swarm of vampires. Yet, why none of the other vampires didn’t come annoy me again when you sat opposite me. And…” I paused and continued explaining, “The moment Bern saw you, he lowered his head involuntarily and acted in/with a constrained manner. Consequently, he originally knew you and was very afraid of you. This means you are part of the secret party and your position is higher than Bern. Also……”

“Also what?” Lisa hastily asked.

“Why are you so impatient?” I flashed her a glare and continued speaking, “Also, Bern knows you but you don’t know him and no one has greeted you since you have came in, which means that you do not know the other guests. This tell me that it’s impossible for the other guests to tell Bern about you. Therefore, there is only one person that could have told him these things, that person is the restaurant owner who is the only one familiar with you. Finally, the one point that we can understand is that Sinmo has a special relationship with the owner instead of being just slightly acquainted like what Sinmo had said.” I explained everything in one breath, but I had no idea if that slow brain will be able to understand.

“I didn’t expect that, can I hide anything from you, Jing’er?” Sinmo grinned even more sophisticatedly, showing the demeanor of a gentleman.

“If that’s the case, you just have to disclose the truth. Plus, father will tell me when he comes. Is it necessary to keep this a secret?” It looks like Lisa is demanding to know it now.

“Alright! I will be friends with you two today. Actually, I don’t have a great background. I am just a Novitiate Elder in the secret party.” Sinmo’s tone sounded as if he was not taking this/his position seriously.

“Not bad. You are already a Novitiate Elder at this young age. To my knowledge, there are only one Great Elder, three Vice-Elders and ten Novitiate Elders among these parties. If the Great Elder disappears, then one of the Vice-Elders will be chosen to get promoted to Great Elder. When there is an empty spot among the Vice-Elders, it will be chosen from the Novitiate Elders. Luvian, looks like you have a very good luck! You must grasp this chance!” Lisa learned what she wanted to know and her mood immediately became happy. As a result, she started making fun of me.

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