Chapter 13: Magic Party

Chapter 13: Magic Party

“Magic Party? You mean The Magic Party — was anyone else involved?” Xiaoyu rushed to the scene, muttering continuously along the way, “no casualties, no casualties.”

“No.” The two brothers answered in unison.

“That’s good. Did you guys destroy it?” Xiaoyu was extremely relieved by their response in the negative, but was incredulous when he saw the pile of sand on the ground.

“No, the Magic Party one did that.” Xuqing seemed to be contemplating something.

“But we really don’t understand why the Magic Party would have engaged in such blatant provocation! No matter what, this is still Secret Party territory!” Xuxing was completely perplexed.

“I think the biggest possibility was that the balance was upset.” Xuqing’s tone was exceedingly cold as he touched the gun in his hand.

“The possibility of this is great. Although the two parties have been at odds with each other for a long time, they were keeping the peace because of a balance in power. But now.” Xiaoyu had gained some knowledge from the mound of broken and dirty records which his father left behind, but he didn’t know anything beyond that. That’s why he didn’t even know what a dark gift was.

“The guys just now were really strong!” Xuqing suddenly blurted out this sentence.

“Looks like we’ve got trouble!” Xuxing sighed with emotion.

“If it’s really as we think, then not only us but all the humans, particularly this city is in danger.” Xiaoyu’s face grew heavy with concern but he was clearly aware of what was the Magic Party and what was the Secret Party. If the balance of power between the two parties was upset then all of humanity will face a disaster.

“Then should we help the Secret Party?” Xuxing asked with a smile, but it wasn’t really a smile.

“I actually hope that the Secret Party can help us!” Xiaoyu said as he walked back to the car door.

“What have you heard today?” Xuqing didn’t care about Xuxing, the former looked up coldly and asked after shoving his gun back into his pocket.

“Let’s talk in the car!” Xiaoyu wormed into the car after opening the door, closely followed by Xuqing and Xuxing.

“You went to lunch with her today?” Xuxing started interrogating as the car started to move.

“You’ve been to my place?” Xiaoyu didn’t directly answer the question.

“Yes, we went to find you around 3 pm, but Xiaoya said you took a friend out for lunch and hadn’t been back yet. It’s most likely the girl from yesterday!” It looked like Xuxing was also interested in the girl with no past.

“What did you hear?” Xuqing was uninterested in the process. He only cared about the result and that was who, or what, they had met last night.

“Yes, what did she say?” Xuxing also wanted to know but for reasons obviously different from Xuqing.

“Nothing much. She only said that Lisa wasn’t her friend and that she couldn’t remember how they met.” Xiaoyu answered as he drove. He naturally wouldn’t mention the other matters he discussed with Luvian.

“Just that?” Xuxing seemed unsatisfied.

“And that she used to have a boyfriend, but he was killed by vampires.” Xiaoyu had to “reveal” a little bit more.

“Looks like she’s seen vampires many times before, no wonder she wasn’t afraid!” Thinking back about the events of last night, an expression of dawning enlightenment appeared on Xuxing’s face.

“If a vampire hugged your neck right now, would you not be afraid?” Who knew that Xuqing would toss him a cold retort.

“I…” Xuxing could speak no more because he was clearly aware that if that was the case, he would be scared out of his mind. Even though he had seen countless blood family and killed countless vampires, what use was that? He would still be afraid, that was human nature! But she…

“Then why wasn’t she afraid?” Xuxing thought and asked again, but there was only silence in the car, because no one could answer his question. All questions have answers, but no everyone could find them.

“However, I learned a secret today. Every vampire receives an incredible power the moment they become part of the blood family. No one is able to predict beforehand what kind of power it will be and no one is able to transmute it to another power afterwards. They call it a dark gift. Every vampire has one, but each power is different.” Xiaoyu told his companions what he had just learned. This would benefit them in their future hunts, even though they didn’t currently know what use it would have.

“Oh, interesting!” Xuxing fumbled for his notebook and recorded this according to his self invented code.

“She told you this?” Xuxing suddenly lifted his head in query after a while of recording.

“No, she only mentioned it. Sinmo gave the details.” Xiaoyu said.

“Who’s Sinmo?” It was the first time that Xuqing had heard this name, and was quite curious about this person given that he knew so much.

“A vampire.” Xiaoyu seemed to be worried about something.

“Where did you go eat? …the vampire restaurant?!” Xuxing’s tone suddenly changed to one of interrogation. Xiaoyu didn’t respond but only nodded with intent.

“So there really are vampires here. But under the cover of night, they appear the same as ordinary people if they don’t take any blood. How did you know he was a vampire?” Xuqing was extremely surprised. Afterall, he himself had gone there many times, but had not met even one bloodsucking animal.

“Jing’er said he was a vampire and he admitted it. I think there can be no mistake.” Xiaoyu believed that Jing’er wouldn’t lie to him, but this faith didn’t seem to be born out of a rational reason.

“Her again. Why is there always a member of the blood family around here? The thousand year old Lisa last night and now Sinmo.” Xuxing found it harder and harder to trust her.

“Speaking of Lisa, we met her again today. Jing’er still with them right now.” Xiaoyu’s face wore unconcealed worry.

“You left her there alone?” Xuxing was more than a little shocked. He had thought that Xiaoyu cared deeply for the girl but now he’d left her alone in such a dangerous place and left!

“I… I wanted to send her home, but she wanted to sit a while longer. I had no other choice, I couldn’t…. well drag her home!” His tone was suffused with Xiaoyu’s resignation.

“Why did she stay?” Xuqing suddenly blurted out this question, helping everyone immediately realize something they hadn’t thought of before.

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