Chapter 12 Sacred Banquet

Chapter 12 – Sacred Banquet

“Give me that table called “Sacred Banquet.” Lisa stood before the service desk and said while staring at the server.

“Really sorry, Miss.That table had been occupied by someone since afternoon. The waitress answered apologetically.

“What? How can this be… It’s already the time for the nobles to dine. You……must make that person leave today. Do you understand?” Lisa spoke with a seriousness which was rarely seen.

“Sorry, I don’t think it’s possible. They have already eaten their food but they seemed to be waiting for something. There is also a noble with them, so…….” The waitress was feeling very troubled because she originally knew Lisa and understood that she was not to be messed with. Plus, she looked rather fierce now. Indeed. There were too many maybes in everything, thus life has a meaning. Having choices is the reason to continue moving forward.

“How about we discuss this with them and have them give us the table?” Bern who was standing beside them broke this awkward pause.

“Is that alright? Miss? Lisa asked but she was still looking fixedly into the lady’s eyes.

“Alright. Give it a try!” That lady said and reluctantly led them towards that table.

“Luvian? and you?” When Lisa and the others went around some obstacles surrounding the Sacred Banquet, Lisa saw two people which she had not expected.

“Another two are here. Looks like this restaurant really has a well-deserved reputation!” I sighed without even lifting up my head.

“You guys?” While I sighed, Xiaoyu who sat beside me was also shocked.

“What ‘you guys’ ‘you guys!’” I wanted to ask why you two are together! Don’t tell me it’s a date? Ha! Ha! Ha!” Lisa exclaimed along with the string of abhorrent laughter.

“But who is he?” Lisa added when she noticed Sinmo.

“Same as you.” I said to her while looking at Sinmo.

“Hello, Lisa! I am Sinmo!” Sinmo stood up very politely and stretched out his hand to show his friendliness.

“Hello. Are we friends?” With a dubious facial expression, Lisa stretched out her hand which was wearing a long lace glove and accepted his hand.

“If we can be friends today, that will be my honor!” Sinmo’s words and actions were always very gentlemanlike.

“Dididididi……” Xiaoyu’s phone rang again.

“Excuse me!” Xiaoyu had no choice but to take this call. “Hello, I am Jun Yu.”

“What? Magic Party? Okay, I will be right there!” With this, Xiaoyu stood up and spoke with a troubled expression “Really sorry, Jing’er. I think……I think I will have to send you home.”

“It looks like someone has awaken, but I still don’t want to sleep!” I took a sip of the tea and sat there with no intention of leaving.

“But I can’t leave you here alone!” It seemed like Xiaoyu really cared about me. Yet, I really did not want to go back since I have been greatly intrigued by the owner who I have never met. Plus, I felt relaxed when I was among them because in here, in their midst, I was no longer a cheater.

“Mr Hunter, if you are busy you can leave first. As a gentleman, I will send this lady home. In this regard you do not have to worry.” Sinmo stared at Xiaoyu and said solemnly.

“I think he doesn’t trust you! Ha! Ha! Ha! Once again, Lisa had a reason to guffaw presumptuously.

“Oh. It’s me. Am I really that scary?” Sinmo asked. It could be possible that Sinmo thought of himself as a kind angel.

“There’s also me? So just relax.” Seeing Xiaoyu’s troubled appearance, Lisa took pity and uttered words of assurance.

“Then I shall leave first. Goodbye!” Xiaoyu understood clearly that he couldn’t stall anymore. “By the way give me a call when you get home. You know my house’s phone number, right? While he went two steps away, he looked back and exhorted.

“……” I remained silent. Maybe it was a silent acquiescence or maybe I was just ignoring him. Maybe I just didn’t want to show how close I was with him. Well, who knows? And Xiaoyu departed. In the end, only four of us were left. Now there were no disputes in regard to the “Sacred Banquet.” Maybe Xiaoyu was destined to leave. Talking about “destiny” many people often view it in many different ways. They viewed this word with much more meanings than it’s original meaning. They always thought “It was written in the book, and so it will happen.” However, it was because they believed in “destiny,” therefore they had to tire themselves for this “destiny.”

“There aren’t a lot of people that knows my name except friends?” After Lisa sat down, she asked the first question.

“You come every year this day, so I took a slight notice!” Sinmo answered casually.

“Oh, only the name?” Lisa inquired with a faint sneer.

“Also, you have been through fifteen centuries. Not bad, right?” Sinmo added as he tried to save his face which was more important to the humans.

“Oh, you know this too? Luvian told you?” Lisa turned and said while staring at me.

“By the way, I have been hearing about who you called Luvian but no one here has that name!” Sinmo seemed to suddenly thought about something.

“Luvian,this is your bad. Chatting with him without even telling him your name.” Lisa spoke to Luvian like a senior instructing a junior.

“Is that necessary?” I had absolutely no interest in this, so I was lazy to explain.

“What? You are called Luvian? Aren’t you called Jing’er?” Sinmo still seemed to be doubtful.

“Is that important?” I said as I felt more and more bored.

“True that. Names are just a symbol. Once years past, no one would remember anymore.” Sinmo seemed to recall some unhappy past, thus we went into silence naturally.

“Looks like you really like this table?” After a long time of silence, I suddenly looked at Lisa and questioned.

“Like? Ehm, no.” Sadness flashed past Lisa’s face as she answered.

“Hate?” I asked again.

“Also no.”

“That means you have an unforgettable past related to it?” I continued to inquire though I had already guessed it.

“Why can’t I hide anything from your eyes?” Lisa asked back with a helpless and pitiful tone.

“Stop appearing like you are being interrogated. I have no interest in listening to your disgusting past.” Although I said so but actually I was thinking differently in my mind. Because I knew clearly that sometimes the past was a secret and also a pain which exists forever.

“Many years ago, this area was a habitation for the heretics. The restaurant we are now at was their sacred altar and this table was the place they used to place the gifts for the fans. Around one thousand, five hundred years ago, a ritual was held here. It was also the last time this ritual was held and this the name of this ritual was “Sacred Banquet.” Lisa looked really sad now. This was the first time I have seen her like this

“I know a few stories regarding those heretics, but I have no idea whether it’s true or false.” Seeing that she was really sorrowful, I felt sorry for her.

“You really aren’t young! Ha! Ha! Ha! Lisa suddenly changed the topic, but her laughter still sounded slightly forceful.

“I think seventeen years old doesn’t count as old!” It seemed like someone really wasn’t worth the pity.

“But it’s impossible for a seventeen years old child to know about these.” Sinmo interrupted.

“Is it not possible for me to hear about it?” I really don’t understand that why I must find reason for every sentence I said.

“Then what did you heard?” Lisa asked.

“These heretics believed and worshiped the God of Life. They believed that blood is the source of all living beings. Every ten years, they would held a ritual and offer a sacrifice to their God of Life. If you have some imaginations, you would maybe say you can imagine what the sacrifice was.” I told some stories from the depth of my memories. Sometimes, I really think having some additional memories is quite useful. Although they wouldn’t help you get full marks in every subject or let you know what other species are exist besides the Nobles. For example,the wolverines, mummies, demons or monsters which caused disasters in movies.

“The hot drink of blood!” Sinmo exclaimed as anticipation was seen on his face.

“It’s not that simple. They needed a stainless girl that met the conditions.” Lisa added.

“Conditions? A stainless girl was not enough?” It seemed like Sinmo could be satisfied very easily.

“That’s a condition for misfit little nobles like you.” I said as I felt like laughing.

“Oh, then what conditions did they demanded?” Sinmo asked as he really couldn’t figure it out.

“For example: green eyes, a mixed blood of four countries and silver long hair. I don’t remember the rest.”

“Born during a full moon at the stroke of midnight.” Lisa added again.

“That means you dyed your hair?” I looked at her pitched-black long hair and questioned.

“Luvian, I really have to admire your imagination.” Having someone point out that she had changed her appearance slightly, Lisa was slightly unhappy. Actually, dyeing her silver hair black was unnecessary. In today’s society, there were countless people who dyed their hair into golden monkeys, red parrots, and green tortoises so people naturally became inured to the unusual.

“Did you seen the appearance of that God of Life? It was always hard for me to imagine the things that shouldn’t exist in this world.

“Are you in a hurry to get marry?” Lisa asked while looking at me evilly.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t like me as I don’t have long silver hair or green eyes? I explained.

“That means you are a mixed-blood of four countries?” Lisa was trying to catch my drift again.

“No, maybe there were no countries when you were born? Ha! Ha! Ha!” Lisa laughed. Why is she always so annoying, especially that laughter.

“As the person involved, please allow me to correct one point. Actually, I have no nationality so I wouldn’t be a mixed blood of a few countries.” I was saying some truth, some truths could not be understood by others.

“That’s not possible!” Sinmo was the first to question.

“No, that’s possible. For example, *dead people* doesn’t have nationality.” Lisa did not spend thousand years living in vain. She had even grown wiser.

“Wrong. I am still alive and was never dead.” You can know just by looking at my neck.

“Really?” Lisa was very suspicious.

“Do you want to take a look at my neck?” I spoke with a tone which clearly meant that I would hate to pull down my collar.

“Yes!” Lisa actually agreed happily as if she did not hear my feelings of disgust. However, it wouldn’t be possible as I have said it very obvious. Unless, she has been expecting this for a long time.

“Too bad I am wearing turtleneck today.” I had no choice but to say it clearly and distinctly again.

“Then when are you not wearing turtleneck?” I could see Lisa really planned to pester me.

“When I wear a dress.” Of course, I meant the thing that would fluttered once a breeze blows.

“I have more than enough time!” Lisa said something that couldn’t be more true.

“Then how did you obtained so much time?” I changed the topic back again.

“‘The God of Life’ gave it. Do you even have to ask?” When mentioning the God of Life, Lisa’s tone showed much more respect than just now.

“Looks like he was not only very handsome but also possessed an eternally young appearance!” Even the obtuse Sinmo understands.

“Looks like mentality is still proportional to age.” Lisa smiled. It was a natural smile but I felt like it was unnatural when it was placed on her face. Maybe it was because I was deeply poisoned!

“But I have never heard that girls who became sacrifices would still live. This is a little weird!” In regards to the ritual that I know, the sacrifice will die after every drop of blood was drawn. You can tell their “God of Life” was not very kind and merciful.

“A thing that is even harder to imagine: are you perhaps more attractive than the previous ones?” I added another question.

“You! Nevermind, I am not in a mood to quarrel with you today. Fine, I will tell you guys maybe it will make me famous?” Lisa held up the “red wine which she had ordered and shook it gently before her face. She then said,”At that time, my heart was broken because I knew clearly that the people that cared about my life were no longer breathing. The only thing I could do now was to wait for my own death. Therefore, I allowed them to place the delirious me on the rectangular altar. They surrounded and went circles around me with candles in their hands as they muttered some unknown words or spells. I was not able to see clearly nor hear clearly. Suddenly, they all disappeared. I am not saying they vanished into thin air but I couldn’t see them in my view. At that moment, a huge object suppressed the top of my body causing me who had difficulty in breathing to gasped for air. Next, a tremendous pain was felt on my neck and I had no knowledge of what happened next until I opened my eyes again. The images I saw could never be forgotten. No matter how long I live, it would still be impossible to forget. I was still lying on this table when I woke up, yet everything around me changed. Redness was seen on the walls, on the floor, everywhere. The more frightening things were the scattered pieces of corpses, hands, feet and horrifying heads. However, I was already unable to feel fear during that time. I sat up slowly and naturally touched my neck. It was hurt but it was no longer bleeding.

“How do you feel? This was my first try. I really didn’t expect that it actually worked.” At this moment, a voice asked.”

“Who..who are you?” Out of natural reaction, I blurted out a question.

“I should be considered as a father to you now!” At this moment, I realized that a man around thirty years old stood at my side. He was dressed in noble clothes and was glowing with health.

“My father have already been killed by them.” I had a clear mind.

“That’s your human father, but I am your noble father.” While he was still speaking, he approached me slowly.

“Noble? I am not a noble.” I knew who I was and what status I had.

“The nobles that I am talking about aren’t the kind you think. It also has many names. For example: Longevity Species, vampires, blood family, demons, monsters,etc. You have heard of it,right?” He explained to me again and again.

“You are saying I have turned into a vampire?” I touched my face and scrutinized my hands. “No, I am still me. I did not go through any transformation. It’s impossible for me to become those blood-sucking monsters.”

“Transformation? What an interesting word. How big do you want the transformation to be? The face of a demon or sharp claws?

“No?” I was still a naive and innocent little girl.

“Of course not! The only transformation is that your sharp canine teeth have grown sharper. However, this has good use.” He halted before me and stroke my head softly like how a kind father often does.

“That’s great! But do I really have to drink human blood?” That was the thing I was most afraid of. I did not want to hurt anyone, whether it’s an acquaintance or stranger, kind person or evil one. I just didn’t want more people to lose their family, friends and home.

“This? Let me ponder that. Of course not, if you can buy it with money!” Of course, during that time it was impossible to buy it anywhere.

“But I don’t want to hurt others.” I lowered my head.

“Then just drink animal blood!” He said casually as if drinking blood was a very reasonable thing.

“That means the thing that just bit my neck was a vampire. Was that you??” I asked as I remembered some broken and interrupted images.

Yes, he is a noble. Please allow me to use these two words. But it wasn’t me. That guy got injured and fled.” Not a sign of lying could be seen on his face.

“Then who is he?” To be honest, when I asked this question not a bit of hatred was felt in my heart. I only felt some unknown sense of familiarity.

“He was a guy that I liked, but he did not like me.” I could tell the “like” that he had said was very meaningful.

“Oh, then what should I do now?” I continued asking.

“Follow me! I will teach you like a real father, about eating, sleeping and entertainment.” And this was the end of the story. My new father and I formed a new and peculiar family.” Lisa sighed softly after telling her greatest secret.

“It’s very easy to tell that your father is the owner of this restaurant. From his style of work, he should be part of the secret party!” I continued speaking.

“No, it’s Magic Party.” Sinmo suddenly opened his mouth and spoke.

“That’s right. My father belongs to the Magic Party.” Lisa confirmed.

“Magic Party?” The truth of the owner as the member of the Magic Party shocked me and Bern.

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