Chapter 11 Food

Chapter 11 – Food

“Miss, are you alone?” A man fill with the flavour of gentlemen asked me. I lifted head and looked gave him a glance and noticed that he didn’t look bad. With almost perfect facial features put on his face, it was excessively impeccable even from my point of view.

“Didn’t you notice?” I coldly replied. Please don’t misunderstand; I am not attempting to flirt with him. I am really currently really alone, that was an indisputable fact. Why just to avoid some unknown trouble offend someone in front of you! Furthermore, he seemed a bit…

“Thank you!” He sat right across from me. Xiaoyu and I was sitting on a table meant for four people, but I wasn’t too worried about what Xiaoyu will do after he comes back that was his business. So I drank tea and pretended that I was alone while not uttering a single word.

“Are you waiting for it to open?” He looked at me and silently asked.

“No, I’m already inside and waiting for the other guests to tell me why this restaurant has this name.“ I said coldly.

“That’s because there are vampires here in the evening.” He said casually but it gave people a sense of doubt.

“You can tell the difference between who is and who isn’t?” I asked.

“Even without looking, I know who is and who isn’t.” He answered simply.

“How many?” In fact, I could hardly imagine a scene with a large group of vampires drinking and chatting together.

“That, I don’t know, but in a minute you can see for yourself.” He said that sincerely, not intending to joke.

“Can I ask, how can you confirm that?” I asked for his method and furthermore it was in a respectful tone. It didn’t matter if what he said earlier was a sincere offer or just making fun of me.

“In order to hide their identity, they won’t show any difference. However they will deliberately approach their favorite food, so that they could bring them back when they leave to slowly enjoy them later. “Although he used third person, he seemed like praising his own virtue with high spirit.

“Why not enjoy it here?”, I was a bit puzzled. Although secret party vampires must comply with this principle of not intervening with the real world, but in the dark they don’t have to hold back, let alone the magic party.

“The reason being; this restaurant does not allow vampires to drink blood here.” He said a little helpless.

“But vampires really abide the rule?” I was a bit puzzled.

“They are afraid not to abide.” Talking about it, he suddenly remembered to ask the waiter to a cup of red wine and continued,” the owner of this restaurant is a vampire who is 1800 years old and who fails to abide this principle will be punished. ”

“Have you seen the boss before?” I’m rarely interested in a person.

“I have, he normally comes here once every year to this restaurant. Right, today is the day. It looks like you’re lucky. Wait a moment and you will be able to see him.” He seemed to be talking about an immortal-like person with a tone of endless worship and envy.

“What a pity, it’s just a noble who is less than two thousand years old!” I was a little disappointed, it really was disappointing. My heartfelt the disappointment, it was something I also hadn’t felt for a long time. Even though it was a bit strange, I was sure it was disappointment.

“Less than two thousand years old? Ha! Ha! Ha! Even a 1000 year old vampire is very difficult to find and you are still not satisfied with a vampire who almost reached 2000 years! Could it be that you met a 2000 years of noble?” He felt as if I was from a fantasy.

“Of course.”, I couldn’t help but blurt it out in order to stop his laughter.

“Have you really seen one?” He stopped laughing and seriously asked.

“Never met one, I just meant that they must exist.” I know that I let it slip and immediately explained, “I just that, since vampires don’t die, certainly there should be some vampires that are over 2000 years old.”

“That isn’t necessarily true. Eternal life comes with eternal sorrow. Everyone could get at a point where they couldn’t endure it anymore and choose to end this suffering.” He sighed, showing a deep sadness.

“Would you?” I suddenly thought of this problem.

“Me, why do you ask me, do you think that I am a vampire?” He asked in surprise.

“Aren’t you?” I asked.

“. ” He didn’t know how to answer, so he kept silent.

“How did you find out?” After a while, he woke up from his silence and asked.

“Didn’t you just tell me that they would deliberately approach their favorite food?” I didn’t show a trace of unease and surprise.

“You mean, you’re my favorite food?” He slowly said after talking a slip.

“That, only you would know?” I sipped some tea, not intending to directly answer his question.

“If you are, what will you do next?” He smiled at me and asked.

“Against a little noble like you who only has a few hundred years, I don’t need take it seriously.” I said coldly.

“You, you are a thousand year old vampire?” He became somewhat excessively surprised that even his voice became a little distorted.

“I know a vampire who is more than a thousand and five hundred years old.” I was very calm and didn’t take our conversation nor him seriously. Frankly it wasn’t necessary to take it seriously.

“He didn’t touch you.” He was even more surprised.

“She just comes to talk to me from time to time, every annoying.” I said casually. Hearing what I said, he was so confused that he didn’t know what to say next.

“Jing’er, this is?” While we were keeping our silent, Xiaoyu came back from the outside after finished his call.

“A vampire.” I was outspoken.

“You’re really called Jing’er, your name is really fitting! And he is?” Asked the vampire while laughing.

(TL: Jing means calm and silent in Chinese.)

“A hunter.” I didn’t hide anything.

“It’s an interesting introduction! My name is Sinmo. What do I call you?” The vampire smiled and held out his right hand to Xiaoyu. It was an interesting scene seeing a vampire and a hunter introducing to each other and shaking hands, which was rarely happening.

“My name is Junyu. Hello!” Xiaoyu also stretched out his right hand the handshake portrayed that vampires and hunters were not real natural enemies. Someday, at a special time and in a special place they would no longer be natural enemies and that they could shake hands, laugh and chat.

Suddenly, I felt that in this world real natural enemies may not exist. The so-called natural enemies may be only be relative for a period of time, created by an environment.

“Jing’er, don’t crack this kind of joke in the future, you will scare people!” Xiaoyu sat down beside me after lecturing me.

“Do you think there’s temperature on his hand?” I asked coldly.

“You are not joking?” Xiaoyu experienced the residual cold on his hands and quickly asked.

“It’s true, I can prove it.” Sinmo replied for me.

“Why are you together with Jing’er? Could it be that you knew each other before?” Xiaoyu seemed to suspect something.

“If we knew each other before, then you wouldn’t have had the chance to meet me.” I stared at Sinmo’s eyes and answered.

“Why?” Xiaoyu didn’t understand.

“Because she is my favorite and the most ideal food.” Sinmo was always willing to help others by sweeping away doubts.

“You, you think with me here I would let you hurt her?” Xiaoyu tensed up and fiercely yelled at Sinmo.

“I can’t hurt her, but not because of you!” Sinmo was still calm and answered gallantly.

“Is it because of this shop?” Xiaoyu saw that he wouldn’t harm and calmed down.

“It’s because of herself.” Sinmo smiled and looked at me while saying.

“Me? Do I have such a high ability?” I interrupted them.

“In fact, I do not know exactly who you are. However, I know if human beings were called a short-lived species then you definitely are not an ordinary short-lived specie. Your eyes tell me that you don’t care about the worldly matters, including human life which made you become like us and just as powerful.” Like a psychologist, Sinmo gave a careful analysis of my personality with rights and wrongs, but only I know.

“In just a few minutes, you have done such a thorough analysis on me. Could it be that you have a natural dark gift in this aspect?” I suddenly remembered of “natural dark gift”, it was floating in the depths of my memory.

“What is the natural dark gift?” Xiaoyu, who seemed to not knowing about the meaning of this word, asked puzzled.

“So you even know about the natural dark gift. You really aren’t a simple girl. Xiaoyu. I think I’m perhaps a few hundred years older than and it should be more appropriate to call you Xiaoyu. Maybe you are too young, otherwise as a hunter how couldn’t you even know this?”Sinmo was using the tone of an older generation while talking. “Natural dark gift is an ability that each noble has, but each noble has a different kind. The moment when you become a noble, you will receive some kind of magical ability that no one can predict in advance what kind of ability you will get. There was also no other way to change it to a different kind of ability afterwards, therefore it is called a natural gift and there shouldn’t be a need to explain the word dark.”

“Why do you look like you are teaching a student?” I said what I thought.

“Jing’er, what are you talking about? Who did you call a student?” Xiaoyu asked me grumpily.

“You, are there any other person here who doesn’t know what ‘natural dark gift’ means!” I sighed.

“Alright, see it as my loss.” Xiaoyu was powerless against me and could only agree with me. “However, Jing’er how were you able to find a vampire when it is your first time here. I have been coming here for so long and I had never seen one.”Xiaoyu said in doubt.

“That you have to ask your teacher. It was him who found me.” I gave him a clear hint.

“That’s right, I was looking for her but I didn’t tell her that I was a noble!” Sinmo pushed the ball towards me and it seemed like I couldn’t escape anymore.

“True, he gave me too many details about him being a noble. Except a noble who else would know so much in such details?” I made a resigned look.

“How can you be sure that everything I said was true? Could be that you were also a noble?” Sinmo asked sharply.

“No, Jing’er can’t be a noble.”, Xiaoyu was even more nervous than me.

“Why?” Sinmo took advantage of the opportunity to ask.

“She has a home, classmates and most importantly she can bathe in the sun.” Xiaoyu replied full of certainty.

“Can she really bath in the sun?” Sinmo wasn’t willing to believe.

“I can assure you that we came here at noon. She was covered in brilliant sunlight while walking into the restaurant.” Xiaoyu convinced himself about everything he saw.

“Perhaps she is a vampire living under the sun! Ha! Ha! Ha! I am joking.” Sinmo said with a smile. Maybe he was joking, but I felt my heart twitch.

“There are vampires who are living under the sun. For example those corrupt officials and those who don’t work to hold all the wealth.” Xiao Yu proposed a new point of view.

“Jing’er is not that kind of person.” Xiaoyu went on to explain.

“Of course, Jing’er is a bit unusual; perhaps the better term would be a little extraordinary.” Sinmo said to himself, but his voice was loud enough for people like us who were present to hear.

“It’s just because your experiences were too meagre, too common. That’s why you would describe me like that.” I actually felt a little ashamed after listening to their words of praise. Maybe I have a past that was too long with too many painful memories. Some people say that the more you experience, the more you learn. However, who could tell that while you learn those things you might meanwhile lose others. Moreover, the way you lose them was extremely cruel.

“What did you mean?” It seemed that Sinmo heard a deeper meaning and quickly asked.

“The isn’t any other meaning, she was just casually talking about it.” Xiaoyu actually replied for me.

“You are not her, how can you know?” Sinmo countered.

“Of course I know, Jing’er is like my sister.” Xiaoyu argued.

“Is it just a sister? That’s great.” Sinmo’s mood suddenly reversed and cheered up.

“How is that relevant to you?” Xiaoyu hated to see him that cheerful.

“Of course it is! As long as she is not your girlfriend, I would still have the opportunity to make her my girlfriend!” Sinmo always manage to stun others.

“I am not suitable for you both.” I said sincerely.

“Why?” Both of them actually cried together.

“Why are there so many whys in this world!” I tried to avoid them.

“I have the feeling that we are not worthy. You are definitely not someone an ordinary person or a noble could dream off.” Sinmo can always make you feel immeasurably deep with the ordinary words.

“Sinmo, you seem to evaluate Jing’er really high!” Xiaoyu change from topic that he wanted to understand himself.

“I’ve never met a girl like her before, not even in a blood family. It was as if she could see everything clearly and everything in the world was like a passing gust of wind. She didn’t care about it at all.” Sinmo really seemed to have a natural dark gift in the psychological aspect.

“How could she be comparable to you? Weren’t you people who didn’t care about human life at all?” Xiaoyu didn’t agree with his opinion about me.

“Do you think she cares? She didn’t even care and look down on us nobles with powerful abilities. I think whether it was fear or love, there won’t be anything that would still move her heart in this world!” Sinmo always understood others as if he was talking about himself.

“Jing’er, you should at least defend yourself, right? Xiaoyu wasn’t unable to beat Sinmo and could only as the person herself for help.

“What he said was actually quite fitting for me.” I had no objections.

“Jing’er, how could you agree, his words don’t fit you at all.” Xiaoyu was not willing to believe that I was such a person.

“Not fitting doesn’t mean I am not!” I actually didn’t care at all. After so many years, what is there to hide about what kind of person I am? Furthermore, I didn’t really care. However, it looked like they both care about this and when I fully admit it; they actually didn’t know what to do anymore. Silence took over, but the noise surrounding us increased and I didn’t know when so many people arrived. It was double as much as during the day, a bunch there, a table here. Not sure what they were drinking, chatting loudly, their voices didn’t stop while laughing and bustling.

The night was getting darker and darker and the streets were shrouded in darkness.

There were two figures that weren’t fitting for the crowd around them and were running forward at a flying speed. Although I used the word ‘run’, but there was no difference in speed compared to flying. In short it was not comparable with the speed of an ordinary human.

“Where are you going?” Bern who was following behind for a long time finally could not help but ask.

“I’m hungry; of course I am going to find something to eat.” Lisa turned her head and replied.

“Isn’t there food everywhere here?” Bern looked around and saw a person’s shadow flying by. They were not flying but where travelling with the speed of flying.

“They are not my favorite food.” Lisa said very seriously.

“I understand.” Bern gently agreed with a soft cry and said nothing more. He knew very clearly that it was not strange for a 1500 year old vampire to have some strange hobby. It was already not only easy to survive a hundred years of dark nights and loneliness, let alone 1500 years? Moreover, how many people knew about their story, no matter if those stories were happy or sad eventually they required her to face it alone. After facing too many stories would change a human or a vampire. Letting her to have a more or less peculiar hobby was not really surprising.

“We are almost here, it is just in front.” Lisa interrupted Bern’s thoughts.

“Ok.” Bern agreed with another cry as if he was proving that he didn’t have any opinions and only listened to her. Exactly at that time, Lisa suddenly stopped in front and said with a happy face: “We arrived, it’s here.”

“Vampire restaurant!” Of course, when Bern raised his head he saw that there was a restaurant in front of him. He had heard that name before but had never been inside so inevitably he couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

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