Chapter 10 Warmth

Chapter 10 Warmth

“Ah,” Bern sat up and shook his dizzy head, yet shaking seemed to have no effect. He started patting his own head heavily with his hands while asking, “What’s wrong with me? Where is this place?”

“A room.” The black shadow that stood on the windowsill with it’s back facing Bern answered.

“You! It’s you!” At this moment, Bern finally regained his senses. The things that had happened earlier to him flashed through his mind and he yelled in agitation.

“Who am I? Do you know? The black shadow did not turn around nor move a step. It only questioned with a laughing and mocking tone.

“A thousand year old monster,” As five words flashed across Bern’s mind, he blurted out the words. As soon as he had spoken, he realized that it was inappropriate and hastily corrected himself, “No, no. It’s senior.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Senior! A very appropriate form of address.” That black shadow turned around and approached Bern slowly, as the terrifying laughters also drew closer. The laughters crashed against his ears and affected his heart until it no longer had the lively undulation.

“Thank, thank you for saving me! Bern stammered as he stared at that shadow which was drawing closer and closer. Yet, his body began to back away involuntarily, until he hit the corner of the wall.

“So how do you plan to repay me?” Seeing that Bern had curled up in the corner, trembling slightly, the black shadow stopped and did not move any closer.

“What…what do you want?” Bern asked dumbly as he gazed into the flashing green eyes.

“You!” The terrifying voice answered.

“Want… want me…. want me for what?” Bern’s voice began to quiver. At first, he was only slightly afraid of her, but now it has totally overcome by fear. Facing a one thousand, five hundred years old vampire was something he had never experienced before. Bern was an Ancilla. In the secret party, he had obeyed the rules for more than sixty years. Although he was rather young among the blood family, he did possess considerable ability. Thus, he caught the attention of the Elders. Sometimes, he could even chat a few words with the Elders. However, among the Elders that he knew, the oldest was only one thousand years old. Yet, the one that was facing him and talking to him was five hundred years older than that oldest Elder. This is a number that he still couldn’t even imagine now. Feeling fear because of ignorance was reasonable.

“Play with me.” That sound answered, along with a long string of “Hahaha” laughter.

“Play.. play what?” Bern froze for a moment. He absolutely did not expect such a request. A one thousand, five hundred years old vampire actually wanted him to play with her. What fun is there between the two of them? He seriously couldn’t figure it out.

“I still don’t know now, but you can make some suggestions. As long as it’s fun then it will be fine.” She said with a smile. “By the way, just call me Lisa.” As she was still saying, she drew closer to Bern while stretching out her hand, seeming to be about to help him up.

“What….what do you want?” Bern totally did not comprehend her words and actions, as he screamed in shock.

“How long do you plan to stay here? From last night until now, it has been a day and a night. You aren’t bored of it, but I can’t stand it anymore.” With this, she pulled Bern up from the ground abruptly without even giving him a second of consideration.

“………………. “ Bern opened his mouth but not a sound could be uttered. He had no idea whether it was because of the fear or because there was not enough time. There he stood dumbly, staring at Lisa silently.

“What’s wrong? Am I really that terrifying?” Lisa laughed and asked. However, the laughter at this moment was no longer that terrifying. It was as if she was talking to a little kid, with a tone that seemed gentle, calm and amiable.

“No, not at all.” Bern answered. The weird thing was, now, warmth was suddenly felt in his heart. The dozen years of snow like coldness vanished into thin air along with that question. It was like returning to mommy’s embrace, feeling warm and comfy.

“Hey. Are you alright?” Seeing that Bern was stunned with no reactions, Lisa hastily asked.

“Ye…Yes” Bern lowered his head. He was grinning. It had been a long time since he had smiled. Ever since his only family——his Mom, left him, he had stopped smiling. It was not that he didn’t want to smile, but that he couldn’t smile anymore. But now, Lisa had retrieved his smile for him. She helped him retrieve warmth and the feeling of having a family.

“Then let’s go; I am thirsty.” Lisa said while pulling Bern out of that dark room. Outside was also as dark as the room, but all the darkness that they saw with their eyes was still beautiful.

Bern didn’t resist, but allowed Lisa to pull him out. He had no idea where they would be going and he didn’t want to know. He only knew that he wanted to be with Lisa. He didn’t want to leave that warmth which only family members had. Affection is a very peculiar thing. Whether it’s between humans or between vampires, as long as it exist, it will possess extremely strong power. For them now, the affection between the two of them had made Lisa not frightening anymore. Instead, Lisa had become very amiable, like a family member. Therefore, he has decided that no matter what happens, he will never leave her. He will stay by her side, play with her, laugh with her, and retrieve the things that they have lost.

And so, under that faint moonlight, the two dark shadows slowly disappeared into the dusk.

Within a very ordinary house in the city, another scene of warmness was being performed.

“The sky has darkened already. Why isn’t brother back?” In the living room, Xiaoya was worrying while eating chips.

“Maybe there’s work!” Sister Lan answered while sipping her tea.

“But isn’t today his day off?” Xiaoya asked again with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Right. He usually accompanies you home on Sunday!” Sister Lan was slightly confused too. She then took a sip of the tea again. The tea tasted a little bitter but when you were used to it, you would think it had a rather good fragrance.

“Let’s give brother a call!” Xiaoya put down the chips in her hand and grabbed the phone. Seeing that Sister Lan who sat at the side was leaning over, she placed the phone in her hand down and pressed the handsfree button.

“Hi. Hello, I am Jun Yu.” On the other side came Xiaoyu’s deep and attractive voice.

“Brother, it’s me. I am Xiaoya.” A sunny voice spoke.

“Oh. Xiaoya, it’s you. Did something happen that made you call me specially?” Xiaoyu hastily asked. Normally, Xiaoya rarely calls her brother, unless a big problem which she herself couldn’t solve happened.

“No. I just saw that you still haven’t returned home since you left this morning. Cousin and I are a little worried.” Xiaoya explained. This is family. No matter where you are, you won’t feel lonely as long as your family is there. Because you know that in some place, your family is caring about you and thinking about you.

“Oh. I see. I am alright. Just invited a friend out for food.” Xiaoyu answered with a natural tone, while warmth flowed incessantly in his heart. It was good to have family!

“Eating until now?” Sister Lan suddenly interrupted.

“It’s not easy to invite people out for food. I waited for her to wake up until two o’clock at noon. Xiaoyu sighed emotionally.

“What! Two o’clock at noon! That means you waited a few hours! What friend is this? You were willing to wait that long, don’t tell me it’s a girlfriend!” Sister Lan had watch the two siblings grew up since she was young and she had also been taking care of them. Therefore, she knew Xiaoyu’s character very well. Since young, many girls have had a crush on him, yet he was not attracted to any one of them. This time, could it really be……..

“Cousin, don’t say nonsense. I don’t have any girlfriend. However, I do have a friend that is slightly special.” Xiaoyu explained again and again.

“Alright, I‘m just kidding. I won’t disturb you two. Come home earlier this time, and tell me what special friend that is when you are back.” Although she said so, but Sister Lan didn’t really believe that it was merely a special friend!

“Okay, I got it. Goodbye then.” Xiaoyu said and turned off his phone. As Xiaoya heard the beeping sound from the other side, she could only hang up the phone.

“Cousin, I thought that brother became slightly weird since he came back yesterday.” Xiaoya picked up the bag of chips she placed down just now and started eating.

“Why?” Sister Lan questioned with a dubious face.

“Yesterday, he came back around ten pm after sending Jing home. Although I have never gone to Jing’s house before, I am very clear that it only takes a half an hour drive from my house to her house. Yet, it took brother three to four hours. Don’t you think it’s weird?” Xiaoya played with the bag of chips in her hand and elaborated like a detective peeling off the layers of confusion slowly.

“He might have stayed at Jing’er’s house for a while.” Sister Lan answered skeptically.

“I don’t think that’s possible. Jing is a person that doesn’t like to be close to people, nor a person that likes people to be close. I can hardly imagine brother being able to chat a few hours with Jing.” Xiaoya firmly believed that she knew Jing very well, since Jing was only willing to speak to her alone.

“Speaking of Jing’er, I don’t think she’s a normal girl. She has that sharp expression in her eyes that look down upon everything, and a philosopher’s peculiar view that makes one deep in thought. Also, her way of talking is noble, elegant, and apathetic, totally like a young lady who has experienced a lot.” Sister Lan recalled Jing’er’s manner and demeanor of speaking, and concluded her impression of Jing’er elaborately.

“Cousin’s eyes are sharp indeed. I also felt that Jing was slightly weird, but I just didn’t know how to describe it.” With an admiring expression, Xiaoya gestured a thumbs-up at Sister Lan with her thumb which was covered with the smell of the chips.

“Kiddo, don’t talk glibly.” Sister Lan chided while laughing.

“But what kind of person is Jing?” Xiaoya held up the jewel that gave off a blood-color glow on her neck and asked emotionally.

“How would I know. However, I think someone might know something about this.” Sister Lan said meditatively.

“Who?” Xiaoya asked in surprise.

“Xiaoyu.” Sister Lan stared into Xiaoya’s eyes, seeming to be waiting for a corresponding reply.

“My brother! How is it possible for my brother to know clearer than me!” Xiaoya just couldn’t believe it.

“I also don’t know why, but I just have this feeling. However, just wait for Xiaoyu to return and then we will know after we ask him.” With this, Sister Lan walked into the kitchen. She still had to prepare dinner!

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible.” Xiaoya thought as she sat there alone. “Brother has never met Jing. Even if Brother and Jing have chatted for a few hours after he has sent her home, it would be impossible for him to understand what kind of girl Jing is. Because her words never allowed others to comprehend every meaning clearly, thus, it would be impossible to have even a hint of her past. I spoke to her the most in school, and I am the one that is the closest to her. If I don’t know, how would brother know? Cousin must have guessed wrong. When Brother returns, I must have him tell cousin that she has guessed wrong.” Xiaoya made up her mind, and ate the last few chips in her hand. She threw the empty bag of chips into the dustbin easily, and turned on the television to watch the entertainment shows. Soon, she burst out into a guffaw, “Hahaha.” The doubt just now was hurled beyond the highest heavens. Maybe this is youth; this is the carefree flower age.

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