Chapter 9 The Feast of Blood (IV)

Chapter 9 – The Feast of Blood (IV)

Suyue abruptly opens her eyes.

She is still lying on her bed. She hasn’t gone outside at all.

Nightmare? Were those scenes just nightmares?

But when she reaches up to touch her neck, she realizes that her neck is completely covered with water!

Then… her sight shifts to the door of the bedroom.

She clearly shut that door before bed!

“Drip Drop…”

“Drip Drop…”

“Drip Drop…”

Droplets of water fall onto the floorboards.

A pair of bare feet glides slowly across the ground.

Moonlight shines through the window. In front of Suyue, a woman whose entire body is deathly white and continuously dripping water walks past the entrance of her door.

“Ahh…Ahhh…” Suyue opens her mouth, but she only can make some meaningless sounds as she watches this scene happen before her.

She sits on her bed blankly. After a long time, she finally gathers enough courage to climb up. Her pupils continuously shrink and dilate. She is too scared to say anything.

Standing up slowly, she drags her feet to the door. But every step she takes feels as heavy as a thousand-pound weight.

When she walks out through the door, there is no one there.

But on the floor, there are rows of water traces, proving that what just happened was not merely a dream.

Suyue feels as though her body is being immersed into the frigid cold of an ice cavern.

She raises her foot and keeps walking forward. Whenever her feet step onto the water, it would be incomparably cold. And at the same time…water begins to seep out endlessly from the ceiling and the walls.

The amount of water gradually increases.

Suyue reaches the door of her older brother’s room. By now, water has begun to accumulate on the floor.

She can see that water is also seeping out from underneath the door of her brother’s room. Suyue extends her hands and pushes the door open lightly.

Her brother is still lying on the bed, but there is water gushing from every crevice of his room. The strangest thing is that Ah Wu is sleeping very soundly, without even the slightest sign of waking up.

“O-Older brother… run, hurry, run…” Suyue uses all her strength to say these few words. But then, she could not continue to speak.

The cotton blanket covering her brother’s chest puffs up!

Then the bulging blanket slowly moves upwards.

“Stop, Bing…Bing…” Although Suyue is saying this, she does not dare to move a step forward.

Suddenly, that blanket violently bulges even further and two pale hands reach towards Ah Wu!


Suyue opens her eyes again!

She is still lying on her bed and there is no trace of water accumulating on the floor. The moon outside of the window is still covered by overcast clouds.

Another nightmare?

How is it possible to wake up from a nightmare inside of a dream?

At this moment, a black shadowy figure suddenly appears at her door, nearly causing Suyue to scream shrilly. But then, she hears a familiar voice.

“What’s wrong? Suyue?”

It’s actually her mother, Zhang Yinglan.

“Mama…” Suyue instantly begins to cry as she runs into her mother’s embrace. “I, I’m scared… I’m so scared…”

“This child, what are you scared of?”

“I had a dream… Bing Er, she’s back and she wants to kill older brother…”

Suyue’s mother Zhang Yinglan smiles as she says, “What are you talking about? That’s not possible, Bing Er is

dead. How can she return?”

“But Papa… and Uncle Haotian and the rest…”

“Your father’s death…wasn’t related to any ghosts. Don’t listen to the villager’s nonsense. Ai, poor child, you

are thinking too much.”

“Mama… can you sleep here with me?”

“Ah? You’re already a grown-up and you still want me to sleep together with you?”


“This kid,” Zhang Yinglan says. “Alright, I will go get my blanket.”

After her mother leaves, Suyue finally breathes a sigh of relief.

But after a while, she suddenly thinks of one thing.


Hasn’t her mother been staying at Auntie Wang’s house to play mahjong for the past two days till now? Isn’t she even sleeping over there?

She did not come home today at all!

And at this moment…a black figure appears at her door once again!


Suyue sits up abruptly on her bed again.

Another nightmare.

Suyue desperately gasps for air on her bed, looking around continuously.

Is this the reality? Or is she still in a nightmare?

She does not dare to continue sleeping. She simply sits up, puts on her clothes and rolls up her blankets before

she walks towards her brother’s room, thinking that for tonight, she will sleep there with him.

One nightmare after another, Su Yue can no longer endure this.

She finally comes to her older brother’s door. She stills her heart and pushes the door open.

Her older brother is still lying on the bed, soundly fast asleep.

She walks over with light, cautious steps. Shaking the deeply asleep Ah Wu, Suyue whispers, “Brother, Brother!

Wake up, I am Suyue!”

But Ah Wu seems to be sleeping too deeply. He does not even move.

Since Suyue can not wake him by shaking him, she simply decided to lie down beside him. This bed was quite big anyway. She curls up close to her older brother before closing her eyes.

Sleeping together with another person makes her feel much more relieved.

Following that, she falls asleep again without noticing.

Suddenly, in her semi-conscious state, she feels as though someone is pushing her. “Suyue, wake up. Wake up.”

It is her older brother’s voice.

“Brother… Let me sleep for a bit more…”

“Wake up, Suyue!”

Suyue rubs her sleep-ridden eyes before opening them...

Her brother is in front of her, staring right at her.

But, why are her brother’s eyeballs about to fall out and leaking blood?

And…why is his face completely pale without a single trace of blood?

Suyue abruptly jerks awake!

She widens her eyes.

That woman whose face is covered by her hair is now grabbing the sides of her brother’s head and looking at her

with a wicked smile.

Suyue immediately closes her eyes. When she opens them again, she is once again sleeping on her own bed.

Yet another nightmare.

It seems like this cycle will continue for an eternity, without stopping.

She does not know at all whether at this moment, she is in reality or still trapped in a dream. Was everything that just happened real or only an illusion? Is it possible that she will never be able to wake up?

Thinking about this possibility makes her feel as though her entire body is icy cold.

She grits her teeth, gets off the bed and walks out of the room. She feels her way into the kitchen…before picking up a sharp black knife.

Afterwards, she simply holds onto that knife and sits in the kitchen, preparing to endure her whole night like

this. She does not want to fall asleep again. Hopefully, this moment is in reality!

Time passes by slowly…

Suddenly, she sees a black figure appear at the kitchen door! Although she cannot see the figure’s face clearly, it is indeed that woman with messy hair covering her face!

She recklessly dashes forwards, piercing the chest of that black figure with her knife.

That black figure then grabs onto her face with both hands, but Suyue does not even care. She pushes the black figure to the ground and stabs it again and again!

“Go to hell! Go to hell! Go and die. Die!”

Even when Suyue sees that black figure has stopped moving, she continues to stab it.

But when she has already stabbed it for more than a hundred times, suddenly…

“Drip drop…”

“Drip drop…”

This sound reaches her ears again!

Once again, Suyue opens her eyes, waking up from a nightmare!

How many more times does this need to repeat?

Suyue feels as though she is about to go insane.

What should I do so I can wake up from my nightmares?

What should I do?

Is all of this caused by Bing Er’s vengeful spirit coming to take her life away? But what has she even done to Bing Er? Just because she was indifferent about the whole incident, now Bing Er is not letting her off?

Just because of this, she is coming here to torture her?

Gritting her teeth, Suyue flips her blanket open again.

She is determined to find out just how many layers this nightmare has!

She wanders around everywhere within her house on bare feet. But nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Suddenly, she hears footsteps.

Although they are faint, she clearly feels that there is someone walking past behind her!

She immediately turns around and follows it closely.

Then, she walks to the door of the kitchen again.

In the kitchen…as expected, there is a black figure!

But as soon as that black figure sees her, it instantly lifts the knife it is holding and stabs towards her!

After a brief moment of shock, she is already being pushed down by that black figure. And…then that black figure raises the sharp knife.

This time, she will not wake up from a nightmare again.

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