Chapter 14 - A Missed Chance

Chapter 14 - A Missed Chance

At this instant…

Li Yin abruptly steps on the brakes!

“What… What happened? Li Yin?” Kexin is so startled by this that she jumps up. And that creepily pale woman disappears as her body dissolves into a stream of smoke.

Li Yin grips the steering wheel tightly and says, “I always feel like something’s not right...”

“What? What’s not right?”

“This seems to be going a little too smoothly. Xia Yuan once told me what is truly horrifying is not the abnormal but the excessively normal. And during the span of time in which we execute the bloody missions, there is no time that’s more terrifying than when ‘everything is normal’.”

“B-but…” Kexin looks left and right one more time before she says, “It doesn’t seem like anything will happen…”

After Li Yin contemplates for a while, he sighs and says, “Forget it… But we still have to be cautious. Before we enter the apartment, even the second before we step through those revolving doors, we cannot relax even the slightest bit. Otherwise, everything we’ve accomplished will be ruined. ”

Then he starts up the car again.

Soon… they finally arrive at the city. Both of them release a sigh of relief.

City X and City K are very close to each other so they are able to enter the residential district of City K rather quickly. Since it is past midnight right now, there aren’t that many cars on the streets. But when the flashing neon lights of the city appear, both of them slowly release the breath they have been holding.

Their distance to the apartment...becomes shorter and shorter but in contrast, the streets around them have also become more isolated and dim.

“Kexin…” At this moment, Li Yin’s paranoia has not unwound at all as he says, “We…”


Abruptly, Kexin points to the car window at Li Yin’s side with sheer terror!

That pale and twisted ghostly face is now pressing against the car window!

“What?!” Li Yin quickly looks towards the window, but… there’s nothing there.

He grinds his teeth, parks the car along the curb and opens the car doors. Together with Kexin, he alights from the car and decides to head back to the apartment on foot!

Both of them run forward desperately while constantly maintaining their vigilance over their surroundings. Soon, the gates of their small residential district… are already right in front of their eyes!

To be honest, their residential district is not a high-class one at all. Since there are no iron fences barricading the district, anyone could enter when and where they liked. Even the security guards turn a blind eye so its management is a mess. But if it wasn’t for this situation, Li Yin and the other “black residents” will have been noticed by the security since long ago.

Of course, there is no need to worry about security issues within the apartment itself. There are even residents who do not lock their doors at night. After all, the residents in that apartment will always have better things to do than to steal stuff.

After running into the residential area, both of them expand their strides to a maximum as they dash in the direction of the apartment with speed akin to that of a hundred-meter race.

This will decide their life and death!

Before their eyes, that small alley is already in sight!

“Kexin, we… we can definitely stay alive!”

After running into the small alley which they cannot possibly be any more familiar with, both of them begin to become very unsettled.

What will the female ghost do?

And how will she do it?

Xia Yuan and the others are now standing right in front of the apartment’s main door, looking at Li Yin and Kexin who are running towards the apartment!

“Li Yin!” Xia Yuan shouts at him from behind the glass, “Hurry! Hurry!”

Ten meters… Eight meters… Six meters… Four meters… Three meters… Two meters…

One meter!

A violent burst of joy surges through Li Yin, but just as his hands are about to touch the revolving door of the apartment…

He suddenly feels a little dizzy. When he shakes his head and looks again, the apartment is actually twenty meters away from him!

How, how is this possible?

This is still so bizarre! It’s just like that unreachable shore!

Li Yin is completely at a loss… If it is really like this, then he will never be able to enter the apartment!

What should he do?

Kexin is also very unpleasantly surprised. She already reached the apartment’s main door but she cannot enter!

“Why is this happening?” Li Yin rushes forward again. But every time he is just about to touch the front door, he will be pulled backwards by twenty meters!

And at this time…

Li Yin sees the thing that he is most terrified of.

A pair of bare pale and large feet emerge from the left side of the apartment! A woman clothed in white whose body is almost as tall as the apartment walks out from behind the building!

Xia Yuan, Hua Liancheng, Yi Wang are all infinitely upset and agitated, but Tang Wenshan only watches on apathetically from the side.

That giant woman in white cloth walks in front of Li Yin and Kexin!

“No…” Li Yin has never felt this much despair!

Not only do they have no means to enter the apartment, they cannot even defend themselves from this woman…

What should he do?

Just what should he do?

That woman leans down slightly and opens her mouth. Her chin immediately extends until it is several tens of meters high. In her mouth, there is an endless torrent of water.

“Li Yin…” Kexin’s face is streaked with tears. She says, “I, I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die… I, I still haven’t told Xia Yuan, told him that I like him…”

Li Yin furrows his brows tightly as he contemplates his options…

Are there really no ways to oppose her?

Xia Yuan has stressed repeatedly that when facing these kind of phantoms and spirits, a mere human’s energy is far from enough and there do not exist weapons capable of hurting them. So running into the apartment is the only way they can possibly be saved.

Kexin is still crying. Suddenly, she feels as though the bottom of her body has been submerged in water. When she finally gathers her senses… she is already inside of that female ghost’s mouth!

Then the female ghost closes her mouth. When she opens it again… although there is still endless water, but there is already no trace of Kexin!

Kexin is dead…

She has also died!

At this point, only one thought passes through Li Yin’s mind -- Run!

Thus, he turns around without another thought and flees as fast as he can. Since he cannot enter the apartment, then he can only run away first! But if he does not enter the apartment within forty eight hours, then the death god will descend upon him!

Can he escape though?

With a light leap, the female ghost has already caught up to him!

That giant mouth slowly approaches Li Yin…

But at this instant, two deathly pale hands reach out from within her mouth! Then the gigantic skull of another pale woman emerges from this female ghost’s mouth!

This woman’s face is filled with cruelty, ferocity and hatred! She is even more grotesque than the first ghost!

This newly appeared enormous female ghost clasps tightly onto the body of that original huge female ghost, struggling wildly and dragging her back.

Li Yin gapes at them. He suddenly realises that this newly appeared ghost’s face is somewhat familiar….

Then he recognizes her.

This cruel and ferocious sight is…

Ah Xiu!

Li Lin turns around without thinking twice and begins sprinting towards the apartment!

“Thank you… Thank you! Ah Xiu!”

Ah Xiu’s grudge and her stubborn streak are actually this terrifying! To the extent that she actually became a even more horrifying vengeful ghost! Li Yin did not expect this at all!

But because of Ah Xiu, it seems like he can get closer to the apartment!

Seeing the revolving door looming right in front of him, Li Yin shoots forward like an arrow and enters the apartment!

He survived!

He managed to survive once more!

Li Yin’s entire body is powerless as he feebly lies on the floor of the lobby in a “?” shape, gasping for air. And outside of the apartment, Ah Xiu’s body struggles repeatedly to extract itself from the inside of that gigantic woman. This bizarre and random situation causes Xia Yuan and the rest to gaze at it with widened eyes and gaping mouths, even forgetting to congratulate Li Yin that he survived again.

The Village of Tranquil Water.

When the excited Bing Er arrives at the doorstep of Ah Xiu’s house, she knocks on the door lightly but realises that the door is not locked.

She does not see anyone inside Ah Xiu’s house.

“Ah Xiu…” Bing Er feels a little lost as she looks at the empty room, not knowing what to do next.

In the end, this pair of sisters just missed each other and no longer have the chance to see each other again.

After roaring and screaming continuously, those two gigantic female ghosts dissolve into streams of smoke, disappearing without a trace in front of the apartment.

Sister Bing Er…

If there is fate, let us become sisters again in the next life…

As he lies on the floor, the exhausted Li Yin gives in to the darkness after vaguely hearing these few sentences.

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