Chapter 7: A song that Surprised Everyone

Surprisingly, the first contestant is the elder sister she met before! Actually, it isn’t that surprising. Besides, in these competitions, exceptional performances aside, wouldn’t the first and the last leave the strongest impressions? That’s a devious woman…

Gu Qingyu pursed her lips. But I have to win, so I will definitely get first place. 

Her sister played the Guzheng. The piece she played was sombre at times, joyful at others; as if the song told the life of a young girl as she reminisced about her past. The whole song was enveloped in melancholy. 

After the performance, the audience gave an unanimous applause. 

“Wow! That is a good performance!” 

“This must be the second daughter of the Gu Family? No wonder!” 

“I hear the third daughter, Gu Qingyu, is here too!” 

“What? Is she the one who has always been in martial arts?” 

“Who knows! It’s so weird!” 

“Let’s see what performance she brings!” 

“But I hope it’s not sword dancing or something like that!” 


Laughter echoed through the crowd, Gu Qingyu helplessly rolled her eyes. These idiots, prepare for yourselves to be blinded by my brilliance!

A few more performances went by, but none of them were as good as the second daughter of the Gu Family. As a result, the audience’s reactions were relatively quiet. Suddenly, Gu Qingyu picked up on something with her cat demon instincts. Someone was approaching her! 

Gu Qingyu turned back with caution…

A man dressed in blue stood on the roof, his blue robe swayed in the wind.

Jia Qizhe. He… is here to watch her compete? 

Their eyes met, and Jia Qizhe smiled at her, as if to say that he was here to watch her lose.

Nope, I can’t lose! There is no way I would let him see me being humiliated! Gu Qingyu clenched her fists as she glared at him.

Then, a purple-robed girl walked on stage with a Pipa. The music from her Pipa rang out, drawing Gu Qingyu’s attention. The girl’s music was soothing. Yet in that pure tune, there were subtle hints of magic. 

This girl isn’t ordinary. Gu Qingyu thought briefly, but she was not too concerned. That girl’s performance ended to a resounding applause.

Finally it was Gu Qingyu’s turn and she walked on stage. She took a random Guzheng and started playing. At the start, the music was soft and calming. 

Then, Gu Qingyu began to sing, “Flowers and mist, scattered throughout the lands. They laugh at the world, trapped in fates of joy and sorrow. Yet we are not unaware...”

At this point, she goes into the main verse. Her thin fingers plucked and strummed the strings of the Guzheng, and a beautiful tune rang out, “In our eyes, a look that sealed our fates. A silent moment that stopped time amidst the bustling night, the stories stitched on water rippled and disappeared.”

The song swelled at the chorus, “Everlasting flames that sealed fate with no regret. Unchanging love that transcends countless lives. In an instant, dreams vanished like melting snow, blooming into oaths buried for you...”

The song was filled with ups and downs, it was long and beautiful. The audience was flabbergasted as the song ended. They had never heard any song like this, or any song with lyrics like this. It was their first time, the song was… surprisingly good. 

Hehe! Of course! Gu Qingyu laughed to herself. Hahaha! You’re all blown away! 

Several people clapped. Then, as if everyone was snapped out of a dream, a thunderous round of applause echoed through the hall. 

“Hey, is this really the third daughter of the Gu residence? She’s exceptional!” 

“That’s right! Who was the one that said she only knew martial arts?” 

“Her lyrics paint such a beautiful scene!”

Gu Qingyu smiled and bowed, then walked down the stage with grace. 

Jia Qizhe narrowed his eyes. She is surprisingly talented... I thought she only knew a bit of martial arts, but it turns out she is exceptional in music as well... Well, I suppose I ought to bring her along now. 

Jia Qizhe turned around and disappeared.

At this time, Gu Qingyu looked at the spot Jia Qizhe was at. She missed him by seconds. 

Eh? Where is he! He left? Where did he go? When did he leave? How did I not notice? Did he even see my performance?

“You are really very talented.” A voice rang out behind her.

Gu Qingyu turned back, “Um... You’re...?”

The man was dressed in white, and held a fan in his hand. He carried himself with an ethereal grace, as if he was more than a mere mortal. 

“I am Qi Yichen”

“Hello, Mr Qi,” Gu Qingyu bowed gently, “How can I help you?”

This was the competition grounds, so she must act appropriately, with grace and decorum. 

“I was simply in awe with your performance and talent.” Qi Yichen smiled,”I believe the champion will be yours this year.”

“Thank you, Mr Qi.” Gu Qingyu smiled back, “But there are still many others who are better than Qingyu.”

“Qingyu?” Qi Yichen was stunned for a moment, “Your last name is Gu?”

Gu Qingyu nodded, “Yes.”

Qi Yichen smiled, “I’m glad I made this trip, to be honest, my master has instructed me to find you.”

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-Additional Notes by the author-

The song featured in this chapter is called ‘Seeking Love/Wei Ai Zhui Xun’, the theme song of Fantasy Westward Journey. It is very good. You all can listen to it too!