Chapter 36: Butchers and Gangsters

After the crowd dispersed, the Second Young Miss kneeled on the streets alone. She could not walk away nor stay, the passer-bys all pointed at her, gossiping in whispers as they walked by, making her indescribably awkward. Her eyes were full of unhidden murderous intent. “I’ll make sure none of you will get to say a word later!”

After walking for a bit, Gu Qingyu put Qi Wan down.

Qi Wan has a complex expression. “Boss, did you…”

“Damn! How are you so heavy?” Gu Qingyu shook her arms to relieve her strained muscles.“Hurry up and give me a massage!” 

Qi Wan was taken aback, then went over obediently. “Yes, boss!” His outstretched hand was grabbed by another hand, one that was as white and cold as ice itself.

Qi Wan looked towards the man nervously. “Hi... Brother Mo…”

Mo Bai smiled. It was a warm smile, but his eyes were threatening and pierced Qi Wan. “Leave Brother Zhu to me, I’m the doctor here.” For the first time since their travels began, he emphasized that he’s the ‘doctor’.

Qi Wan nodded and withdrew his hand like the wind. “Please!”

Gu Qingyu was speechless. Mo Bai looked at Gu Qingyu, the threatening look in his eyes vanished and was never caught by Gu Qingyu. It was replaced by a soothing warmth.

Gu Qingyu swallowed nervously. “Mo, Mo Bai…”

“Hmm?” Mo Bai smiled, stretched his hands out and gently lifted Gu Qingyu’s arms. “If Brother Zhu don’t mind, is it ok if I help to massage you?”

Gu Qingyu swallowed nervously again. “Sure, sure, sure!” Xiao Qi watched their interaction, at a complete loss for words. 

Murong Zuoyu observed in shock. Doesn't he have a wife? Why does his every action look like he is into men?

Soon, they hit the road again. Quite a few people were chatting lively, thanks to Gu Qingyu and Qi Wan. However, Qi Yichen was surprisingly silent.

“Brother Qi, why do you look like you’re distracted?” Qi Wan raised his eyebrows in curiosity.

Qi Yichen focused himself, “Ah? Did I?” Qi Wan and Gu Qingyu both nodded seriously,

Qi Yichen smiled, “I was just suddenly homesick after all.” 

Gu Qingyu complained internally. Do you have a home? Suddenly homesick? Yeah right! Then again, none of us are aware of each other’s backstory. Yeah, I should ask that when there’s time.

Finally, when it was mid-afternoon, they got out of the town and entered a forest

“Boss…” Qi Wan suddenly held onto a tree for support, his legs looked weak and wobbly. 

“Qi Wan? What’s wrong?” Gu Qingyu immediately went over to support him,

Qi Wan seemed to be in a daze, his eyes struggled to focus on her, then he posed. “For some reason, I think I forgot my meds! I feel peachy!” As he finished, he collapsed weakly onto the ground.

“Qi Wan!” Gu Qingyu quickly hugged him. “Mo Bai!”

Mo Bai walked over, took Qi Wan into his arms and laid him on the floor, then started taking his pulse. He frowned slightly, “No major problems, it seems like he was poisoned… I’ll give him some medicine and he will wake up in a couple of days.” 

“A couple of days? So serious?!” Gu Qingyu widened her eyes. “What poison? How did he get it?”

Mo Bai’s expression was unchanged. “This is a poison that makes the poisoned faint. If he doesn’t take an antidote in three days, he would definitely die. I guess Qi Wan got it when he bumped into that woman.”

“That bitch!” Gu Qingyu gritted her teeth. “If she keeps threatening what I hold dear, then why should I hold back?”

“What you hold dear is Qi Wan?” Jia Qizhe asked. That seemed to be the first line he spoke today.

Gu Qingyu gave him a strange look, then shook her head with all sincerity, “All of you are dear to me. ” Each and every one of you are my friends. Jia Qizhe went silent.

“I knew that girl was up to no good,” Gu Qingyu snorted. “Luckily Qi Wan is okay now, let’s go.”

“You’re letting her go?” Qi Yichen then corrected himself, “...Wait, no, you did something to her too?”

Gu Qingyu nodded. “Indeed, smart guess. It was something from Mo Bai, nothing much actually. Just something that will make the skin on the whole body, including the face, rot.”

Xiao Qi silently shivered. Luckily Gu Qingyu is on their side!

“Actually if she didn’t do anything to Qi Wan, then nothing will happen,” Gu Qingyu smiled in relief. “I would have passed her the antidote via carrier pigeon. But now… looks like that won’t be necessary.”

“Then she wouldn’t have the antidote herself?” Xiao Qi asked. 

Gu Qingyu coolly snapped her fingers, then placed one hand on Mo Bai’s shoulder. “Mo Bai’s medicine! Must be the best!” She looked like a salesman pitching her jingle.

Mo Bai smiled. “Brother Zhu, let us continue on our way. Don’t worry, nobody but me had the antidote.”

“Yeap! I know!” Gu Qingyu waved. “Qi Yichen! I know you have a crush on Qi Wan for a very long time!”

Even with Qi Yichen’s smarts, he could not fathom what Gu Qingyu was talking about, “Huh?”

“Yeap, I'm now giving you a chance to steal his heart!” Gu Qingyu looked to be in ‘pain’, she clenched her chest. “Ah, my Qi Wan! To be married off at a young age!” She was looking like an old mother could not bear to see her daughter married off. If Qi Wan was awake, he would vomit out blood at her reaction. 

Qi Yichen looked at her in disbelief. “Brother Zhu…”

“Yes, I know, I know.” Gu Qingyu nodded and pulled Jia Qizhe, Mo Bai, Murong Zuoyu and Xiao Qi away. “Everyone, let’s not disturb them and go!” The others looked at her, as if looking at a ghost.

 “I’m tired…” Gu Qingyu looked around. “How are we’re not out of the woods yet?”

They had been walking in the forest since afternoon. If her estimations were correct, they had been walking in it for more than five hours!

“Brother Zhu, you have the nerve to complain…” A breathless voice came from behind.

Gu Qingyu rubbed her nose sheepishly.“Qi Yichen…”

“What the heck do you want?” Qi Yichen glared at her, then put Qi Wan down and pushed up his sleeves.  

...Isn’t Qi Yichen a weak scholar? My preconceived notions are being overturned too quickly…

Gu Qingyu laughed dryly, “Nothing, please continue…” 

Qi Yichen rolled up his sleeves and picked up Qi Wan once more.

Sir, does your family know what a brute you are…

“We’re reaching soon.” Jia Qizhe calmly looked beyond.

“Huh?” Gu Qingyu didn’t react to that for a moment.

“You dummy, we’re walking out of the forest soon.” Jia Qizhe knocked her head.

“Oh…” Gu Qingyu rubbed her forehead and hopped to Murong Zuoyu’s side, “Brother Leng…” 

“Hmm?” Murong Zuoyu opened his eyes slightly, his eyes remained usually cold.

“Um, please don’t be angry with the event just now... And, thank you.” Gu Qingyu stuttered. Maybe because Murong Zuoyu was the only one in the group that still did not know that Gu Qingyu’s real gender and name, so Gu Qingyu always felt guilty towards him. In addition, he displayed such unconditional faith in her just now. 

“It’s fine.” Murong Zuoyu said plainly and walked on. 

Huh? Something was not right. Is this guy angry? That’s true, a cold handsome dude like Murong Zuoyu won’t usually show much when he’s angry. Oh well, I have to comfort and console later. Besides, it’s not like I can’t tell him I’m a girl.

“Dammit! I’m done!” Qi Yichen suddenly threw Qi Wan on the ground.

With that throw… 

“Cough! Cough!” Qi Wan coughed a few times.

Gu Qingyu rushed over immediately. “Qi Wan, how are you?”

“Boss…” Qi Wan coughed weakly. “My head is spinning…”

“Mo Bai, didn’t you say he only wakes up after a couple of days? It’s not even half a day yet.” Gu Qingyu scratched her head.

Mo Bai examined Qi Wan briefly. “I guess he woke up because of the impact.”

Gu Qingyu said, “Excuse me?”

Qi Wan used Gu Qingyu as support and sat up. “I hit my head. That jerk threw me?”

“Yeah, I threw you, you punk!” Qi Yichen had one leg on a rock, looking like a hooligan.

“Oh, you're tired of living, are you? Let me help you with that!” Qi Wan rolled up his dark green sleeves and spat into his own hands.

“Oh, you think I’m scared of you?” Qi Yichen rolled up his white sleeves too. His original scholar image was gone.

...These two idiots…Who can tell her how two handsome dudes suddenly turned into butchers and gangsters?! Both of them are speaking so crudely?!

“Everyone calm down…” Xiao Qi rushed over to break up the fight. “We still need to go on…”

“Humph, I’ll let you off!” The two of them nearly said in tandem and turned away from each other.

“Let’s go, idiots.” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes.

“Don’t take me so lightly!” The two roared at Gu Qingyu. Jia Qizhe and Mo Bai, who were beside her, immediately turned back. Danger lurked in their eyes. 

“Our bad…” Another line said simultaneously. Their show of strength vanished as soon as it happened.Gu Qingyu could not help but laughed out loud.


They finally walked out of the forest and came to a small village. An old man was sitting at the entrance, somewhat spaced out. 

“Mister?” Gu Qingyu gave a friendly smile.

“Huh?” The old man opened his eyes slightly.

“We’re passing through here and would like to stay for the night.” Gu Qingyu looked towards the village.

The old man shook his head, “No, we never take in outsiders.”

“Grandpa Zhang, do you remember me?” A cold but friendly voice rang out, it was Murong Zuoyu.

“This is...Duke Yu?” The old man immediately stood up with his cane. “Come with me.”

This treatment… Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes.

“Young sir, I didn’t know you’re Duke Yu’s friend, sorry for my rudeness!”

Even though I’m annoyed, it looks like Murong Zuoyu is really popular among the people. That was obvious from the event earlier and now. 

“It’s alright, thank you.” Gu Qingyu immediately smiled. 

It’s understandable, after all, we’re neither the old man’s acquaintances nor his relatives.

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