Chapter 30: Is that how You Treat Your Husband?

Xiao Qi’s heart could not take it anymore! She walked over. “Then...I’ll open it?”

“Do you know how I was waiting for you to say that?” Gu Qingyu was really about to cry!

Xiao Qi said nothing and opened the window, a gust of fresh air blew into the room, Gu Qingyu took a deep breath. “Ah! It feels great to breathe again!” Xiao Qi still said nothing.

Gu Qingyu looked out the window. “Hey, I’m going out for a walk!” 

“A walk? Xiao Yu, it’s already so late…” Xiao Qi seemed worried.

“It’ll be fine!” Leaving behind those words, Gu Qingyu boldly jumped out the window…

Bam! Xiao Qi’s eyes widened as she ran over and leaned out from the window. But it was too dark. “Xiao Yu, this is a three-storey tavern…”

Meanwhile, onto what happened to our MC.

“Wah!” The scream of a woman rang out. 

Bam! Then it was the sound of a collision. 

“Ah!’ A man groaned in pain. 

Gu Qingyu rubbed her eyes and looked at the poor man that cushioned her fall. “Sir, are you alright?”

“Yes…” The man under her winked at her with his beautiful eyes.

Oh, another devilishly handsome dude. Gu Qingyu stood up and stretched out her hand. “Need me to help pull you up?”

“Thank you.’ The man did not refuse and took her outstretched hand.

His eyes were the colour of wisterias. Gu Qingyu could not pull her eyes away from him. “Sir, what’s your name?”

“I am...Qian Cheng.” 

Qian Cheng? Huh, for some reason Gu Qingyu thought of a thousand cities. “Hello, I am Zhu Fan.” Gu Qingyu said quickly. Huh, when had she gotten so used to using this name? Maybe one day, the world would lose a girl named Gu Qingyu and gain a man named Zhu Fan? How sad! 

“Hello.” Qian Cheng waved his fan, smiling. 

Um...Why do I feel that something's off about this guy? But undeniably, he is very handsome… His wisteria eyes are different from Murong Zuoyu’s violet eyes. Murong Zuoyu’s eyes always give off a cold and cruel, yet majestic aura, while Qian Cheng gave off an attractive, almost frivolous vibe.

“Brother Zhu, are you practicing magic this late at night?” Qian Cheng seemed like a friendly person. He looked up at the sky and seemed curious.

“Um...Yes…” Gu Qingyu nodded stiffly. “You?”

“I was just looking around!” Qian Cheng waved his fan again. “You’re practicing flying magic?”

Gu Qingyu tried her best to seem natural. “Um...Yes…”

“So have you learned how to fly?”

“Not yet…” Isn’t this obvious? Would I drop from the sky if I had learned how to fly?!

Qian Cheng gave a dashing smile. “You know, I can teach you how to fly.”

“Um...Sure!” Gu Qingyu thought to herself that since she could not fly and with this long and treacherous road ahead, not being able to fly would drag the others down. It would be good to learn it for herself. Though actually, Gu Qingyu was more inclined to not get hung in the air again! The experience last time was ‘unforgettable’!

Qian Cheng pulled Gu Qingyu and gently leaped into the air, his purple wings spreading out behind him.

“Wow! Cool!” Gu Qingyu saw that Qian Cheng’s wings were split into three different shades of purple, with a white underside. His wings have a colour gradient! I want one too. Qian Cheng pulled Gu Qingyu’s limbs and flew up.

Gu Qingyu watched the tavern below shrink in the distance. “Wah!”

“You’re afraid of heights?” Qian Cheng’s deep chuckles came from above her.

“Ah, nono,” Gu Qingyu denied. “I was merely afraid that you’re too fat to support both of us with your wings!”

Qian Cheng was speechless. Why is he the one that’s too fat? If they really couldn’t stay in the air, then shouldn’t she be the one that is too fat? The prankster Qian Cheng had a stuffy feeling in his chest. 

In the air, Qian Cheng gave a devious laugh. “Are you ready?”

“Aye aye Captain!” Gu Qingyu shouted. Huh? Why did I shout such a stupid line? It's not like I'm in Spongebob?

“I can’t hear you!” Qian Cheng strangely said.

“Aye aye Captain!” Gu Qingyu shouted again. The exchange left her with a weird satisfaction… Am I changing to be a bit weird after role-playing as a guy for so long?!

“Then…” Qian Cheng released his hands and Gu Qingyu instantly fell through the air. “Damn! Qian Cheng, you jerk!” 

I knew I shouldn’t have agreed so easily! Damn it! He actually let go! Doesn’t he know that I hate the feeling of diving down while strapped to a rollercoaster?! Um...Actually, he really doesn’t know that…Wait! Now's not the time to worry about that! 

“Focus your thoughts and imagine yourself soaring through the air!” Qian Cheng’s words rang in her ears. 

Focus my thoughts, imagine I’m soaring through the air… Focus my thoughts... Soaring through the air…

“Aahh! I can’t do this!’ Gu Qingyu broke down. 

Who could focus their thoughts while falling? And imagine myself soaring through the air? Jesus, it would be easier to just kill me!

Seeing the ground coming closer to her and Qian Cheng has vanished, he clearly did not care about her life. 

What to do?! I don’t want to die in less than a month of travelling here! Even after a month, I don’t want to die either! 

Unwilling to give up so easily, Gu Qingyu called out her cat powers. She wanted to leap off from the momentum. The odds were low as she may not be able to move fast enough. It was a gamble.

Bam! Just as Gu Qingyu was about to panic again, a man gently caught her and Gu Qingyu felt that she was flying up once more.

Qian Cheng? 

Gu Qingyu opened her eyes and a devious and arrogant face with light-green eyes appeared before her. “What do you think? Are you pleased to see me? Was I like prince charming? Prince Qi Wan? Hahaha!”

“Qi Wan?” Gu Qingyu looked at the olive-green wings flapping behind, bewildered, her brain filtered through his irrelevant comments and said, “Even you know how to fly?” 

“What do you mean by ‘even’!” Qi Wan was angered, his wings flapping, his face was still arrogant. “I am very powerful, ok?”

“Oh…” Gu Qingyu nodded, as if in thought, then gave a ‘kind’ smile. “Can I come down now?”

Qi Wan was carrying her bridal style in the air. 

“Sure, but before that, you should keep your ears and tail.” Qi Wan said with a grin.

Ah, I almost forgot. 

The moment they land, Gu Qingyu hopped off Qi Wan's arms and stormed off in the dark. Her face was as dark as coal. 

What was that? Qian Cheng actually dropped her! Luckily Qi Wan arrived in time, or I might have died! But, I actually let Qi Wan see me turning into a cat demon! This is not something embarrassing, but I don’t want so many people to know!  

Qi Wan followed behind Gu Qingyu, crying out after her, “Boss! I didn’t see anything! Please simmer down!” 

Gu Qingyu grunted and kept walking. She gently leaped onto the roof. She could not fly but she still had the abilities of a cat. That includes great balance, walking on walls and roofs, Feather Feet, Night Vision. Qi Wan followed her.

“Are you still angry?” Qi Wan looked troubled.

Gu Qingyu shook her head. “No, but do you have booze? ”

“Yeap.” Qi Wan waved his hand and two jars of wine and a plate of Beggar’s Chicken appeared in his hand.

“Thanks.” Gu Qingyu took a jar and chugged down its contents. 

Qi Wan took a few sips. “No problem.”

Gu Qingyu then started to cough badly. “Are you alright?” Qi Wan immediately set down his own jar of wine. “If you can’t hold your drink, then don’t drown your sorrows with wine like the ancient people!”

“Ancient people?” Gu Qingyu looked at him with a teasing smile in her eyes. “I’m already one now!”

Cough, cough… Qi Wan seemed to choke on the wine as well.

A jar of wine was soon emptied and Gu Qingyu only felt the wine acting in her. She stood up, wobbly.

“Hey, Big Sis, what are you doing?” Qi Wan was more than surprised by the look he was giving her. “Are you…”

Before he finished his words, Gu Qingyu sniggered to Qi Wan and burped. “Qi Wan, I want to sing, will you join me?”

“Sure.” Qi Wan stood up too, “What shall we sing?”

Gu Qingyu took a few deep breaths, then sang loudly, “Party rockers in the house tonight! Everybody just have a good time!”

Qi Wan was taken aback and looked at Gu Qingyu in disbelief, and then he followed along. “And we gon' make you lose your mind! Everybody just have a good time!”

“Party rockers in the house tonight! Everybody just have a good time!” Gu Qingyu repeated at the top of her voice.

Qi Wan just continued to shout, “And we gon' make you lose your mind! Everybody just have a good time!”

Qian Cheng, who was standing behind them, was clearly frightened by this! He wanted to apologise but all he could do was the idiotic duo with an unbelievable shock…

Quite a few tenants of the tavern were woken up by the noise. They ran out of the tavern and saw… 

“Party rockers in the house tonight! Everybody just have a good time!” 

“And we gon' make you lose your mind! Everybody just have a good time!”

Jia Qizhe, Mo Bai and the rest were below, their faces full of shock…

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About the song Gu Qingyu sang, in the original raws it was High歌. Here's a link for you to check it out:

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