Chapter 28: The Weak and Helpless You?

Jia Qizhe? I almost forgot! What happened to him last night? Looks like...I need to find some time to ask him properly! But...getting along? He is really an idiot!

“Um, after we’ve all eaten, let’s pack our bags. We’re meeting a friend.” Gu Qingyu chewed on her meat bun slowly. 

Qi Yichen blinked curiously. “Friend? Brother Zhu, last night, the weak and helpless you actually went out alone?”

“No, Mo Bai was there.” 


Strangely, Jia Qizhe kept quiet all this while. What really happened to him last night? Looks like I really need to find the time to ask him. 

“Oh, also,” Gu Qingyu took a gulp of water but she choked on the water. “Cough! Cough!”

“Brother Zhu, eat slower.” Mo Bai patted Gu Qingyu’s back softly. “Swallow your food first.”

Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes and swallowed her food with some difficulty. "And Murong Zuoyu is now called Leng Yuxuan. ”

 “Oh...:” Qi Yichen nodded, as if pondering something. “Brother Leng changed his name too, just like Brother Zhu…”

“Brother Zhu?” The alert Murong Zuoyu seemed to have discovered something.

“Qi Yichen!” Gu Qingyu glared at Qi Yichen at his slip-up, Qi Yichen knew that he needed to stop right then.

Murong Zuoyu’s cold eyes seemed hurt. “Brother Zhu, you don’t trust me?”

“No, Brother Leng, I just have some unspeakable woes…”

“No matter, you can tell me when you want to.” Murong Zuoyu waved his hand.

“Let’s go.” Jia Qizhe stood up. “Since we have a plan, let’s not waste any more time.”

“Yeap!” Everyone nodded.

The party packed their bags and went to the streets. On that note, they were the ‘center of attention’ wherever they go.

“Ah! That blue-robed man is so handsome!” A middle-aged woman clasped her hands. Obviously, she was talking about Jia Qizhe.

“Yes, the one in white robes is handsome too! Looks so gentle and powerful!” 

“And the one in purple robes…” 

Gu Qingyu thought they were talking about her and subconsciously turned to smile, but realized they were talking about Murong Zuoyu…

They finally reached the promised location and Gu Qingyu saw Qi Wan from some distance.

“Qi Wan!” Gu Qingyu walked up happily. “You must be waiting for very long?” For some reason, Gu Qingyu felt the name ‘Qi Wan’ was very nice.

“I’ve just arrived!” Qi Wan smiled, eagerly looked behind Gu Qingyu, “These are your friends?” He shuddered when he laid eyes on Mo Bai again. Yesterday...That was a bit much...

“Yep!” Gu Qingyu honestly shrugged, turned to the rest and said, “This is Qi Wan, our new friend…”

“Hi!’ Qi Wan greeted everyone, in response to the introduction.

“What sort of friend?” Jia Qizhe crossed his arms as if he was challenging both of them to a fight. 

“Good friends.” Qi Wan shrugged, looked at Gu Qingyu with pleading eyes. “Your friend seems quite hostile to me.”

“Brother Zhu, how can you let him join us so easily!” Qi Yichen interjected before Gu Qingyu could explain, looking very unhappy. 

Baby Qi is unhappy and whenever Baby Qi is unhappy, something bad will happen!

“Um…” Gu Qingyu was about to explain but was interrupted again.

“Xiao...Xiao Fan must have his reasons…” Xiao Qi was still uncomfortable with calling Gu Qingyu ‘Xiao Fan’, but she still tried to correct herself, at least it was better than ‘Brother Zhu’. It looked like Xiao Qi was still on Gu Qingyu’s side.

“Um...haha, don’t be like this, we will all be friends from now on!” Seeing Jia Qizhe was about to ‘get violent’, Gu Qingyu stepped between them. 

Jia Qizhe was very close to Qi Wan and Qi Wan covered his face. “Haha, don’t be like this, I’ll be embarrassed!”  Jia Qizhe’s lips twitched.

“Ha! Haha!” Gu Qingyu laughed dryly and said to Jia Qizhe, “Qi Wan might be a bit… Shy! Yes, shy! Haha!” She laughed dryly again. It might have been better if she did not laugh. Now the atmosphere was really awkward.

Jia Qizhe raised his eyebrows, arms still crossed, and stood proudly before them. “Shy? What kind of shyness is this?”

“Um…” Gu Qingyu was speechless again.

“Okok, let’s all go!” Qi Yichen stood out in a rare moment of solidarity.

“Tch.” Jia Qizhe sneered at Qi Wan and walked on alone.

“Qi Wan, don’t take it to heart!” Gu Qingyu tapped Qi Wan’s shoulders, comforting him. 

Qi Wan shrugged. “Don’t worry, if I care about such little things, I wouldn’t call myself ‘Seven Thousand’. ”

“Huh? Then what would you call yourself?” Gu Qingyu asked curiously.

“Yi Mao, or ‘One Cent’. ”

“...Hahaha!” After a one-second delay, Gu Qingyu burst out in laughter. 

Qi Wan rolled his eyes. “Big Sis, you’re too slow.”

“Big Sis?” The smart Murong Zuoyu reacted quickly.

Gu Qingyu glared at Qi Wan, then adjusted herself. “Ahem, it’s my childhood name…”

“How would he know your childhood name?” Jia Qizhe teased. This guy definitely did it on purpose!

“Um... We... Actually... Um…” Gu Qingyu thought for a while and decided to make up a story. “Actually, we have known each other for a long long time!”

Qi Yichen curiously blinked, “Huh? Really?”

Sigh, I thought Qi Yichen is the cold type that keeps to himself, the kind of scholar that never went after any worldly desires, who could have known? The real Qi Yichen is nothing like the image I had!

Gu Qingyu’s lips twitched. “Well?”

“Brother Zhu, actually, I think…” Qi Yichen innocently spoke out.

“Qi Yichen, that’s enough!”

“No, it wasn’t!”

“Shut up!”


Bam! Finally, Gu Qingyu could not hold it anymore and punched Qi Yichen, who shut up with teary eyes. “Really, you forced the kind and gentle me to violence, you really need to learn how to read the room.” Gu Qingyu spoke harshly.

“Kind and gentle?” Qi Wan laughed till he bent over, he pointed at Gu Qingyu as if to check again. “Kind and gentle?”

“Yes,” Gu Qingyu was boastful. “A kind and generous gentleman like myself would be hard to find even if you ask for it! Right, Xiao Qi?” She gave Xiao Qi a wink that she thought was beautiful, but it scared Xiao Qi instead. Xiao Qi almost fainted. 

“My charm is really exceptional!” Gu Qingyu concluded and walked off on her own, leaving the team rolling their eyes at her.

“That’s right!” Gu Qingyu stopped again, “Where are we going again?” The team was about to collapse from that question.

As the team later walked through a wide forest trail, suddenly, black shadows emerged. “Hand over the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny and we’ll spare your life!”

“Sigh…” Gu Qingyu looked up at the sky. “Oh dear, you’re like the seventh batch, don’t you get tired?” Indeed, since a while ago, many groups of black assassins had attacked them for the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny, but no one expected the experts around her to be so strong…

Gu Qingyu sighed in defeat as she tapped Qi Wan on the shoulder. “Jesus, I thought having you around would hide the scent of the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny.” 

“They had been following us for very long. If it were not for Qi Wan, there would be more.” Jia Qizhe spoke out of the blue, his hands flashing a light mixed with blue and green, forming a sword.

Gu Qingyu’s lips twitched, then turned away quietly. “Alright, go ahead. ”

As she finished those words, Jia Qizhe replied, “It’s done.”

“Huh? That’s quick.” Gu Qingyu turned back and discovered all the black assassins lying on the floor, a deep cut of red in all their necks. Jia Qizhe then meticulously wiped his sword which was still emitting a blue-green air. Gu Qingyu walked forward quietly. Their objective was the Xieli Castle because according to Yan Zun, they need to gather the Eight-colour Spirit gem to fully release him. But...

“Why do I need to release you?” Gu Qingyu was puzzled.

Yan Zun’s eyes were mesmerizing. “When your Master gets out, I would tell you why you’re here.”

“That doesn't make it worthwhile…”

“And I’ll bring you back to your world. ”

“Even if you say so…”

“Along with your friends.”


“And a few, what you people call, villas.”


Gu Qingyu’s eyes sparkled in excitement, she’ll be rich when she gets back! Yan Zun was speechless. Thus, it led to this situation.

“Then again, Brother Zhu, why are we going to the Xieli Castle?” Qi Yichen was confused.

“Um…” Gu Qingyu gave a dry chuckle. “Haha, Qi Yichen, you know about the Eight-colour Spirit gems?”

“I do,” The gentle Mo Bai spoke. “The Eight-colour Spirit gems, as implied from their name, are eight gems. They are scattered across the world. Legend says that if you gather all of them, you could amass great magic power.”

“Huh?” Gu Qingyu curiously asked. “Then they can release some power after being gathered?”

“Obviously.” Murong Zuoyu took over the conversation.

 “Oh…” That’s why Yan Zun said so…

“Brother Zhu, you still didn’t say why we need the Eight-colour Spirit gems.” Qi Yichen blinked, as he stared at Gu Qingyu with his large handsome eyes.

“Why are you asking so many questions!” Gu Qingyu ignored him but then felt since they were friends and said. “If we gather the Eight-colour Spirit gems, we can release the powers within the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny.”

“I have heard of that before,” Mo Bai pondered. “But, Brother Zhu, what do you want with releasing the power of the Lifeblood Jewel?” 

“That is to become stronger! And…” Gu Qingyu blinked as she paused. “Once that happens, I will bring you all to a very beautiful place.”

“Huh?” Qi Wan asked too. “Where?”

Gu Qingyu gave Qi Wan a mysterious smile. “Home.”

“You found a way?” Qi Wan was getting excited.

“Yeap, gather the Eight-colour Spirit gems.” Gu Qingyu nodded and spoke to Jia Qizhe, “After gathering the Eight-colour Spirit gems, I’ll bring you all to my real home…”

“Yes, I believe you.” Jia Qizhe smiled. So beautiful…

Gu Qingyu nodded and smiled. “Yes!”

On the way, Jia Qizhe and Mo Bai walked in front, Qi Yichen and Murong Zuoyu walked in the middle, Xiao Qi was a little behind them. And at a distance from the party, Gu Qingyu and Qi Wan walked together at the back. 

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