Chapter 27: Your Lordship

Mrrm! Gu Qingyu frowned, then bit hard on the man’s hand! The man immediately let go and squatted down. “Urgh! Are you a dog?”

The mysterious power that sealed her powers vanished. She activated her cat’s eyes and saw her surroundings clearly.  That man was the man she saw in front of the palace that day! But why did he show up in her room? And he’s so powerful! If she was not mistaken, he said his name was…

“Xie Zang?”

“Ah, you remembered me.” The man smiled, looking extraordinarily devious and sinister.

Gu Qingyu knew if she opposed him, she would definitely die. Murong Zuoyu should have heard her voice but for some reason, he was not here. Could it be...He was also trapped by Xie Zang? Xie Zang must be following me, this is trouble...The experts around me didn’t notice a thing, what does that mean? It means Xie Zang’s magic is superbly powerful! What to do...Oh whatever, save my own skin first!

“Umm...Your Lordship.” Gu Qingyu gave a few coughs. “Your mystical handsomeness left a great impression on me, your beautiful and refreshing face was unforgettable!”

“Little girl, I didn’t see you for a few days and you had become so glib.” Xie Zang laughed, looking extremely devilish.

Gu Qingyu smiled. “Had to, I need to save my own skin…” I was telling the truth! 

“Oh, save your own skin? Am I really that terrifying?” Xie Zang asked with a smirk, eyebrows raised. He was quite good looking. 

What! I spoke my thoughts aloud! 

“Um…” Gu Qingyu’s tongue betrayed her at the worst time. “I...I…”

“Ok, I forgive you.” The red-robed man turned, his robe swayed with him.

Forgive? He speaks as if I did something unforgivable! 

If only Gu Qingyu knew, had it been anyone else, that person would probably end up worse than having their body split apart by five horses.

“Why are you in my room?” Gu Qingyu spoke her thoughts aloud. At that moment, the door was kicked open.

“Brother Zhu, are you ok?” Murong Zuoyu’s voice was still cold, but it was tinged with worry.

Oh no! Gu Qingyu instinctively looked towards Xie Zang and realised that he had already left, that was lucky… Gu Qingyu heaved a sigh of relief. did he leave? Even the windows are closed!

“Summon Flame.” Murong Zuoyu spoke in his usual calm and cold voice, a fireball appeared in his hand. “Brother Zhu, how are you?”

“I...I...I’m alright.” Gu Qingyu calmed herself down quickly, she was a psychiatrist after all. “Someone barged into my room just now. ”

“That man was a powerful mage.” Murong Zuoyu walked to Gu Qingyu’s side. “he trapped me within a barrier just now. It took me some time to get out, so I couldn’t make it in time...Sorry…”

Sorry? Murong Zuoyu, is this the first apology you made in your prideful life?

“It’s okay, he didn’t do anything to me anyway…” Gu Qingyu seemed distracted.

Murong Zuoyu’s brows furrowed. “He? Who was here?” He clearly suspected something from that statement.

Gu Qingyu flinched. She tried to smooth over the topic with a laugh. “Hahaha! The man just now was masked and wore black clothes, kind of looked like an assassin…”

She swallowed weakly. “But, as he was just about to make his move, you barged in. I think he got spooked by your powerful aura and ran off. ”

These words...Who would believe them! Not even I believe them, okay? 

But, the unbelievable happened. Murong Zuoyu actually nodded and said, “Brother Zhu, I believe you.”

A few simple words, but it made Gu Qingyu lower her head in embarrassment. To be trusted by a man she barely knew, that man was even someone who did not trust others easily. Gu Qingyu forced a smile. “Thank you, Murong Zuoyu!”

“I think I need a new name too.” Murong Zuoyu frowned slightly. “Why don’t you help me come up with one?”

Gu Qingyu could tell that he was changing the topic, but it was a little awkward…

Gu Qingyu smiled. “Xiao Hua! It suits you!”

Murong Zuoyu’s lips twitched uncontrollably. Little Flower?

“Hahaha…” Gu Qingyu watched his reaction and burst into peals of laughter. “Okay, I was kidding!”

Murong Zuoyu was still at a loss for words.

Gu Qingyu held her chin. “Since you’re so cold and unapproachable, let’s call you Leng Xuanyu?”

 Murong Zuoyu kept quiet, so Gu Qingyu took it as silent consent. She laughed gleefully. “Brother Leng, it’s late. Let’s turn in for the night. ”

Brother Leng? Murong Zuoyu’s lips twitched again. “Goodnight.”

Gu Qingyu only relaxed after he left. She flopped onto her bed and stretched out her limbs. Sigh. Ever since she travelled to the ancient times, she had been getting less and less rest… But maybe she would hear some interesting stories if she went and pestered Yan Zun! According to him, it was all some “things of the past” and with Yan Zun’s tone and lame jokes, it would be quite entertaining. And she did recover well the last time she visited Yan Zun. But, she has not truly slept for a long time. Let’s just rest for today. Thus, Gu Qingyu snuggled under the covers, closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.  

It was a blizzard. Despite the snow, the room was extraordinarily warm. Gu Qingyu looked around, this was her old home.

“Xiao Yu, what’s wrong?” A woman walked over holding a tray of bread, Gu Qingyu then realised that she was seated at a dining table.

“...Xiao Ran?” Gu Qingyu looked at the woman before her. For some reason, she felt stifled, and afraid. 

Xiao Ran was a college lecturer and a tenant in Gu Qingyu’s house. In the past, Gu Qingyu lived alone, so she wanted to find someone to stay with her. Just then, she met the sweet and kind Xiao Ran.

“Hurry up and eat, you still need to go to work after this,” Xiao Ran laid out breakfast before Gu Qingyu in all smiles. “Xiao Yu, you’re so much busier than me! After all, you’re a psychiatrist. My lectures are later this morning, so you need to hurry up!”

“...Yes.” Gu Qingyu smiled. “Xiao Ran, it is nice having you here.”

“Don’t sweat it!’ Xiao Ran patted Gu Qingyu’s head. “Eat first, I’ll go prepare a few things.”

“Yep!” After breakfast, Gu Qingyu grabbed her bags and slipped into her shoes in a hurry. “Xiao Ran, I’ll go first, bye!”

“Yep, take care.” Xiao Ran smiled and waved while she cleaned up.

Gu Qingyu took a deep breath and opened the door. Everything was covered in white, the white light seemed to have engulfed everything...Then suddenly, the floor beneath her feet vanished, and she fell and fell through the air... 

“Aaahhh!” Gu Qingyu woke up with a scream and she was drenched in her own cold sweat. 

That dream. That was what happened the morning she died… But why did she dream about Xiao Ran? This was probably the first time she dreamt of her life in the modern world? So creepy… So scary…

She looked outside, it was twilight. Probably about three o'clock in the morning. 

Gu Qingyu closed her eyes again but she did not dare to sleep. She decided to look for Yan Zun. Gu Qingyu’s spirit arrived at the ‘world’ of the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny and found Yan Zun still reclined in his lounge, dressed in crimson robes.

“Wow,” Gu Qingyu exclaimed. “Why do I see you in that pose every time?”

“It looks badass.” Yan Zun propped up his head with his hand lazily.  

“Huh?” His reply made Gu Qingyu’s jaw drop, she thought he would reply with ‘it was comfortable or something’. 

Yan Zun stretched out his other hand and inspected his nails. “What? Wouldn’t you call it that way using the words of your world?”

Eh...that’s true… “Then again, how do you know about the words time?” Gu Qingyu spoke with a stutter.

Yan Zun raised his eyebrows. “What? You came to me to ask that?”

“Ah, not really,” Gu Qingyu looked at Yan Zun. “Yan Zun, you are very powerful in magic, right?” 

“What are you trying to say?” Yan Zun replied with a question.

Gu Qingyu came forward, eager to please him. “Hehe...Yan Zun, only the two of us know about this place. Why don’t you teach me some magic everyday from now on, be my master!”

“Sure.” Yan Zun agreed without hesitation. “Come, bow your head.” 

Gu Qingyu rested her hand on her forehead. “Can we not do that?”

“Alright.” Yan Zun agreed, to her surprise. “My disciple, your master will teach you some powerful moves.”

“Really?” Gu Qingyu beamed. “Thank you, Master!”

The sun’s rays entered the room through the windows, landing perfectly on Gu Qingyu’s face. Gu Qingyu opened her bleary eyes, reflexsibly covered her eyes with her hands and sat up. The temporary blindness removed any trace of sleep. So she hopped off her bed, ironed out the wrinkles in her clothes, tidied her messy hair and opened the door.

Gu Qingyu had been so scared of an assassin attacking her at night and exposing her identity, that she had been sleeping fully dressed in her traveling gear every night! Sigh, what a scaredy-cat! She ambled down the stairs. Just as expected! Everyone was happily eating breakfast! Gu Qingyu was about to explode!

“Brother Zhu.” Mo Bai saw her first. “Come, let’s eat together.”

He smiled gently, in stark contrast to his demeanor yesterday.

“Um…” Gu Qingyu walked over awkwardly, rubbing her nose sheepishly. “Um…”She stood there ruminating. 

“What’s wrong, Brother Zhu?” Qi Yichen was curious. “You got in some trouble?”

“Why? Do you want me to be in trouble?” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes, annoyed. “Let me tell you, you’re the first one I’ll drag down at any sign of trouble. ”

“Huh? How could you, Brother Zhu?!”

“You two are getting along well.” Jia Qizhe said bluntly.

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