Chapter 19: The Lord of Xieli Castle

“...” Gu Qingyu smirked. “Hero Jia! I sensed that someone has been following us, I’m not sure if you felt it too?”

“Hmm…” Jia Qizhe paused, then smiled. “I actually didn’t.” 

No? He said no? Then...he really didn’t! Gu Qingyu nodded and her smile came back. Since Jia Qizhe can’t sense it, then maybe I’m wrong?

But Jia Qizhe seemed to be in thought. Truth be told, he had sensed someone tailing them since they left the bamboo forest. But he was unsure of that person’s identity, because that person’s magical power is on par with his own… Who is it then?

In the shadows, a corner of a red robe appeared briefly.

They soon reached the palace walls, Jia Qizhe stopped. “Hey, don’t drag me down dumbass. ”

“I know!” Gu Qingyu pouted as a pair of snow white ears grew on her head, a tail also appeared behind her, swaying side to side. “Who knows? Maybe you’re the one that’s dragging me down!”

“...” Jia Qizhe gave her a long look, for a moment there was complete silence. Then, he finally said. “I’ll go in and check if the coast is clear, you keep an eye out for trouble. ”

“Eh? Okay then.” Gu Qingyu nodded, she knew she was not as powerful as Jia Qizhe. If she really insisted on following, she could really trouble him and drag him down.

Seeing Jia Qizhe stealthily enter the shadows, Gu Qingyu also gently hopped and hid in a bush. Suddenly, she saw someone in red clothes lying on a branch. He appeared to be sleeping.

This man. So brazen, to sleep on a tree in the palace!

“Go find out who he is.” The man within the Lifeblood Jewel told her.

Alright, I know you wouldn’t hurt me. She replied internally as she approached the man with caution. “Hey...Who are you?”

“Hey,” The red-clothed man chuckled, the look he gave her as he laid on the tree reminded Gu Qingyu of the red-robed man in the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny. “You can call me Xie Zang.”

Indeed, they address themselves similarly... Xie Zang also means Blood Burial. And Yan Zun is in the Lifeblood Jewel. Blood, why? 

“Xie Zang…” Gu Qingyu repeated his name. “Sounds very powerful! Then again...Why do you have the guts to sleep here?”

“Why can’t I sleep here?” The red-clothed man gently leaped off the tree. The corners of his lips were lifted in a devious smile, he was quite handsome. “This is your home?”

“Ah, nono, that is not the case.” Gu Qingyu shook her head. “This is the palace!”

The man got closer. “But, I followed you here.”

“Huh?” Gu Qingyu got stunned for a moment and blinked, puzzled, then smacked her head. “I knew that someone was following us, it was you!”

The red-clothed man smiled and nodded. “Following you guys has been fun so far!” 

“You, what do you want?” Gu Qingyu took a step back. “I’m warning you, I got the super powerful and famous Hero Jia, Jia Qizhe by my side!”

“Who is he?” The red-clothed man frowned slightly as if he was in deep recollection.   

Looking at him, surely, he doesn’t know Jia Qizhe. But that’s impossible! Not knowing Jia Qizhe! Then, Jia Qizhe isn’t actually famous? Little did Gu Qingyu know, the man before her is the Lord of Xieli Castle, who was known for being too arrogant to keep up with the world. 

“Um… Erm…” Gu Qingyu paused. “Then...why were you following me?” 

“Cause I think,” Xie Zang’s grin widened. “Third daughter of the Gu residence would be quite an interesting target?”

“Huh?’ Gu Qingyu was shocked. “How did you know…” She paused and changed, “Why are you interested in her?”

“Nothing much, I'm just interested.” Xie Zang held his chin with a single hand, looking innocent. “And it showed, it really is interesting following you guys. Wouldn’t you agree, Miss Gu?”

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