Chapter 17: Are you as handsome as me?

“I never knew you had such a trick up your sleeve, Jia Qizhe!” Gu Qingyu asked Xiao Qi for a mirror, then examined her reflection. 

Black hair that's tied up neatly, piercing eyes, a chiseled jawline, a purple robe. I look like a handsome young man... Never thought I could look this good!

Gu Qingyu caressed her face in self-admiration. “I’m handsome to boot!”

“Pff.” Qi Yichen could not hold it in and laughed. “I had seen some narcissists, but I’ve never seen one more narcissistic than Master.”

“Why, thank you!” Gu Qingyu put down the mirror joyfully and continued to stroke her own face. 

“...” Jia Qizhe knocked Gu Qingyu’s head. “Handsome?”

“Yep!” Gu Qingyu nodded without a second thought.

Jia Qizhe knocked again. “More handsome than me?”

“Yea...Eh?” Gu Qingyu nodded again then realized something was wrong, she looked up and saw the stern expression on Jia Qizhe’s face. She shook her head immediately. “Nope, of course not!”

What are these two doing? 

Qi Yichen looked at them as if he were looking at a pair of idiots. “You’re comparing who is more handsome?”

“Do you have any objections?” Jia Qizhe looked at him.

Qi Yichen sniggered, then used his white fan to flip his fringe. “I’m obviously the most handsome one!”

“Pff!” Now it was Gu Qingyu’s turn to laugh. Mo Bai also chuckled in the corner.

“You’re the most handsome one?” Jia Qizhe retorted. Qi Yichen nodded in plain narcissism. 

Jia Qizhe smiled grimly. “You’re more handsome without a limb. Want to try?” Qi Yichen immediately shook his head.

… Gu Qingyu was speechless. Oh my! Everyone here is narcissistic and sharp-tongued! Of course, except Mo Bai…

They chatted enthusiastically along the road, and soon they arrived at the capital…

“Let’s look around first!” Gu Qingyu did her best puppy eyes on Jia Qizhe. In their team, Jia Qizhe is pretty much the leader!

“...” Jia Qizhe looked at Gu Qingyu, then at the busy streets. Finally he nodded slowly. “Ok…”

“Yay!” Gu Qingyu cheered without a care and jumped in jubilation. Four handsome men and one beautiful lady would attract some attention on the streets. The crowd all ‘checked them out’. Gu Qingyu did look very handsome when disguised as a man.

“Boss, boss!” Gu Qingyu pulled everyone to a jewellery stall and spent her time picking, “Um...I want this! And I want this too!” She held a royal blue hairpin with her left hand and a pair of lilac earrings on her right. 

“This Young Master has good tastes!” The shopkeeper smiled cheerfully. “But...Young Master, you are buying this for yourself?”

“Of course!” Gu Qingyu did not find anything odd with the statement. “If not me, then who else? Ok, one is for Xiao Qi...But the other three men seem uninterested in these.” Gu Qingyu looked lovingly at the jewellery, “How is this Young...Master’s taste so good!”

“Young Master, are you interested in these?” The shopkeeper asked skeptically.

“Of course! Any lady would be interested in these!” Gu Qingyu said nonchalantly, seemingly forgetting that she was no longer a ‘girl’.

“As long girls are interested, you are interested?” Jia Qizhe asked quietly.

“This Young Master of course…” She shuddered, realized something was wrong. She then glared at Jia Qizhe. “This Young Master is of course uninterested!”

To prove her “uninterest”, Gu Qingyu put down the jewellery and left in a huff, leaving the shopkeeper, who regretted speaking too much.

Mo Bai’s eyes lit up, he seemed to have spotted something. He walked over, and Gu Qingyu followed with great curiosity.

He stopped somewhere and Gu Qingyu looked up and saw the sign board: Hundred Herb Apothecary.

Ah! What else could attract Mo Bai? An apothecary, of course!

Gu Qingyu followed Mo Bai and entered the apothecary. 

“Mo Bai, you don’t come here often?” Gu Qingyu quietly asked.

“Yes.” Mo Bai nodded slightly. “I usually harvest herbs in the mountains on my own. To think the capital’s apothecary is stocked with so many rare herbs.” 

“That’s true.” Gu Qingyu didn’t doubt it. “This is the biggest apothecary in the capital.”

Mo Bai requested for a bag of herbs, Gu Qingyu picked the bag of herbs from Mo Bai’s hands and checked it out of curiosity. What sort of herbs would Mo Bai buy? At this moment, Gu Qingyu saw a familiar face walk through the door. A pink dress and long hair flowing in the wind. That woman was stunningly beautiful, but her eyes showed a calculating look beyond her years. 

It’s her! That's the ‘sister’ that tried to assassinate me! Gu Qingyu nervously grabbed Mo Bai’s sleeve, Mo Bai looked at Gu Qingyu, her cautious gaze confused him.

Mo Bai followed Gu Qingyu’s gaze. “Who is she to you?” Mo Bai asked in a hushed voice. 

“She is supposed to be my sister.” Gu Qingyu whispered, “She wanted to kill me before, but luckily I escaped.”

 At this moment, the woman looked at Gu Qingyu. For a moment, their eyes met.

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