Chapter 13: Hundred Spiral Leaf

Gu Qingyu looked around. Qi Yichen may have been cured, but their troubles were far from over. Jia Qizhe looked more and more exhausted. Xiao Qi was surrounded as well. And more and more black assassins poured out from the woods. 

What should she do? What can she do? 

Gu Qingyu glanced at the Thousand Blossoming Grass, which was still glowing with a faint green light, and gritted her teeth. Then she took out the Hundred Spiral Leaf, brought it to her lips and blew it. 

Even though I don’t know Mo Bai very well, he’s the only one I could count on right now!

The leaf whistled between her lips and a pleasant melody echoed through the woods. Blinding white light appeared in front of Gu Qingyu. She could vaguely make out a person’s silhouette in the light. Before long, the light faded and Mo Bai appeared with his black hair and green robe. The faint white light still encircled him, almost like a halo. 

He was surprised to see Gu Qingyu but he smiled. “It’s been a while, Miss Gu.”

“Amazing, Mo Bai! I knew you would come!” Gu Qingyu skipped over to Mo Bai immediately. “We were going up this mountain but we’re trapped by these black-robed men, what should we do?”

Mo Bai gave a light wave, numerous spinning leaves shot out from his sleeves and towards those black-robed men. Wherever the leaves passed, the black robed men would fall to the ground. 

Gu Qingyu was very impressed! Thank goodness I still had a trump card!

Soon, the assassins suffered severe casualties. 

“Wow! Mo Bai, you’re so great!” Gu Qingyu was impressed. “I will follow you from now on!”

“Miss Gu overestimates yours truly, Miss Gu is embarrassing yours truly. ” Mo Bai bowed. 

 Jia Qizhe scoffed softly, Gu Qingyu heard it with her sharpened hearing. She whipped around, “Jia Qizhe, are you hurt?”

“Yes.” Jia Qizhe pouted. 

“Yikes, where? Aren’t you very strong?” Gu Qingyu ran over to Jia Qizhe’s side immediately, then she looked back at Mo Bai. “Mo Bai, have you got any medicinal herbs with you?”

“Yes…” A green light emitted from whatever that is in Mo Bai’s hands. 

“Tch, I don’t want his herbs.” Jia Qizhe interrupted Mo Bai.

He stretched out his arm. “Ah, here.” Indeed, there was a huge gash on his arm, blood gushed out from the wound. 

“Ah! You’ve lost so much blood! Mo…”

“I said I don’t want his herbs!” Jia Qizhe frowned. “Heal.” A faint blue light gathered at his hand as he finished his incantation, and the wound instantly healed.

“Huh?” Gu Qingyu was shocked. “This…”

“I know healing magic too.” Jia Qizhe said, his lips still in a pout. For some reason, at that moment he looked...very innocent and cute!

“Then, then why didn’t you heal yourself earlier?” Gu Qingyu was flabbergasted.

“None of your business.” Jia Qizhe made a show of sheathing his sword. “Let’s go.”

Qi Yichen and Xiao Qi walked over and joined them. Gu Qingyu looked at Mo Bai. “Sorry, Mo Bai, I was so desperate that I had to trouble you...Do you want to follow me up the mountain or go back?” Her bravado quickly faded away in front of Mo Bai. 

“Yours truly shall follow Miss Gu up the mountain. After all, yours truly don't have anything to do and could use some companions for the road.” Mo Bai smiled.

“Yes!” Gu Qingyu nodded excitedly. “That’s great! Now we have another expert with us, no need to fear those assassins anymore! Protection all around!”

“Hmph!” Jia Qizhe sneered as he resumed the walk up the mountain. Gu Qingyu looked at Jia Qizhe’s back in confusion, then fell in step with Mo Bai. Then Xiao Qi caught up, and Qi Yichen took the rear guard. 

Jia Qizhe became more and more upset along the way, the sword in his hand emitted rays of blue light as he cut down demons left and right. This scared Gu Qingyu, Mo Bai ignored his behaviour while Qi Yichen kept his cool. Xiao Qi looked at Gu Qingyu worriedly, and Gu Qingyu was so shaken her teeth clattered non-stop!

“Jia Qizhe, you…are in a bad mood?” Gu Qingyu finally could not hold it anymore and asked cautiously.

“Hmph.” Jia Qizhe gave her a cold look, then brutally slaughtered a monster as a response.

“You…like to kill demons when you’re moody?” Gu Qingyu asked cautiously again.

“Hmph.” Jia Qizhe gave her the same cold look and brutally slaughtered another demon.

“What a coping mechanism…” Gu Qingyu’s teeth still clattered a bit, “Then...well, please continue, just go on...”

“Hmph.” Jia Qizhe replied coldly again. 

“...” Gu Qingyu was so scared she could not say anything.

 Suddenly, Mo Bai asked at the worst moment. “How did Hero Jia join you anyway?”

“Um...He is our friend and he’s travelling with us.” Gu Qingyu explained… Wait, why does this sound so weird?

“Oh…” Mo Bai glanced at Jia Qizhe. He opened his mouth, then closed it without saying anything. It was as if he wanted to say something, but he stopped himself. 

“Qingyu, when you meet my master later. I apologise in advance if he offends you in any way.” Qi Yichen suddenly said, “My master is rather mischievous and fond of pranks…”

“...” Mischievous? Pranks? Now I’m wondering how he got sick!

Gu Qingyu laughed, “Don’t worry! I can’t guarantee that I can cure him…” She trailed off, as she turned around and looked at the green-robed Mo Bai. 

Cure? Qi Yichen was talking to me about healing him, right? Don’t we have a doctor right here? How did I miss this?

“Um...Qi Yichen…” Gu Qingyu spoke weakly.

“Yeah?” Qi Yichen looked at Gu Qingyu.

“I think your master will be fine…” She looked at Mo Bai, “There, that’s a doctor right there…”

Mo Bai said nothing.

“Qingyu, I forgot to tell you, my master is sick in the mind.” Qi Yichen added abruptly.

Gu Qingyu was stunned. I was right all along! It's a mental illness!

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