Chapter 12: Qi Yichen in Critical Condition!

“Ah! I really cannot walk anymore!” Gu Qingyu collapsed onto the ground, she was just too exhausted. 

“...” Jia Qizhe stopped, then continued on, “Let’s go.”

Qi Yichen looked at Gu Qingyu, then followed after Jia Qizhe.

“Damn! You’re really willing to abandon me? Xiao Qi! ” Gu Qingyu shouted after Xiao Qi, who was last in the group. 

Xiao Qi ran to Gu Qingyu’s side, “Xiao Yu, there’s really a lot of monsters at night, we have to keep going!”

It looked like asking Xiao Qi would not work, so Gu Qingyu changed her mind. She shuffled to Jia Qizhe and latched onto his leg, “Ah! The beautiful and handsome Hero Jia! Please have pity on me!”

Xiao Qi froze. Her face was full of shock, her whole body turned rigid in the strong wind. “Xiao...Yu…”

Even the ever-calm Qi Yichen widened his eyes. 

“...” Jia Qizhe was silent for a bit, then squatted down and patted her on her head, “Ok, let’s rest for a while.”

Gu Qingyu tilted her head upwards as she looked at Jia Qizhe in disbelief, “You...You actually agreed?”

“Actually I agreed from the start, I was looking for a good place to rest.” Jia Qizhe shrugged nonchalantly, while smiling deviously.

 ...You gotta be kidding me! Gu Qingyu felt enraged.

Suddenly, a rustling noise came from the woods. Qi Yichen immediately spread his fan in front of himself. “Shield!” A golden light formed a shield, blocking the attack of several silver needles.

“Those needles are poisonous!” With her cat demon senses, Gu Qingyu could smell the poison on the needles. 

“So we’re not fighting demons, we’re fighting people.” Jia Qizhe smiled as he relaxed, “Then if it’s just men we’re dealing with, there’s nothing to be scared of.”

...Of course you have nothing to be scared of, what about me? And with Qi Yichen here, she cannot transform. She was in deep trouble. Within moments, shadows descended upon them. All of them wore black masks and skin-tight suits. They all look like professional assassins! Gu Qingyu grumbled internally. Who in the world did I piss off!

“Why are you after us?” Jia Qizhe conjured his sword, the tip of his blade emitted an azure mist. Despite the situation he kept an even tone, there was not an ounce of panic in his voice. 

“No. Hero Jia, we respect you immensely.” One of them, who looked like the leader of the assassins, bowed. “We are here to assassinate the Third Young Miss of the Gu family. As long as you do not interfere, we will not hurt you or your friends.” 

The leader of the assassins looked at Qi Yichen. “We apologise for what we just did.”

“But, she’s my friend too.” Jia Qizhe tilted his head slightly and the man collapsed in a flash of blue light.

So fast! I can’t even see when he swung his sword! Gu Qingyu’s admiration for Jia Qizhe swelled like waves.

The others watched their leader fall to the ground and skipped the pleasantries. They attacked Gu Qingyu in an instant. Jia Qizhe swung his sword multiple times and took down more assassins, but there were just too many assassins.

“Shield!” Qi Yichen placed himself in front of Gu Qingyu and waved his fan, all while using his hand to support the shield with more power. His golden shield blocked numerous darts that flew towards them.

Thankfully Xiao Qi’s magic was not too weak, she could more or less protect herself. The assassins also did not treat Xiao Qi as a target. They practically ignored her. Xiao Qi stood at the sidelines as she watched everyone fight. 

Slash! A hidden blade flew past Gu Qingyu and Qi Yichen, the blade left a crimson line on Qi Yichen’s white sleeve. 

He was hurt!

“Qi Yichen, you…” Gu Qingyu looked at his wound and felt very conflicted. “Why are you shielding me? If you didn’t, then you could have protected yourself!”

“Because I have to bring you up the mountain.” Qi Yichen smiled, his smile was as warm as always. “Besides, you are my friend too.”

Friend...He sees me as a friend… Gu Qingyu was touched by his words, but the sight of Qi Yichen’s black blood pulled her back to reality. 

“You’ve been poisoned!” Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Yichen as his lips slowly turned purple, “The dart’s poison is very strong, don’t move!” She turned, “Jia Qizhe! Qi Yichen is poisoned, what do we do?”

“Figure something out yourself!” Jia Qizhe released a blue shield for them, both he and Xiao Qi were still fending off the black assassins. 

Is this how I die? No! I just got here! I’ve only been here for a few days! Out of all the martial arts badasses like Jia Qizhe, Qi Yichen and Mo Bai, I’ve only got to meet three of them! 

Wait, Mo Bai? Brilliant, Gu Qingyu! You’re a genius!

Gu Qingyu took out the Thousand Blossoming Grass from a small pouch. “Here, how do I...use this?” 

Since Mo Bai didn’t seem like a bad person, Gu Qingyu kept his gifts by her side. He is a doctor after all, his things must at least have some use!

“Qingyu, what’s that?” Qi Yichen looked at the herb curiously. To think he still has the energy to ask questions!

“How would I know! I think it’s some Thousand Blossoming Grass. Let’s just try and see if it works!” Gu Qingyu passed the Thousand Blossoming Grass to Qi Yichen. A green light sparkled from the Thousand Blossoming Grass, the light grew and surrounded Qi Yichen. 

Even Gu Qingyu, who was next to Qi Yichen, could feel the power of the Thousand Blossoming Grass. The green light was so gentle and soothing. Then Qi Yichen’s wounds closed right in front of their eyes. It was extraordinary!

“Thousand Blossoming Grass…” Qi Yichen tilted his head and flashed a grateful smile. “This is a very rare herb. Qingyu, you’re far too generous. ”

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