Chapter 11: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Qi Yichen smiled warmly, he knew he could hold them back here.

“Who are you?” A guard saw Qi Yichen and blocked him.

Qi Yichen smiled, “Yours truly is Qi Yichen. Who are all of you looking for?”

“The Third Young Miss of the Gu Residence, Miss Gu Qingyu. Have you seen her?” That man saw Qi Yichen’s smile of an angel and softened his tone.

Qi Yichen pointed in a random direction. “I believe she went that way.”

“Thank you so much.” The people of the Gu Residence were not overly fierce, they bid farewell in respect and ran in the direction Qi Yichen pointed towards.

Qi Yichen smiled and walked out.

The remaining guards arrived in another room, where another man happened to walk out. He was breathtakingly handsome, that red robe brought out ethereal beauty in that man. 

“Did you see-” The guards stopped mid-sentence, “Ah! The Lord of Xie Zang Castle!”

“What’s wrong?” The man gave a faint smile, beautiful yet sinister. 

“Nonono! Nothing!” The guards immediately ran off. 

The man called ‘The Lord of Xie Zang Castle’ shook his head and grumbled, “Was that really necessary? It’s not like I bite… ”

 Jia Qizhe and the rest of the team arrived at the creek near the bamboo forest. They took a short rest while they waited for Qi Yichen. He soon arrived at the creek as well. 

“Let’s go!” Suddenly, Gu Qingyu was really excited to leave this place. 

“Qingyu, do you know how to fly?” Qi Yichen asked something out of the blue.

“Huh?” Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Yichen, puzzled.

“That place is quite far from here, we’ll have to fly.” Jia Qizhe gave a condescending look at Gu Qingyu, “Which, you know how to fly, right?”

“Um…” Oh boy. “I…” Gu Qingyu stammered. 

“It’s ok, Qingyu, I’ll fly with you.” Qi Yichen smiled warmly.

“Good, there’s four of us so we’ll fly in pairs.” Jia Qizhe looked at Gu Qingyu and told Qi Yichen, “You take the other one.”

“No!” Gu Qingyu immediately took two steps back. “Jia Qizhe, I’m scared of heights! Xiao Qi is all yours!”

With that, Qi Yichen flapped his giant white wings and took off with Gu Qingyu in tow. Jia Qizhe pursed his lips and followed suit. However, as he took off with his blue wings, he glanced back. Behind a tree, there was the corner of a red robe. 


In the sky.

Gu Qingyu closed her eyes in a tight squeeze. Qi Yichen held onto her arms with a vice-like grip, while her legs dangled in the air. Imagine what it feels like to hang in the air!

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi seems to be very comfortable flying with Jia Qizhe. If I knew Jia Qizhe was better at flying, I would have gone with him! Gu Qingyu regretted immensely at her choice of pilot.

“What’s wrong, Qingyu?” Qi Yichen asked.

What’s wrong? You tell me what’s wrong! Gu Qingyu growled, “Nothing, just fly faster!”


After a while, Qi Yichen caved and asked, “Qingyu, would you like to sit on the fan?”

“The fan?” Gu Qingyu suddenly had a bad feeling, a very very bad feeling!

Qi Yichen waved his hand and a huge fan appeared beneath Gu Qingyu’s feet. Qi Yichen folded his wings as he landed on the fan. The fan drifted steadily in the wind.

“!!” Gu Qingyu then realised, Qi Yichen looks as harmless as an angel, but he's actually a demon full of tricks!

Gu Qingyu waved her hands, completely exhausted. She gritted her teeth and said, “Oh, thank you kindly!”

“You're welcome.” Qi Yichen smiled warmly.

“...” I lost this round! Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes, annoyed. Jia Qizhe conjured a sword as well and flew on it with Xiao Qi.

Before long, the sky darkened and they finally reached the foot of the mountain. When Jia Qizhe and Qi Yichen landed, the stars were already out. 

“Why did we stop flying?” Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Yichen, puzzled. That bad feeling was back. 

“It’s exhausting to fly for that long,” Qi Yichen blinked, “and there are many monsters on the mountain. It is dangerous to fly at night, better to walk instead!”

...Better to walk? Gu Qingyu grimaced. “Let’s just go.”

“Eh? Qingyu, you’re ok with this?” Qi Yichen seemed surprised.

Don’t make it so obvious! “Uh..." Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes, annoyed, “Are there any other options?”

“No.” Qi Yichen answered honestly.

“Then.” Gu Qingyu glared at him as she pulled Xiao Qi along and began their hike up the mountain.

Jia Qizhe conjured his sword as he fell in step. Qi Yichen did the same and stayed at the back of the group. Nobody spoke a word and the atmosphere became awkward.

Suddenly, a flash appeared before Gu Qingyu, followed by a blue light from Jia Qizhe’s sword. Before anyone knew what was going on, Jia Qizhe calmly sheathed his sword.

Gu Qingyu looked at Jia Qizhe in bewilderment. “What was that?”

“Nothing, just a tiger monster.” Jia Qizhe smiled nonchalantly.

Gu Qingyu’s face became one of shock. “You, you mean, you took out a tiger demon in an instant?”

“Yes, anything else?” Jia Qizhe tilted his head.

Gu Qingyu was speechless.

“Jia Qizhe is famous in the world of martial arts, this is not really surprising for him.” Qi Yichen commented with a smile. 

“Ah! I forgot to mention.” Jia Qizhe gave an evil grin. “I actually quite like monster hunting, and I especially love to hunt cat demons.”

“Um…” Gu Qingyu instantly felt very uncomfortable, she forced a grin, “Is that so? Haha, what an interesting fetish, do you agree, Qi Yichen?”

Qi Yichen doesn't know I am a cat demon! I must not blow my cover!

“Indeed.” Qi Yichen smiled, “Then let’s find some cat demon one day for him to practice!” 

...Can’t you just shut up! Gu Qingyu suddenly had the urge to slap herself.

“Hehehe!” Gu Qingyu laughed stiffly and continued walking.

They soon reached halfway up the mountain, then someone’s stamina reached its limit. 

“Ah! I can’t walk anymore!” Gu Qingyu leaned on Xiao Qi, absolutely drained. She sighed for the n-th time, “Why is this mountain so high! Why are these rivers so deep!”

“...” Jia Qizhe and Qi Yizhen ignored Gu Qingyu very ‘naturally’.

Gu Qingyu saw that it was not working, then switched to her second plan. She ran in front of Jia Qizhe with a stern face. Then she dropped to the ground…

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