Chapter 1: Transmigrated into another world

“Huh, where am I?” Gu Qingyu looked around in confusion.

Didn’t I just get… stabbed?

She was surrounded by trees, along with a river just next to her.

Gu Qingyu walked over to the river and checked her reflection in the water. She is still herself. But where is this place? And why is she dressed in… period clothes?

Suddenly, a voice came from behind her. “You can’t escape, Gu Qingyu! Hand over the scroll and I just might spare you!”

I’m a little speechless with what is going on right now.

I guess I have travelled through time.

But really? What is going on? Why did I arrive in such a scenario?

There seemed to be something sharp hidden in her sleeve, so she pulled up her sleeves and lo and behold! There were a few needles hidden neatly in her sleeve!

Looks like the original Gu Qingyu wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

“Who are you guys?” Gu Qingyu looked at the group of men surrounding her, and batted her eyes in puzzlement.

She was not afraid because she had a black belt in taekwondo.

“Oh, are you spooked out of your mind?” A masked man swung his sword. “To think that you would even dare to take the scroll and escape on your own, you must be so brave. But I sure need to thank you for bringing the scroll out here to us…”

Gu Qingyu’s lips twitched, only then did she realise that she was holding a scroll in her hands.

She opened up the scroll and saw a portrait of a man.

“Why… why do you guys even want this?” Gu Qingyu asked as she examined the portrait.

The masked man burst into a bellow of laughter. He finally sneered, “You’ve really lost your marbles, lady. Did you really think that a portrait of Hero Jia could protect you?”

“Hero Jia? Fake hero?” Gu Qingyu froze, then laughed out loud. “Why in the world would I want a fake hero to protect me?”

“Gu Qingyu, don’t push your luck. He’s not a fake hero, that’s his actual name, Jia Yingxiong!” Another masked man said.

“Stop talking to her! Let’s get things over with!” The leader of the masked men swung his sword, and a flash of blade energy flew towards her.

Instinctively, Gu Qingyu tried to dodge the blade, but she couldn’t move. It was as if something was restraining her movements.


That blade was deflected by a flying dart. Gu Qingyu realised she could move again. Subconsciously, she took a few steps back only to find the river behind her. And right then, her foot slipped.

“Ah!” Suddenly, a hand grabbed her flailing arms and pulled her upright.

Gu Qingyu righted herself, and looked at the person who helped her. Yep, it’s a man.

Jet black hair flowing in the wind, a cool expression across his face.

Tightly pursed lips, with an ethereal vibe.

Dress in all blue, with a touch of badass-ness.

He looks familiar… Hang on, isn’t he the person in the portrait? How did he appear out of nowhere? What did that man call him just now?  Um… Hero Jia? That sounds so lame, but screw it.

“Pleased to meet you, Hero Jia!” Gu Qingyu straightened her back immediately.

That man looked at her flatly.

What’s up with him? Isn’t he here to save me? Why is he not saying anything?

“Hero Jia…” Those masked men freaked out the moment they saw this man. “We just wanted to get a copy of your portrait!”

That man simply said,“All of you, leave.” His voice was quite pleasant to the ear.  It sounded clear as a bird song, yet calming like a quiet creek.

Those men nodded, and ran off in an instant.

Gu Qingyu clicked her tongue as she watched the men leave. This Hero Jia is quite a force of deterrence.

She then pressed her hands together, like in period dramas, and exclaimed, “Many thanks to the Hero’s rescue!”

That man glanced at her with an odd look, “Let’s just head back to the residence.”

“Huh?” Gu Qingyu panicked, “We?”

“Did you damage your head when you fell just now?” Hero Jia eyed her suspiciously.

Does he think that I turned into an idiot or something?

“Ah, yeah, I feel like I’m forgetting something…” Gu Qingyu decided to go with the flow. “Oof, I can’t remember anything at all after my fall…. Hey, dude, Hero Jia, wait for me!”

It turned out Hero Jia already left while she was still talking.

So Gu Qingyu picked up her pace, and caught up to Hero Jia.


Outside the Gu residence

Gu Qingyu stared wide-eyed as people rushed out from the residence to welcome them. One of the maids ran up towards her, “Welcome back, Young Miss!”

“Erm….” Just as Gu Qingyu was figuring out a response, Hero Jia cut in and said, “Your Young Miss had a bad fall just now, there’s some slight damage to her memory.”

“Oh dear, are you ok, Young Miss?” That maid grabbed Gu Qingyu and spun her around to check for injuries.

“Yu’er.” A middle-aged lady stepped out. Gu Qingyu realised immediately that she was the mother of the body’s original owner. “You’re back, how did things go?”

“Erm, yeah, it was okay.” Gu Qingyu replied awkwardly, “I just can’t remember some things, got hit by a large rock so…” 

The lady sighed, and began to nag. “Didn’t I tell you so many times not to go out and do these dangerous things! You’re a lady, why did you volunteer as bait? Luckily, Hero Jia was around to protect you. Or else things would have gotten so much worse.” Gu Qingyu listened attentively and picked up a few fragments of information. It appeared the original owner went with Hero Jia to complete a mission to retrieve the portrait, but they were attacked on the way back to the residence. Somehow, the original owner got hit on the head, and that’s how she came over.

This method of space-time travel… I’m speechless.

They entered the residence. Gu Qingyu gawked as she took in the interior.

The maid then led her to her room. Gu Qingyu looked around at the layout. Hm… not bad, it’s exactly to her taste. Or should she say, she has the same taste as the previous Gu Qingyu?


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