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THE DAO OF MAGIC BOOK 3 IS NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE!!! NOT ONLY THAT, YOU CAN GET THE FIRST BOOK FOR ONLY $0.99!! That's right! What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

If you haven’t heard of the Dao of Magic before, it’s an original series written by our very own WeirdWhirl (Andries Louws). 

Here’s the synopsis for an awesome book we’re sure you’ll all love: 

A sea of savage beasts. An ancient order of mages. A looming cataclysm. Now that Drew has become even more powerful by stepping into the Foundation Realm, new challenges await him. He is quietly growing his school and sect, and allowing his students to recruit whoever they want so he can take it easy. Trouble looms as his old mistakes come back to haunt him. 

The entire planet is about to be sent down a savage and unforgiving path, and it might be his fault. Monsters are popping up everywhere, packs of deadly animals led by terrible mutants. The worst part? They seem to be steered by some higher power, some nefarious being that holds the reins...

by gchan7127

Many of you have emailed and asked about reading ahead. We heard you, and now your wish is granted!

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by gchan7127

Hey everyone! I’m delighted to announce that volume 3 of The Godking’s Legacy continues today! Vir, our original author, will be releasing daily chapters


In volume 1, Lucia was a slave who found the sword of the Godking, and she became the strongest person in her world after doing some…things. (Read to find out)

In volume 2, people from the Immortal Continent invaded the world that Lucia lives in, which turns out to be a pocket realm (typical xianxia premise) that they use as a place to gain experience. Lucia beats them up, and the sword spirit that she found in volume 1, forces her to go to the Immortal Continent and she struggles to find her way back home. 

Now, in the third volume, one of her friends is in danger, so Lucia goes back to the Immortal Continent (after making it home in volume 2), but gets lost on her way to save her friend. Hijinks ensue. 

If you’re looking for a hilarious comedy that breaks common tropes of xianxia, this is for you! 

So what are you waiting for? Come and join Lucia on her ventures...

by gchan7127

Hey readers!

We are starting off July with a brand new novel! That’s right! This is going to be a historical rebirth/reincarnation novel. Woo hoo! I present to you, Consort of a Thousand Faces


Once an imperial princess, now reborn among the lowest of slaves of the nobility. 

As Nanzhao’s eldest princess, she received the burden of an imperial ruler and took to the battlefield in tumultuous times. Instead of being a hero, her actions were vilified by officials as meddling in court affairs. Watching her trusted confidante die as she stood among a sea of flames, her tattered heart was pierced by an arrow shot by the one she loved most.

In her previous life, she was known as Ning Rulan.

Resurrected as a palace maid carrying out the most menial of tasks in Beimin’s imperial palace, she is resolved to take revenge and save her younger brother. However, many devilish and vindictive nobles stand in her way as she navigates through the dangers of court politics. 

Travelling across nations and unravelling secrets, she carves...

by gchan7127

Hey readers!! 

Fields of Gold (农园似锦) has debuted!! Fields of Gold is a project that our amazing Timebun (the translator of Transmigrator meets Reincarnator) has highly recommended! (Do we have any TMR readers here?)

Without further ado, here’s the synopsis! 

She transmigrated into the body of a little girl from a fishing village! Her father is honest and foolishly filial, while her mother is weak and ill. Moreover, her siblings are still young children. 

Her father was the best fisher in the village and breadwinner of the entire family. However, when he got injured and was on the verge of death, her cruel grandparents and uncle kicked her whole family out. They were hungry and cold with nothing but an empty house…

But that’s ok! She has a multicolored stone that can accelerate the growth of crops. She was also an expert at preparing braised meat in her previous life. 

Just watch as she, an eight year-old girl, challenges the taste buds of people who lived during ancient times. With improved high-yielding crops, she’s...

by gchan7127

Hey readers!

I'm happy to announce that "Show me the money" is back! Mo Ly will be taking over from chapter 130! 

Mo Ly will be releasing 3 chapters, five days straight. Then, she plans to release 5 chapters per week until the novel is finished! 

Mo Ly is one of the newbies I have personally worked with. Some of you might recognize her name from UPX. Translating is very tough and most people tend to give up very quickly. However, Mo Ly has repeatedly proven herself to be reliable, consistent, and skillful over the past four months of working together. I am truly grateful to have someone like her on volare. 

Please welcome Mo Ly and read SHOW ME THE MONEY here!

Here's the synopsis: 

Goddamnit! Now I've got to look for another job to pay the bills! That f*cker! I did nothing wrong!

Huh? What's that? Eternal, a full dive VRMMORPG that gives you the chance to make real money? Perfect, that's exactly what I need! 

Now...What class should I pick?

Warrior? No, I don't want to tank. 

Knight? Please, I already said I hate tanki...

by gchan7127

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