What time is it? It's sexy action time!


Today, I have interviewed our dedicated CTF team!! For those who haven't read CONSORT OF A THOUSAND FACES yet, you should start because it's *action* time!   

Not to mention, the novel is almost at its halfway point! Check out Rakumon's announcement here!

Personally, I have read 500 chapters of CTF because the novel is too addictive, and I couldn't wait for the translations! I recall between now and the next 30 chapters or so, there will be A LOT of intense snu snu.   

The male and female lead just can't get enough of each other. As the saying goes, "If you're thirsty, it's time to start drinking!" LOLLLL AHAHAHAAHAHA.   (ok, I made that line up)

Without further ado, here are the questions!

1. What do you like most about CTF?

2. How does it feel to translate/edit the steamy scenes? 

3. If you could be a character in a novel, what type of role would you want? 

4. Recommend a volare novel to the readers! What do you like about it? 


Featuring Rakumon

1. The premise of an imperial princess being reborn as a palace maid felt interesting to me. The characters, including the leads, have their own flaws, and are not portrayed to be 2D. (And you never know when someone may die O_O) 

There is always something happening, and you can look forward to plot twists, so stay tuned! XD

2. Some things are better left unanswered (or maybe I'll be back with an answer after I consult the expert, pro Grace =]) (  hey!)

3. Any character is fine as long as they lead a good life and live to see their happy ending. It'll be a miracle if I can even survive lol. 

If I had to choose a character from CTF, probably either Mei Jinxiu, Xie Liuli or Situ Lin? Unfortunately, the characters in CTF don't really have it easy ;_;

4. Split Zone 13! It's one of the most unique novels I have ever read. The world-building aspect really hooked me in, and all the secrets and mysteries kept me on the edge of my seat. I wish it has a sequel, but I don't think it'll be coming :( Try reading the first few chapters, and you'll find yourself reading the rest to uncover what's happening haha.

(And of course, don't forget to read CTF too huehue)

Featuring Cosy

1. The fact that even the main leads started out with flaws, and so there was a character arc over the story and they grow from it.

2.   The author uses a lot of euphemisms so it's not THAT explicit. I guess the tricky part is trying to translate the sexual innuendos without explicitly describing it.

3. Female lead. xD or maybe the ultimate villain. I will have the justification to be mean hahahahha. I have always thought of transmigrating and becoming an imperial consort just to see how many chapters I will last before I am dead.

4. Fields of Gold! Because all the food xD


Featuring Sangria

1. I like watching Chinese period dramas, and reading CTF is like watching a period drama. I love CTF’s plot! There are so many twists and turns that makes it very interesting to read and to translate. I also like a female MC who is strong, clever, and talented - Su Xi-er! 

2. Prince Hao can be very perverted towards Su Xi-er, so it can be a surprise when things get steamy suddenly lol. There aren’t too many steamy scenes right now, but it will get more steamy soon XD

3. If I could be a character in a novel, I would want to be someone unimportant so I don’t get killed lol! In CTF, I would want to be a character who works in a flower shop, or a girl working in the flower fields at Moon County. Being the MC is too hard, and I don't want people like Shi Mo and Commandery Prince Xie around trying to attack or kill me xD 

4. Supernatural Girlfriend! The female MC has the power to see ghosts, and the ML is a hot novelist who is scared of ghosts. It’s a modern novel with just 153 chapters, so it was easy to read and finish. I loved the crime-solving arcs in it. There were a lot of funny parts in the story and a few sad moments too, it was just a really interesting story! (It's translated by me!  Thanks for reading, Sangria! )


Featuring Lunarlark (our amazing editor)

1. I really enjoy when characters get their own monologue. Whether it’s the heroes or the villains, it’s always fun to see what makes the characters tick. I also really enjoy how this sort of thing lets me flex my creative license a bit (within reason of course), and try to really get the point across while still sounding cool in English. Believe me, a lot of these would sound a lot less threatening/epic if you had to read them translated literally haha.

2. Honestly? It’s not too different from editing regular chapters. The author (so far at least) has been pretty discrete about it, so it never feels out of place in the novel. 

3. I’d want to be someone like Wu Ling haha. Important enough to be part of the main plot, but not the main character. I think my only problem would be poor Wu Ling getting bullied all the time by everybody lol.

4. Go read Grace Time! Haha. (Why thank you for reading, Lunarlark :P)


Hope you guys enjoyed the interview! I have three more announcements! 

Destroyer of Ice and Fire had just been completed by our translator, Reiji! Do give it a shot! There's also a lot of action involved! (Not the same type of action, but still!) AHAHAHAHA. 

Return of the Swallow will hit its 500th chapter soon! Take a look at the 500th art contest!

Last but not least, if you're looking for some fluffy BL, check out Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days!