volare welcomes its first historical rebirth revenge novel, Consort of a Thousand Faces!

Hey readers!

We are starting off July with a brand new novel! That’s right! This is going to be a historical rebirth/reincarnation novel. Woo hoo! I present to you, Consort of a Thousand Faces


Once an imperial princess, now reborn among the lowest of slaves of the nobility. 

As Nanzhao’s eldest princess, she received the burden of an imperial ruler and took to the battlefield in tumultuous times. Instead of being a hero, her actions were vilified by officials as meddling in court affairs. Watching her trusted confidante die as she stood among a sea of flames, her tattered heart was pierced by an arrow shot by the one she loved most.

In her previous life, she was known as Ning Rulan.

Resurrected as a palace maid carrying out the most menial of tasks in Beimin’s imperial palace, she is resolved to take revenge and save her younger brother. However, many devilish and vindictive nobles stand in her way as she navigates through the dangers of court politics. 

Travelling across nations and unravelling secrets, she carves out a new place for herself.

A place for the woman now known as Su Xi-er.

Will she remain shackled to her past? Or will she reach for the chance at happiness before her?

No matter if she is Ning Rulan or Su Xi-er, this time, there would be no more regrets!

The wonderful translations are done by Rakumon and edited by Lunarlark. I am proud to say that they are both extremely dedicated and responsible. We are so lucky to have them both on volare. Personally, I have trained Rakumon on UPX and she has also helped out with TOMAS. Lunarlark has edited for both HSSB and BPC! Make sure you guys check out all our novels!

Hehe. Without further ado, Rakumon will be releasing 10 chapters today and continuing on with daily releases until the novel is finished! So what are you waiting for? Start reading now! <3  


Note: Rebirth of a Star (modern female MC with a hot male lead) and Defiant Martial God (typical xianxia satire novel) just finished!!!  

Furthermore, Bone Painting Coroner (mystery novel with a smart and sassy female lead) hits chapter 500 today!