Tired of waiting for releases? Read Sundering Nature!

Dear volare readers, 

I'm pleased to announce that Sundering Nature is now complete! 

“Consider this then…  The first man is from a poor family, with nothing else but dreams and ambitions. He’s hardworking and has the iron will to realize his wishes through the ordeals of life. The second is his opposite, a man born with a silver spoon and no redeeming quality nor goal in life. If you were a woman, which would you choose?”

“Brother, I want to eat chicken feet.”

If one of these two quotes piques your interest, then surely you want to try Sundering Nature, a modern fantasy novel based loosely on the classic Journey to the West

As our protagonist, Li Yiming, travels through bubbles within reality encapsulating fantasies from your wildest dreams, he is confronted by monsters, moral dilemmas, and his own human weaknesses.  



P.S. Word from translator

I really enjoy realistic novels, especially those that offer some social criticism like Boule de Suif and Jane Eyre, among others. Reading the first few chapters of Sundering Nature struck a chord with these past readings and instantly made me want to share this book with more people around the world. I hope that you guys will enjoy it as much as I did!


Translated by Zhao and edited by Krisaia, this novel is one you would not want to miss! Make sure you let us know what you think in the comments below!