The Godking's Legacy continues!

Hey everyone! I’m delighted to announce that volume 3 of The Godking’s Legacy continues today! Vir, our original author, will be releasing daily chapters


In volume 1, Lucia was a slave who found the sword of the Godking, and she became the strongest person in her world after doing some…things. (Read to find out)

In volume 2, people from the Immortal Continent invaded the world that Lucia lives in, which turns out to be a pocket realm (typical xianxia premise) that they use as a place to gain experience. Lucia beats them up, and the sword spirit that she found in volume 1, forces her to go to the Immortal Continent and she struggles to find her way back home. 

Now, in the third volume, one of her friends is in danger, so Lucia goes back to the Immortal Continent (after making it home in volume 2), but gets lost on her way to save her friend. Hijinks ensue. 

If you’re looking for a hilarious comedy that breaks common tropes of xianxia, this is for you! 

So what are you waiting for? Come and join Lucia on her ventures in Volume 3 today!